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  1. On 12/29/2019 at 8:23 AM, curakar said:

    this looks much bether !!!!!!!  where did you raised the superstructure?

    I added extra liftarms around the rear, to make it level with the operator cabin and boom. I have also changed a few other things since then like replacing all visible red 2L axles, and I added a safety cage on top of the superstructure.


    Has anyone tried adding the new 15L actuators to this set? Perhaps there is not enough space? It is a shame that the boom on 42009 doesn't connect closer to the rear like on the real thing, but the gearbox is the issue there I suppose.



  2. 13 hours ago, Jaromir said:

    I don't know, it is hard for me to say whether I like the Sian or not. For sure it has interesting shape which will be hard to capture, but I think I would preffer that the new lego ultimate to be the newest Aventador SVJ. I think it is still possible, as real Chiron has been released in 2016 and it's lego model in 2018.

    I agree. The Sian doesn't do much for me design-wise, and with a very limited production run of 63 I'm not sure it would be the best subject. A lime-green or yellow SVJ would be brilliant.

  3. 38 minutes ago, vectormatic said:

    I think 42063 pulls off the single sided swingarm pretty nicely, but something like that with a double wide tire is going to be quite chunky


    Otherwise i agree 100%, there isnt anything id want more in a motorcycle then a proper Ducati, now lets just hope the design comes out well. (nice profile pic by the way, i like what you've done with your 42036 mod)

    Thanks! :thumbup: The 42036 is a great platform for mods! It has good bones you might say, and I'm hoping 42107 does too. The swingarm on 42063 is well executed for sure, but without a chain or sprocket to add complication. My 42036 mod(I call it the GP-1) has a single-sided swingarm but the solution is not ideal. I'm hoping for a new, offset rear rim design but that is probably unlikely.

  4. This set is exactly what I had hoped for when I read "2W"! :wub:

    We finally get a Ducati in LEGO form, in red, with new parts at a fair price. Hopefully it has a new rear single-sided swingarm piece because currently there is no truly elegant way to achieve that look. The Harley rear tire is a must.



  5. I don't see TLG making a Lamborghini in red either, but then again the Aventador replacement is due very soon and that could debut in red. It could also be something unexpected like the Ford GT or the new Jesko. 


    A McLaren seems like a perfect fit for the third Ultimate release though, and in the color seen on 42099.

  6. You did an outstanding job! :thumbup: I love the barge board area, and the nose is spot on considering the packaging limitations.


    I have been struggling on and off the past few months with my own F1 project, and this is an inspiration to get working on it once more.

    And hey LEGO, we need a new large-scale F1 set with staggered width rims and tires. Please.

  7. I immediately noticed the wider rear tire as well, and cannot wait to get one for my superbike. It looks to be the same size and tread pattern as 8420 I think so hopefully it fits existing rims.


    The chosen rims for this set are not that appealing to me and I would have preferred a V-Rod/Night Rod Special set instead but whatever. There's just so much gray plastic to look at whereas the real bike has chrome.