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  1. Winter Village: Winterville Station

    wow... great addition to the winter village.
  2. Winter Village: Village Church

    great MOC. the church blends well with the whole winter theme...
  3. MOC - Friends Modular Building

    Wow... Lovely... I really love all the tiny details that you put in every floor.
  4. 2013 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Love the new magician and karate set... imagining wonderful MOC you can build with does minifigure
  5. MOC Stable

    This will fit perfectly with Lego Friends group.
  6. Friends Tree House in the Garden

    Lovely... I really like those trees... I can't seems to get enough of those trees...
  7. Hello kabayan, nakita ko yun post mo kakahanap ng club ng lego sa manila nabasa ko un old post mo back in 2008 pa...

  8. 2. Ninja Nin - 2 5. Mr.Brickman - 3
  9. SoF: Stephanie's Atlantis Explorer

    wow! Great idea. I hope you win. I'm sure gonna vote for you.
  10. SoF: The Friends Funny Flowers Train

    I'm sure you daughter would have fun playing this. Love it...
  11. SoF: The Friend Ship

    wow... great boat. i would glad to have one of this...
  12. Wow, beautiful entries... 2. TheKingOfBuilding - 1 4. Trijntje - 2 5. Oky - 2
  13. Summer Of Friends Building Contest

    wow, great contest... can't wait to join... i love lego friends...
  14. Category A and Category B winners

    Congrats to all the winners...
  15. TSATS: Technic Water Strider

    nice entry. great approach with the contest, i really like to see it moving.