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    [WIP] Landscape

    *oh2* keep going!
  2. Really nice thread! thanks for sharing!
  3. Tria

    Prototype Castle sets

    I really like the precursor of medieval market and the medieval market!
  4. Tria

    [MOC] Rivendell

    Standing ovation!
  5. Tria

    [MOC] The Pillars of the Kings

    WOW!! amazing! You must have lot of free space for this one!
  6. Tria

    An Idea for a New Castle Theme

    I dont think that we are going to see anything like fantasy era while lotr is out... but I would really love to see a greek-roman theme (lego must do it sometime! the minifigs were great and they dont need to design too many new parts... helmets, swords, spears, shields, minifigs are ready... maybe only a few additions..). A kingdoms II with the return of a black falcons and a new fraction would also be great!
  7. Tria

    March Of The Elves

    Lots of elves!
  8. Tria

    Chenonceau - Minifig Scale

    This is amazing!!!
  9. Tria

    LOTR Project: The Two Towers

    Really nice sets! I vote for edoras!
  10. Tria

    Maleficent the Dragon

    What he said!
  11. Tria

    So you want to buy some Oxford Blocks

    Just received a huge order! Some info for potential new buyers... EMS was really quick and gmarket ships also very fast. shipped one day after the payment and arrived in Germany after 7 days. I bought 5 sets from two different sellers (4 and 2). I didnt ask for combining shipment, the orders were combined automatically. Initially, I paid too little for shipping cost (around 30$ estimated weight 2,5kg , but then they ve sent me a mail in my gmarket account demanding 42$ more for shipment real weight 12kg (!!!!I didnt receive it in my googlemail and therefore it took me 10days to find out by checking gmarket account... so if you buy check alway gmarket account messages) Gmarket english version appears to have some problems in navigation despite using internet explorer(I experienced some problems when I wanted to pay..I clicked the pay now button but the hyperlink to paypal didnt open...) but generally works fine. No need to add a credit card and follow verification process!! you can choose paypal afterwards... Site doesnt clarify it well from the beginning giving the wrong impression... Despite the fact that my products were in gmarket storehouse for 10days waiting my extra payment for shipping, everything went really fine! They marked them in the custom declaration form as gift and they let you write not only the recipient's info but also the sender's info. So, for oxford military [OM3302] anti aricraft tank and hummer [OM3301] tank with 5 soldiers NCM0848★apache, tank, radar truck, truck carrying soldiers, small jeep and lots of minifigs OM3306 blackhawk, tank, artillery, humvee, outpost NCM0872 modern design truck carrying troopers, missile launcher tank, small jeep and 7 minifigs I paid initially 210$ + 44$ = grand total of 255$ which is not bad at all! 72$ for super fast shipment of 12kg products and 183$ for two huge, two big and one medium set which is a really good score (at least IMO)! My experience was more than positive! Highly recommended! Definetely I would buy again!! Thanks crossmr!
  12. Tria

    WIP Castle Seawatch

    Fantastic!!! Really looking forward to see it completed!