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    Architecture Contest: Milwaukee Art Museum

    I love the museum, my hometown was Milwaukee too and I've been there before. It is very realistic for a building that hard to replicate. What you have done with the wings are great but I think they could be a little bit better. Everything else is great though.
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    Hey yall'

    Hey yall, I'm a new Eurobricks member (as you could probably guess) and just joined because I'm old enough now. I've been lurking on the site for about two years now and love this site. I'm interested in LOTR, Kingdoms, Technic, and StarWars mostly. I consider myself to be pretty good at making MOC's though nowhere near as good as those front pagers. I always like to try new techniques and mainly make actual items out of Lego (such as books, flashlights, ect.) I'm from the United States and love Lego and only Lego.