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  1. FlyerNut

    [MOC] Miscellaneous Train Projects

    With alittle modification, your PRR cars from the initial post would match the old Philadelphia subway cars -
  2. FlyerNut

    Lego train for sons room

    Good job, now throw some glow in the dark stars up.
  3. That's really nice, do you happen to know the part # for the bogie frames?
  4. FlyerNut

    Need Monorail help

    That's about what I've seen it going for lately, unfortunately.
  5. FlyerNut

    Need Monorail help

    I'd snag it in a heartbeat.
  6. FlyerNut

    Black Hand Rails on Maersk and BNSF trains

    I think it'd be great to create a sticky with this type of information. A while back I needed to buy wheels for a train and didn't know that they actually had a part number corresponding to the entire set needed for a train's wheelbase.
  7. I have one and love it, just wondering if anyone has heard how sales have been so far...
  8. FlyerNut

    LDD MOC - SEPTA Market-Frankford "M-3" Car

    That's interesting, I've never heard them called that. Taking the El is like riding a roller coaster sometimes. In some areas you really get thrown around a bit. Now how about the new silverliner cars for the regional rail.
  9. FlyerNut

    A holiday train question

    I bricklinked the holiday train (10173). Based on another user, I placed all the power functions in the passenger car. There's still space for passengers and it's not very noticeable.
  10. FlyerNut

    Polishing scratched bricks

    Not sure if this is allowed, but this topic at another forum looks pretty cool:
  11. FlyerNut

    Box Cars and American Trains

    Check this site out:
  12. I'm curious if anyone has examples of layouts that combine both city and modular buildings. I'm about to build my first layout and have the newer modular buildings (fire brigade on up) and several city sets. As the buildings are typically different heights and styles I wonder if they'd look odd together. Or maybe an old city section of town and a new section?
  13. FlyerNut

    TOFC - Trailer on Flat Car - Designs

    Thanks, I never heard of that site before. Giving me some great ideas.
  14. FlyerNut

    MOC: LEGO turntable by Tupolev

    I supported as well, even if it doesn't hit the number you can still bricklink it easy enough if you really want to build it.
  15. FlyerNut

    10233 Horizon Express

    Just picked up mine a couple hours ago just outside of Philadelphia. I'm going to rename it the Philadelphia Flyer, after my favorite hockey team (their colors are black and orange also). One thing I noticed, and appreciated, is the size of the box is smaller but feels full. Doesn't seem like it'll be a huge box with a few bags sliding out.