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  1. Just for an experiement I built the Ducati swingarm to try on my 42036, but soon noticed that the chain is not parallel due to the gears and hub that are used. Is this right? Pretty sure I built it correctly. It's also not that stiff as a structure.

  2. 15 hours ago, Blakbird said:

    OK, I checked more closely and there is indeed a single rotational degree of freedom on that panel attachment.  I rotated them forward and it looks much better.  If I'd had the correct wheel arches in there it would have been much more obvious because those panels won't even fit without rotating them.  I've done a new render with the corrected panel positions and also took the opportunity to use the old metallic green from 8466 which looks way more accurate to the real car.  Of course, after the render was complete I spotted one more easily visible error in my file.  Bonus points to anyone who can find it.  Higher res version of the picture here.  When I build my physical version, I think I'll be replacing all the visible blue pins with black.


    The floating liftarm/blue pin near the rear fender panel? :laugh:

  3. Well I think it looks fantastic, and I'm beyond happy that it appears to be lime green or at least something similar. The gaps are well placed and everything flows quite nicely. The roof is a bit flat, but the designers must have figured the 3x13 or the new panels were too convex in shape perhaps? 

    Can't wait to see the rear now, and of course the Technic bits on the inside.

  4. Very impressive. The gearbox, brake discs, and windscreen are nice touches. It isn't easy to get certain shapes and details right with a Technic motorcycle, even in this scale. 


    I do wish the new front fork pieces included some sort of attachment point for a fender and calipers, although playability would likely suffer. The lack of a radiator is noticeable, as well the rear being not as polished as the front half.

  5. On 12/29/2019 at 8:23 AM, curakar said:

    this looks much bether !!!!!!!  where did you raised the superstructure?

    I added extra liftarms around the rear, to make it level with the operator cabin and boom. I have also changed a few other things since then like replacing all visible red 2L axles, and I added a safety cage on top of the superstructure.


    Has anyone tried adding the new 15L actuators to this set? Perhaps there is not enough space? It is a shame that the boom on 42009 doesn't connect closer to the rear like on the real thing, but the gearbox is the issue there I suppose.