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  1. To whoever made this program, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! One of the most intuitive programs I've used, up to date library, and the part designer is a dream come true. I went through a second dark age with LEGO but this may bring me out of it. Well done!
  2. kangmingjie

    LDD Cannot Access the Internet

    I'm unfamiliar with Developer Mode. Is that just the Extended Theme?
  3. Please email me regarding your reverse engineering of LDD. I'm very interested to see how you did it. jimmycarrigan@hotmail.com

  4. kangmingjie

    LDD 4.3.9 Update Released

    Fantastic update! This comes at a bad time because I have a large project that needs to be completed soon at work but I'm going to be distracted by LDD now! There seems to be a lack of new Star Wars pieces. For that, I blame Disney or myself for not being able to find them.
  5. I've had to switch to Mac for work and gave my old PC to my wife. How would I access the proper folder to drop my custom palette in LDD on a Mac? Has this question been answered already?
  6. Some suggestions I've gathered from this thread, having followed it from day one: 1) Wait for an update from TLG for LDD (I'm holding my breath ). 2) Use an alternative building program like any of the LDraw tools or SR3D. 3) Hack LDD and add the new pieces yourself. Some responses I've seen to the above suggestions: 1) TLG has other digital interests in mind and LDD is no longer receiving the attention we'd like. 2) The alternative programs are not as user friendly and lack many of the features we've grown accustomed to in LDD. 3) It's against the EULA to hack LDD and would require an expensive CAD software that can read and manipulate .g format for injection molded components (they do exist by the way). The only suggestion I have not seen is for the developers/ software engineers present on this forum to get together and start building a new builder. That's mainly due to a few things such as: 1) Programs on a scale of LDD are not built quickly. 2) Who honestly has time to dedicate to a project that large without receiving compensation? 3) How does one create a program like LDD without being told by TLG to cease and desist? 4) Will the brick geometry come from LDraw, another library or will Lego be kind enough to release LDD's part geometry (again, I'm holding my breath ) or will we need to build one from scratch? 5) Many, many other issues that will undoubtedly arise during development. Yet if, hypothetically speaking, we were able to resolve those problems and move past the issues barring us from such a program, how much better would it be than what we have now? I'm not a software engineer and I doubt many of us here are, but if we could get together and create something (share a repo on Github, communicate over Slack or Skype) I think it could be a fun venture during our spare time. Would anyone else be interested in at least exploring this as an option?
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if TLG included a better version of LDD in Lego Worlds.
  8. In my opinion, it would be in TLG's best interest to keep LDD free of charge to act as a gateway drug (forgive the poor comparison) to LW. "Enjoy building models, kids? Now imagine if you could run around in them with your own character! Have you heard of LEGO Worlds...?" For years now, I've seen suggestions for what LDD 5 should include and having a working physics engine where a user could "play" with the model always pops up. TLG has delivered on that, just in the form of LEGO Worlds which is a great game! Whatever they have in store for the future of LDD, I'm sure it's going to be something with which all of us can be pleased.
  9. Since there won't be an update anytime soon would TLG consider outsourcing the 3D modelling for LDD to the community here at Eurobricks? I understand that to be able to do so would break the EULA, but if TLG gave us permission, that would no longer be an issue. One of the developers could double check a community made part is compatible and have it thrown in to the program just so everyone can be on the same page.
  10. Agreed. A loader still needs to be written, checked and double checked for compatibility on multiple OS's and debugged before it's released. Additional code needs to be written to convert the .LXF files used in LDD to whatever the 3D models are in LEGO Worlds (.3ds, .obj or whatever they may be).
  11. This is a great idea, but unfortunately, it's not that simple. All bricks in LDD are made up of two components, the XML that determines it's mesh, connectivity and bounding box and the .g, or gCode, that stores the 3D data. The only individuals with the capability to create the .g files are the good folks on the LDD team. There are plenty of CAD programs used to create .g files for 3D printers, but none of them are compatible with LDD. More importantly though, to even gain access to those files, you'll have to hack the main .lif file for LDD, which breaks the End User License Agreement, which is illegal. Hope this answers your question.
  12. LDD will probably receive a "Fall Update", usually mid-October to mid-November. Seems doubtful considering the communications we have received from LEGO have stated that LDD is not a priority at the moment.
  13. Since LDD is not a priority for TLG and all those working on it did so on a volunteer basis, would it be possible to put some money together via Paypal and donate it as an incentive to have an update come sooner rather than later? I'd be willing to do that, but I certainly do not speak for everyone else.
  14. I have Ldraw and love using it, but a lot of my friends are not interested in taking the time to get past Ldraw's learning curve. We use LDD for a few RPGs because it's a little quicker to set up scenes.