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  1. If you don't know the game League of Legends and you are just here for the pics you can skip all the text. Hey guys, some of you might know my Lego Mordekaiser and Kassadin from the game League of Legends (if not check them out here). After making them I felt like I had to continue and started Ahri and Nautilus. For reasons I can't remember I didn't finish them. Then summer came and I wasn't able to play the game for 2 months. I continued playing in fall, but didn't think of my Custom Lego Minifigures again. However, 2 days ago I found the old Ahri on which I had already put the dress and the tails. I decided to finish her along with a new minifig and I chose Olaf. Unfortunately I have no plans for Nautilus yet, but I am just going to present you the other two: AHRI The fact that my flesh paint doesnt match the color of her face and hands makes her look kinda weird, but I think the effect is not so strong on the pics. As I had no Idea how to craft a hairpiece from the beginning, I just applied the braid and the longer hair on the front to an existing hairpiece, which looks ok from the front but not that cool from the side. What do you think? Is there an official hairpiece that matches her look more that I didn't find, or is the solution ok? OLAF I chose Olaf because he seemed rather easy to make as a minifigure. I wanted to use official pieces for the torso and legs, so they are compromises and don't actually match Olaf's look. The helmet was easy, as I just filed down a Lego helmet and applied the horns. I had to craft the beard piece from the beginning and I am a little dissapointed by the front side, however I really like the back side. What really bothers me though, is that the beard piece doesn't go up to his mouth. Should I apply more material to the top of his beard and make the area between the two halves of the helmet all hairy to cover his mouth or would it just look weird? If you want to know more about the game that inspired me to do this you can sign up here.. However I would like to hear comments and critics about how I could improve the cleanliness and the overall look of my characters. I am a beginner on painting and sculpting, but I really like it and want to improve.
  2. Warrior Beauty

    Hope I'm not too late and you can get me in the contest... When the love of her life left her, Galia didn't complain. She didn't run to her friends or cried or bought a cat to replace her husband. She dyed her hair, took the old sword of her husband and started to live as a warrior. She left her village and ate what she found in the wild. The woman learned hunting and built shelters if it rained. In her village everyone thinks she is dead, but her plan is to return there. That's because there is one thing her husband still has, that is hers. One thing, she couldn't take with her when fleeing into the wild. One thing that at any cost she wants back. Her daughter!
  3. Market Area

    Though I like every part of this beautifully created moc, I have to say that the tower is the most outstanding. I love what you did with the slopes there. As mentioned, the market street is also very picturesque. The narrow design gives it a busy look. I like that. Great MOC
  4. Avalonia Map v3.0

    Erm... I just thought the dark green areas on the new map are woods... If that is not true I don't necessarily have to have wood
  5. Avalonia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Regarding this Challenge V size discussion: It just heavily depends on what you're going for. It's pretty easy to throw in some green bricks for a landscape and you have a lot of time to work on the details. On the other side if you are going for the ancient dwarven fortress (my idea, but I'm not sure if I should put the money and effort in it, and if I can realize my imagination), 32x32 or 48x48 (which I would prefer, if the halls should be high) can be VERY brick consuming and bricklink is already awaiting your Euros (Pounds, Dollars, whatever). I'm jealous of everyone who has the bricks to realize these projects without buying parts. The small farm I built ate almos my entire collection, except for the fancy colors being Yellow, Red, Orange and that. I think there are ways to go big without using tons of bricks, but of course there are restrictions...
  6. Avalonia Map v3.0

    Ok, thanks, that sounds pretty interesting. If possible I would like the spot in the north-east of Albion, between A.T.C. and Woodward (if I read correctly), maybe stretching out a little bit to the north. I'd like a bit of lake and a bit of wood, the size is your choice.
  7. Avalonia Map v3.0

    I got here by a link in the Main Avalonia Thread that advised new Avalonia members to "claim land here" As I might be an Avalonian for some months now, I spent two of these months on almost constant holidays and away from most of my lego. So here I am, back for two weeks and trying to get to know the story behind Historica and everything. Anyway, I was told to "claim land here". Before I do so, I have 2 questions: Why is it important that I have MY land? Do the red spots on the map with the red names belong to someone or is it just what they are called?
  8. Design a 5th Guild Challenge

