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  1. Sorry that I have been an awful member of the guild. My favourite part of building is creating characters. So, I am sorry. But, if it is allowed.I am going to create another. I have been heavily inspired By Davos In A song of Ice and fire so prepare for the onion knight!
  2. Medic!!!

    Mitgardia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Cool sig! We need more new members In the south!
  3. Glad to see after a week away, not that you noticed, that we got something done....
  4. Medic!!!

    Design a 5th Guild Challenge

    Alas, I am lacking in Faery parts and I am away for the next week. However I have got a centaur and a faun... Further development shall be done.
  5. I have a few builds just waiting to be photographed ;) But I am going away for a week. I'd love to see what you guys come up with in that time :) EDIT: Here it is: ;) Have a nice time without me!
  6. Nononono! You're all wrong! The alchemists were the people who tried to turn lead into gold. Magic is the study of Mana/Magicka A "Magic" force that can be harnessed into powers beyond our wildest dreams, Provided we get to sleep with all of that racket, and then have dreams.
  7. Barding? We need to make the Bards college of Solitude and the mages college at Winterhold. Then our Stormcloaks can beat the hell out of the Empire... We maybe.. Look. I feel that perhaps a more... Versatile project should be done. Less assignment of campus buildings, more do whatever the Hell we want. And more skyrim, And higher pay! Wait wut?
  8. That's what I'm saying! We need a fun, Comunity build, To raise our free build scores!
  9. The Mage's collage atWinterhold Petraea. I could Arrange such stuff. Perhaps we each build a plot in Petraea or the college.
  10. Medic!!!

    Design a 5th Guild Challenge

    I shall probably be judged for not doing any photography and legonardo davidy will probably win but.... I give you... The Realm of the Fae. Description Ever wonder where hordes of evil mutated elves, and creatures from beyond scary and onto damn freaky come from? Well, They're from the land of the Fae. The Fae folk are like the Fairy folk. Except they are like the fairyfolk's badass cousin. Whether it be centaurs to fauns, Faeries to daemons (Cos' the A makes everything cooler.) You shall find the exact sick monster that you have been looking for! They give low prices to evildoers, and have a "2 Kraken for the price of 1" deal at the moment! The landscape is beautiful, Idyllic streams that turn out to be poisoned, Magical forests that actually EAT you, and the most lovely mountain range that erupts in your face... Because they're volcanos megablock! Flowers pollonised by giant bees, Moles that do wear glasses, and gore you, Architecturally brilliant castles that are inpractical and alright silly. Talking wolves, Talking wolf secret police, Talking wolves-that-turn-out-to-be-werewolves: You got gored club. With member perks. History The realm of the fae is.... Pretty much... A floating rock. When the world was young, and the 4 guilds of Historica were only just forming... There was a fifth guild. It was home to the elves, who did not farm wheat or corn, Instead, they farmed magic! They were very powerful, And hated the squabbling of the other guilds! They just wanted to learn. So on one fateful day, The most powerful mages of all the land, The Fae, Met in the capitol, And raised the realm out of the ground. This caused intense side effects, livestock merged into humans, creating fauns and Centaurs, Fisherman became fish themselves, The massive bang created made mountains erupt, poisoned streams and made even the trees themselves come alive. BAnd now, everyone has huge eyes, and their ears are pointy... Since then, the fae have been studying magic, their supplies running lower and lower, and so finally they have revealed themselves, in need of food, metal, and water. Military: The Faeries, a race of elf like men, were first born after elves were exposed to high magic energy. The Faeries radiate it,Magic. They make excellent spellcasters, and have even managed to do the impossible deed of raising an island! These are the main part of the army, The militiamen. They are highly trained in the use of elven-style blades, and can even craft elf-style weaponry themselves! They have basic magic knowledge, like healing and levitation. The Mer-warriors swin in the poisoned lakes and saltwater streams of The realm of the fae. They make great Spearmen, and make up for the lack of ships (forests that eat you remember!) The centaurs make up the cavalry of The fae, they are much more efficient than any normal cavalry, and have become fearless after all of that charging! The Fauns are brilliant skirmishers, and make up some of the finest warriors in All of the realm. They pack a beastly kick and headbutts have horns! And now... For the rulers of all of the realm... The faerie princess, a manipulative, seductive woman who uses all of her power to get what she wants, and the General of the Forces of the Fae, Ulfric Stormcloak.. Lanson... Yes, just Lanson.. You know! Lanson, son of Lan, son of wifi.. etc! A bit of a badass.. And some say, 1000 years old. The fae are rich, they are golden, only the fae can stop global warming, they are green. Unique characteristics The Fae are resistant to any kind of magic which makes them a threat. My bad presentation is bad :P Yeah, I got bored :P
  11. Medic!!!

    What my mulled wine smells bad?

    WOW! On another note, Please explain that wall technique?
  12. I have another idea. The "Dune" sea. A mix of water and sand make the Dune sea.
  13. Medic!!!

    Design a 5th Guild Challenge

    I haven't really done much planning... So far, we have... Desert, Mountain, Plains and swamps. I would say that A water place wouldbe nice. I say, ATLANTIS! Or maybe a dwarf Kingdom. An underground lair. Sort of like the Falmer and Dwemer in skyrim.
  14. Medic!!!

    Celyna the seamstress

    What type of seamstress? :3 Anyone who has read Terry Pratchett will know what I mean.
  15. We need some sort of build for free build. I.E Albion plots and Mitgardian wall.