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  1. here is a 12 cylinder radial engine i found instructions for it on brickshelf
  2. chewie

    Cool pirate ship mocs

    i found these...thats right you guessed it while looking through here is the link brickshelf
  3. chewie

    Mystery FREE Raffle!

    Yes, I'm still alive! I'm in!
  4. chewie

    The free Mini V-19 Torrent raffle

    I'm definitely in! These little raffles are awesome! Thanks
  5. chewie

    Junkers Ju 52 Project

    What about using dark gray macaroni bricks? Or you could use numerous plates to create a pretty nice looking round engine.
  6. chewie

    Lego paint/print removal

    I've never tried it, but as Looking For A Name mentioned, used brasso. Dip some q-tips in the brasso and apply it to the part, or perhaps cotton balls. Again, I've never done this, just seems the most logical way to go about trying it. Fun On!
  7. chewie

    V-wing on S@H

    Hey, I found the V-wing for sale on S@H for Canada, not sure about anywhere else but its worth a try click on this!!!!V-wing EDIT: I think this is only for Canada and the US I tryed all the other countrys and it said "Sorry, item is not available in this country."....teehee, third edit..the new Ferrari sets are available in the US and Canada too..
  8. chewie

    Little footbridge

    That is extremely good looking! *sweet* Any chance your going to build it? I think that'd be an awesome stand alone display! Well done! The arching along with the inverse arches looks great!
  9. chewie

    Incan Cave Racer

    That looks quite amazing! I like it a lot, you did excellent on that face and mouth with the gears! 8-
  10. chewie

    penumatic controled helicopter

    I made this not to long ago i got the helicopter as a set a long time ago for christmats i recently re-built it.!!!!! so then i had to idea of making the rotors elevate and depres with the control of penumatics! Pics to come soon!!!!..and maby a video!!!!!
  11. chewie

    Birthday or die!

    Wooden compared to what? Brick or stone houses? Our houses are all wood frames - then bricked, or sided or stoned. You can't do a whole lot to stop a tornado or other natural disaster from destroying your home at all. p.s - to original poster (i forget your screen name) did you end up cleaning the whole room? - And get the train stuff you wanted? If so, thats awesome, the trains are a complete blast!
  12. chewie

    New Greek Line?!

    That staff would be in the hand of the mini fig in the boat. It blends in with his hood. Somewhat hard to see. IMO, the thing looks kinda need, but way to "thrown" together to be an actual set! Greek sure would be a cool theme though!!!
  13. chewie

    MattZitron News!!!

    No way!! X-O He's back..from the d..d.d..eaa....MOVE! Welcome back! It sure has been a while
  14. chewie

    Whack-a-Fig Finals!

    Well, I voted, but for whom I shall not say! I might choke on a bread roll if I do ;-) >:-) Everyones entries were awesome!! :-D
  15. chewie

    little armory offline?

    I'm quite sure the "come back soon" message has been there for atleast a year. I'd always try to view the store and no dice.
  16. chewie

    US event

    I have to agree with Suvie. BloodyJay, Jinzo and I had once talked about a US event. But I do believe it's a heck of a lot cheaper to get a plane ticket to England..or somewhere in the EU and meet up with other eventees. Still, I'm sure you can start a thread and see what kind of interest it generates. Might as well give it a shot!
  17. chewie

    3vil Battleship Andvari

    Hum, perhaps if you were to run a spine down the back of the ship, you could make the two front landing gear like the hands of a skeleton. Worth a shot, or not. ;-)
  18. chewie

    3vil Battleship Andvari

    Sir Dillon, that thing is pure sex for my eyes. I absolutely love the skull front. The giant cannon sticking out of the eye makes it all that much more better. The interior is awesome! I think you executed this 3vil MOC perfectly. I also really like the "ribs" you added to the ship, it makes it feel so much more skeleton like. I do feel that perhaps you could use some different landing gear, I feel those are to "thin" for such a beast like this. Perhaps some landing gear with really wide feet? Amazing, keep up the 3vil MOCs! Chewie
  19. chewie

    Miniland Scale Black Falcon Knight

    Very, very neat indeed. I don't think you were unsuccessful with the helmet, I believe that others think you could improve upon it... Though I can't seem to think of any ideas to help you. Humph. I shall edit this post if I think of any! I do think he's a pretty neat fig. Did you use a headlight brick or a 1x1 with an axle hole and a half pin connecter to fix the shield to the body? Weapon wise, I think maybe you could make a wooden spear. It might look a bit more proportionate to the fig rather than the halberd. Great MOC, I await to see what improvements you could make on this, as well as other MOCs! Chewie
  20. chewie

    [REVIEW] 8275 Bulldozer

    Ickel, thanks for that awesome review. It makes me want to buy this set. I think it'd go just swell with the Mobile Crane. The fact that it has all the motors and such is awesome, I can foresee using those for a lot of other functions for MOCs. And, well I'm a fan of treads. You can never have enough treads :-D Hm, would you be able to tell us, perhaps after a test or two what kind of weight this beast can push around? Thank you!
  21. chewie

    Hoth Rebel Base review

    Awesome review Mutely! I'm not so sure about this set. To me it feels kinda "thrown together". I feel the base door with the snow BURPS looks kinda bad with the me it makes it feel more "icy" and from what i remember on the Hoth, it wasn't really icy as much as it was snowy. K3PO looks kinda neat. The Stickers kinda suck for sure, but on the bright side if you buy multiples, then you have all those trans-windows and other parts. I can't see me buying this but its a fairly neat set nonetheless...minus those few niggles. Thank you Mr. Mutely
  22. chewie

    Whack-a-Fig Entry Thread

    Alright, here is mine. The brunt of it had already been together for a while and I thought what a better way to use it than this! The Whacker - Me, or Majisto the wizard. I chose Majisto because he was my forum name over at CC, and I don't actually own a Chewie fig. :-$ The Whackee - Hinckley :-D While going for a swim to look for his pretty little Blue Bucket, Hinckley happen to not realize he was on Majistos property. To fix this, Majisto bonked him on the head. All he was doing was trying to knock some sense into him ;-) You guys can go to the brickshelf folder here when moderated. EDIT: The pic was amazingly huge, I thought I might as well take it out.
  23. chewie

    My first custom minifig

    IMO it looks amazing at a distance, or the smaller picture that you posted in your first post. I personally think it's well done, but there is room for improvement on the painting. Now I understand it's hard to paint very very steady with a hand on such a small fig and make it look almost perfect. I still think it looks terrific and I know I sure a heck could not paint the fig that well without trying over and over again. I think he looks awesome, there are perhaps some rooms for improvment. I do feel you did very well though Mr. Holodoc. Chewie P.S. I in no way mean for my above post to sound like I'm bashing your MOC or skills. If I made you feel like that I'm sorry. Keep up the great work and I'm sure you'll be able to make another even better looking Holodoc fig, perhaps with decals or an even better paintjob.
  24. chewie

    Custom mini-figs

    Holy megablocks Hinckley. Those guy are amazing looking. X-O I *wub* the Fernos character and Lao. They look _____ <--- insert word for good looks :-D And the tattoos on Lao (his arm) and Fernos chest look extremely well done. Everything looks awesome, all the figs, for me atleast give that classic fig look. And then some! Well done!
  25. chewie

    Whack-a-Fig Contest

    Hinckley, can I whack you? No hard feelings of course ;-)