    Good evening, citizens of Historica. Let me tell you a little story: High in the air atop the world lies the celestial realm of Solia, a magic place where the Sun and the Elements are worshipped. The people there are the descendants of a demigod, who errected big halls plated with gold and huge pillars made of finest marble up in the skies. Far away from the earth the people of Solia have lived in peace until now. Evil forces are spreading over Historica and no Guild is able to outrun them. The once so strong pillars are breaking, the gold is no longer shiny but matt and ugly. In this times of great conflict the elder priests have elected a new Guild Leader: Alcot IV. He has turned the peaceful worshippers in mighty warriors, who he sends down on the corrupted earth to fight the evil that is spreading across it. Guild name: Solia Guild Location: High up in the clouds atop Historica Capital: Sankturia, the city in the clouds Leader: Alcot IV. Unique characteristics: worship Sun + Elements, love peace, descendants of a demigod Color Scheme: Green and Gold Solia Warriors of the Wind and an Assassin. Each warrior has to choose an Element to fight for. The bird stands for the wind, which they hope to grant them great speed in battle. Once peaceful the Solians were turned to machines, programmed to kill. Their divine blood makes them stronger than humans and hard to kill. Alcot IV: He is young but nobody of the Solians has seen pain greater than he has. He wants to protect Solia at any cost. Even the elder priests, who elected him are scared of his temper. They know he is the path to victory against the evil, but they fear the cost he will demand. Their whole moral concept is in danger. The shrine of Wind in Sankturia. It's were the high priests worship the wind and were the best warriors pray to get the Gift of the Wind, which grants incredible speed in battle. The pillars are broken, the faces grim, just the blue flame burns like it has for centuries.(I'm sorry but these clear 1x2 are almost impossible to photoshop)
  9. Avalonian Farm

    I am proud to announce that the barn is completely gone. Instead I have filled the MOC with more cute details (as I hope) to show you everyday's life on the farm. Anyway I was thinking of a special surprise (new baseplates are laid out :D), but I have just started it.
  10. Avalonian Farm

    Thanks guys! While brushing my teeth (bathroom is still the place of the best ideas :D) an idea came to my mind that could really improve the MOC. I think I will remove the barn. Instead I will put a smaller hut or just a roof and some pillars as a storage place with a workbench. I think I will replace the cows with a well. Fence and gate are great ideas, I have to see if I have the parts for it. I will also improve the landscape and raise the left part of the MOC about a brick's height. Behind the new, smaller warehouse ground will raise even more and a BIG tree will set a clearly defined background. Maybe the weeping willow from the guide... Tell me what you think and if you have more ideas. I had put a lot of effort in this about two months ago. Did the house and the paths. During summer I wasn't home a lot and today I finished the MOC, I wanted to get it online, but maybe I was a little bit too fast..
  11. Avalonia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    I finished my first Avalonia build! For no special reason, I just wanted to try out the guide on building medieval stuff and the avalonia color scheme. Topic with more pics
  12. Avalonian Farm

    Here it is: My first Avalonia MOC! Built on a 48x48 baseplate it's my largest castle-themed build so far. I got inspired by the greatest guide on castle buildings ever written. The idea came from the beautiful farms and breweries in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The layout is pretty simple but I pretty messed things up when choosing the size of the house. I should have made it one stud wider but as I realized I didn't want to start from the beginning since I had also begun to do the landscape around too. Initially I wanted to do some huge barrels or cauldrons in the barn, but I didn't had the parts and the motivation to do it. I was very unsure what to do with the two green spaces in the front (where cows and crops are now), but then I remembered this crop technique I had seen before and thought it might fit. The cows were the very last thing I added. I couldn't think for something more creative and so I thought they would do the job. Please excuse the extremely poor photo quality. My camera is very old and it was a cloudy and rainy day, no good light. Feel free to comment!
  13. Mordekaiser

    Aaaand it's official: Next Project: Kassadin, The Void Walker I have started him this morning and I have a really good feeling about him. He is not too easy, but fun to make and I really like his look although I am scared about painting him. Anyway, I will try my best, so be sure to follow this topic!
  14. Mordekaiser

    That is awesome, could you post a link? I would love to see them. I plan to do some more, but I am currently looking for Ideas. I have thought of Master Yi or Ashe but I am not entirely sure now. It has to be a champion that is recognizable (has a special item or something), that is possible to realize in Lego and that I personally like :D If you have Ideas what champions could be done I would love to hear your suggestions.
  15. Mordekaiser

    Let me introduce to you my latest creation. I took Mordekaiser, a champion from the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game League of Legends and tried to make him a Lego minifig. As I have discovered the possibilities of milliput the last days it was obvious that Mordekaiser would be my first real project using milliput. Too ambitious? Maybe, but although he is not perfect I am very pleased. I started off with the evil knight from the collectible minifigs series 7. (Although I took a breastplate without printing to save the beautiful one that comes with the knight) I applied milliput to the breastplate, arms and helmet and took a black bar to form the mace. The cape is standard. Mordekaiser by the_blue_banana on Flickr The most difficult part to do was the mace. I had to roll the spikes and let them dry before forming a soft ball from fresh milliput where I would stick them on. If I had known how easily the spikes would now stick to the mace instead of my fingers I would have used this technique for the torso too. Painting was pretty standard, but I didn't want to go for anything special and stick to the original mordekaiser look. If you want to know more about League of Legends feel free to sign up here. (If you plan to sign up please do really use this link, because it grants me a small reward. Thank you.) Hope you liked my Mordekaiser and feel free to comment!