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  1. kabelbinder

    8043 - The Bucket that Never Was

    Oh, i love this bucket! :wub: :wub: It seems so it has the right dimensions for the 8043 or jurgen krooshoops Link Belt 250 X! (Is there an ability to get one?)
  2. kabelbinder

    8051 Streetfighter

    Great job and very cool photos!
  3. A bit of chrome polish (eg for cooking pots) and a clean soft cloth, gently polish, then they looks nearly brand new.
  4. kabelbinder

    Tiger 2 / King Tiger

    Great little MOC! Phantastic! ... and sweet microTiger! <squeak!>
  5. kabelbinder


    Wow, this MTB is really cool and the photos are phantastic! Bike looks like my old Rotwild.
  6. Use the PF Switch 8869 to turn the direction of one side.
  7. kabelbinder

    The world lost two builders on Friday

    My deepest condolences and symphaties. Stefan
  8. kabelbinder

    42009 Extended Boom

    Yes, that's a cool idea! I'll report! thanks Stefan
  9. kabelbinder

    42009 Extended Boom

    Thanks for this solution! Very simple and works very well! Only thing missing is that the sections slide into each other very soft ... Greetings Stefan
  10. Is the cable connected in the right way? I think the light gray connector have to put under the the darkgray receiver-connector? Please correct me if im wrong!
  11. kabelbinder

    Small Autovalve

    Wow, that is exactly the size I need. Thanks for sharing!
  12. kabelbinder

    [MOC] Skid Steer Loader

    Very nice and sweet excavator! I've tried the motorized 8265 last weekend, but this little machine is much nicer! Edit: i've built not the 8479 but the 8265 Loader.
  13. kabelbinder

    [An old marble machine

    Nice little machine. Unfortunately, the links do not work (1+2: have no permission to see!; 3: no video)
  14. kabelbinder

    Track problem slower "Zorex"

    Aha, and you can also tell us which ones?
  15. Very, very cool! I can not wait until my 42009 arrives and ran to the ultimate!