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  1. LegoLyons

    The Assassination Of Henri IV (14 May 1610)

    That carriage is awesome. The whole scene is brilliant.
  2. LegoLyons

    Django Unchained

    Thanks. No its not, but it does kinda look like him. =D
  3. LegoLyons

    Django Unchained

    Thanks for the great comments, I'll try and respond to them all. I have a few more in the pipeline, so stay tuned. Thanks Its a great theme, the only other time i have done western, was when i created Lone Ranger, before the LEGO group. =D Thanks. I cannot take credit for that, as I have seen it done a few times on Mocs. Thanks. The coat was custom made from a large figure cloak, its a massive item, could possibly make 20 coats/cloaks from it. Sure is. Thanks for your kind words. The body of Django is from a Russian guard from the Indiana Jones theme. The Shultz body is also from IJ, Kazim. The rest of the cast are generally western/adventurer torsos. Hope this helps? Thanks. Appreciated.
  4. LegoLyons

    Django Unchained

    I have finally come out of my dark ages, by building again. This is a MOC based on the movie Django Unchained. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do. Pure Tarantino brilliance. Please let me know what you think. I have missed this place. All 100% official LEGO. More images found here - along with all my other Lego Creations. Here is the Film Still, from which i got my inspiration for the figures.
  5. LegoLyons

    UK Sales

    Any UK based people seen the Prates of the Caribbean 'Black Pearl' set for sale yet? Instore or online? I visited Milton Keynes Lego store yesterday, they had lots of stock, for a change. I picked up a Pudsey set, some cool mini figure ice cube trays, a LEGO logo fridge magnet for a reduced £1 (bargain!) They also had many key rings on sale, the pick a brick selection was woeful , as it always seems to be in MK. The staff are great their though.
  6. LegoLyons

    REVIEW: 4184 Black Pearl

    Great review, been waiting for this set. Thanks. Anyone know when this will be available in the UK? and how much its goon retail at? My 4 year son wants this, and only this for Christmas. HELP! =)
  7. LegoLyons

    Speeder Bike - Sobaka21

    Thanks for the comments guys, I was pleased with the colour scheme too.
  8. LegoLyons

    Lego Harry Potter Visual Dictionary

    I'm thinking as it's an official LEGO book, only official parts will be in it, modified parts and clone brands are a no no. It's a shame, as your figures are great!
  9. LegoLyons

    Lego Harry Potter Visual Dictionary

    If your Hogsmeades not in it, I'll eat my Professor Trelawney figure. =0)
  10. LegoLyons

    Lego Harry Potter Visual Dictionary

    I can confirm that this book is in fact going ahead and will be out some time this summer, I have been asked to submit some of my HP creations to go it it, so I guess its going to be a book much like the other DK LEGO books, with an official set guide, and loads of fan builds. I also get a free copy, so I cannot wait!
  11. LegoLyons

    Speeder Bike - Sobaka21

    My entry for the LEGO Speeder bike contest over on Flickr. There are some great entries. See them here LSB Flickr group. Sobaka21. Sobaka is Russian for Dog, and this Dog sure can fly! With pilot Roman Legoski onboard, he reaches speeds of 327kph. It gets its name form the slight resemblance of an angry Greyhound, when its landing gear is down. I would love to hear your comments. Please see my photostream for more images! >> My Lego Lyons Flickr
  12. My first moc in quite a while. Been wanting to do this for sometime, it's roughly based on the scene from Harry Potter, where the students have their Mandrake lesson. Please, please comment, good or bad, and visit my Flickr stream for further photos, including shots of the figures. Thanks More pictures found here.
  13. LegoLyons

    Review: 7599 Garbage Truck Getaway

    Brilliant review, I have recently purchased this set, and nearly all the other Toy Story range (just need incinerator and train!) and IMO its the best one of the series, the build was great fun and took a fair while, and the figures are great, Twitch is a must have! And also Lotso does have a different expression on his face than the Lotso truck set, so he is a different figure not just the 'dirty' prints. Great pictures too.
  14. Just posted my BAM entry, Dr Acbar's travelling medicine cart. Please let me know what you think. Some great entries so far. Thanks.
  15. I present to you: Dr. Acbar's Travelling Medicine Stall "Cures for all, healing is in my blood!" 212 pieces (I think, certainly no where near 250) Dr Acbar's stall is world famous, and people travel the world, for his miracle cures, potions and pick-me-ups. Waiting in line are people in need of his help, including: Asif - who has walked for 12 days solid looking for a cure for his blotched skin. Nitin - has Denge fever and only his left hand has survived the diseases grasp. Quan - a wealthy traveller, who was attacked by a rabid dog, he desperately needs a cure quick! Boopinder - the son of Massala, in search of a cure for his eye, that regularly falls out. more pictures will be added here My Flickr page if your interested. Thanks for looking and please vote!