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    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    The photo has certainly been posted in black and white to hide the blue. Disc brakes indeed, wow! Please don't be awesome...please don't be awesome... $400 is my LEGO budget for an entire year and then some but I'm very excited for this
  2. therealjustin

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I'm okay with reasonable gaps. The open gaps on certain areas of the Porsche are not reasonable in my opinion, such as the ones under the headlights, for how much that set costs. The same can also be said though about Technic models that try to fill in every possible negative space with panels or connectors; it can look just as bad. There needs to be a balance.
  3. Found him in an unopened box at Walmart Third bag down from the top left.
  4. therealjustin

    [MOC] Ultimatum GTR v10 Supercar

    Absolutely sick!!!
  5. therealjustin

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Yes!!!!!! I'm so excited!
  6. therealjustin

    [MOC] AW 169 helicopter [US Navy edition]

    What are the missing swashplates in the .LXF? Part 2908?
  7. therealjustin

    [MOC] AW 169 helicopter [US Navy edition]

    It was great before, and somehow you've managed to make it look even better. I really want to build this and put it on display, especially since I currently do not have any aircraft or rotorcraft in my collection. Well done!
  8. therealjustin

    [MOC] AW 169 helicopter [US Navy edition]

    Incredibly well done! I agree, this is everything a Technic helicopter can and should be. I would proudly display this on my shelf...after playing with the functions of course
  9. therealjustin

    [MOC] Ford GT + Instructions

    Brilliantly captured, and one of my all-time favorite cars. I may have to build this!
  10. therealjustin

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    I'm really surprised how much I like these; nice job LEGO. The Mack is just great, although I have to admit I want this set to build the garbage truck first. The rally car looks pretty decent. Any idea what the length of those white flex axles are? Please be 14L...please be 14L... As for the blue parts being used in a future set I'm thinking a blue/black Bugatti Chiron in 1:8 scale. I know, never gonna happen.
  11. therealjustin

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    I really want to build this car, but those white parts are extremely rare. I can't even find the 14L flex axles in the U.S. anywhere I love this hobby, but with LEGO's seemingly purposeful limited production of certain parts to one set, it really does tend to kill the enjoyment.
  12. therealjustin

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    Has anyone attempted building this in a different color? I have quite a few red parts I would need 1,260 extra pieces, or around $300 to build this. I would need to dismantle my Unimog, Crawler and F1 car but this looks so well done.
  13. therealjustin

    [MOC] Jeep Mighty FC Concept

    How did I miss this amazing creation? It's so damn cool. Excellent job Madoca, once again!
  14. therealjustin

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    I hope it will too, but I'm not confident that the design will change much. Many Technic sets as of late seem to suffer from the same halfhearted design which is quite sad. Just a bunch of sloppily assembled panels and stickers with hardly any thought about what goes on inside. Making something gigantic or throwing ten different colors at it does not make it special.
  15. therealjustin

    Technic Video Tips (Videography)

    I use Sony Vegas Pro myself. I'm sure there are better alternatives but I'm familiar with the interface now Here is a little slideshow I made just now. I don't have a 4K camera so video tends to look grainy and dull, that's why I prefer slideshows for now.
  16. therealjustin

    42056 one year (and a bit) later

    It should be the perfect set for someone like myself who is a petrol head, a Porsche fan, and a Technic builder and yet I don't own the set either I want one though and it looks great on the shelf, but at $300US plus tax and any parts I'll likely need to mod it makes me think twice about buying it. It's funny but at $250 I would probably already have it by now. There is of course the distinct lack of anything truly groundbreaking on the model as well. No four-wheel steering and a clunky and poor attempt at a PDK are not that appealing when many great MOC's(and even my modded 8070) have proper functioning gearboxes. Incorrect steering geometry too. Oh, and stickers. Those things shouldn't be on ANY set over $100.
  17. therealjustin

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    I had to look twice at those prices! Wow! I think I'll grab the 42056 instead of the 2017 sets. It is also overpriced, but at least I like the subject matter.
  18. therealjustin

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    And to think we worry about even a fraction of that kind of flex on our own models
  19. therealjustin

    Technic Photography

    These were taken in RAW with post-processing done in Photoshop CC. I use a portable LED light bar on a white backdrop for most of my indoor shots, but I also use an overhead light if I want a bright white background. For outdoor shots I always underexpose by at least 1/3rd stop as you have little control over lighting. Pansonic FZ40 f/2.8-f/8, ISO80, RAW
  20. therealjustin

    GP-1 Superbike

    What started as a basic color change of 42036 to red, quickly turned into me building my ultimate superbike. Something close to the 1299 Superleggera or Desmosedici RR. Just clean lines and simple functions, although I'd like to add a gearbox but space is tight - Single-sided swingarm - Drive chain moved to the inside - Front/rear fenders added - Dual-shock rear suspension - "Carbon" rims and brake discs w/ calipers - Radiator added
  21. therealjustin

    GP-1 Superbike

    Wow, thanks for the kind remarks everyone! I am working on a .LXF file at the moment so I'll be sure to post a link here when I'm done. I definitely agree about the empty space behind the engine. Unfortunately, even the simplest/smallest 2-speed gearbox seems too large to fit inside but if anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful for the advice! Otherwise I will probably try to fit some flex tubing in there for some extra exhaust detailing. There are a few "classic" LEGO in there somewhere Two 1x3 plates and two 1x6 plates on the radiator, and a 1x4 plate on the swingarm.
  22. therealjustin

    [C-MODEL] 42053 Cherry Picker

    Very clean, it looks like an official set!
  23. therealjustin

    BMW U2-P1A

    What a fantastic design, I love it! Nice work!
  24. therealjustin

    42009 Extended Boom

    I'm not sure if this will help as the boom I used was slightly modified, but hopefully you can get an idea about how to do it. First, slip the string through the gray pin on the bottom of the main boom and then run it up through the inside(as indicated by dotted line). Now run that string through the middle hole in the lower panels of the second tier boom, from back to front and loop it under the bushings(or whatever you are using here). Now tie the end off on the third tier boom. All of the sections should now be connected by the string and you can start inserting them. Once they are all stored inside one another, make a large knot on the underside of the main boom where the small gray pin is(where you first started) so that the string cannot slip through. It sounds terribly confusing probably