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  1. Majek

    Petition for Western returning

    Sign me up too!
  2. Majek

    Chrome Darth Vader Raffle

    Emperor's Arrival by Morten Sonne Luke's Landspeeder by Lars What if...? by Der Seb A-Wing by Jerac Venator Star Destroyer by thire5
  3. Majek

    MOC: Clerks

    Thanks again, guys. "You know what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like this?".
  4. Majek

    MOC: Clerks

    Enjoy it. If you will like it, watch Clerks 2. It has a nice ending and the story is complete.
  5. Majek

    MOC: Clerks

    Thanks for comment. Don't worry kabel, you will see them soon enough.
  6. Majek

    MOC: Clerks

    Hello there. It's been a long time since I wrote something here. Now I'm back with a new MOC - based on a scene from my favourite movie - Clerks (directed by Kevin Smith). If you don't know what movie I'm talking about - - IMDb. By the way this film is excellent, I highly recommend it. You can find bigger photo here Thanks for watching or comments ! ~Majek
  7. Majek

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Clerks. I love this movie. Brilliant.
  8. Majek

    MOC: Mob Car

    Thanks guys! Yes, but without fedora hat. No problemo .~Majek
  9. Majek

    MOC: Mob Car

    Thanks for your comments, guys. Hey, wait a second! Uh, er, um, eh... Ok. I don't have black one. ~Majek
  10. Majek

    MOC: Mob Car

    Hello Here is my new creation - Mob Car Used by the mob in USA in the 1930’s maybe? Just joking. It's only prototype car for future MOC. Deeplinks: 1 2 3 4 Any comments would be appreciated. Pozdrawiam ~Majek
  11. Majek

    Hello Eurobricks!

    Hi Dr Kilroy! welcome to Eurobricks, hope you'll have fun here. ;-) ~Majek
  12. Majek

    Chrome Darth Vader Raffle (Entries)

    "Mmmmm Chrooooome!" Chrome (video game) ~Majek
  13. Majek

    [MOC] Jedi vs Sith Assasin

    Thank you ADHO15 .
  14. Hello Simple scene in Star Wars universe. Nothing more to say the title says it all. 1 2 3 4 I know this is simple but I hope you will enjoy. Any comments, ideas would be appreciated. ~Majek
  15. Majek


    Welcome SimonStorm I'm sure you'll find loads of inspiration for future castle builds in Historic Themes. I hope that you will enjoy your stay with us here! ~Majek