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    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Grabbed an 8051 mint in box for $120 shipped. Not really a deal compared to the MSRP of $39, but cheaper than if I were to buy the parts from Lego which completely shocked me. The total Lego sent to me after compiling the list was nearly $130! How can that be when they released the set four years ago for $40? It will become a custom streetfighter/cafe racer
  2. Excellent review! Thank you! As impressive as this set is due to the size, it just doesn't capture my attention. I wanted it to make me want to sell my 8265 but that is not the case. The tires still look too small for this to be an L350F and the front half of the chassis as you said looks unfinished and rushed. Then there is the price for this set! $250! Just for that alone I think I will pass.
  3. therealjustin

    Volkswagen Beetle (Type 1)

    Wonderful! You really captured the look well! The only thing(s) that stand out are the side mirrors because they have such abrupt angles compared to the real thing.
  4. therealjustin

    8070 Spider

    I couldn't look at that ugly rear of the 8070 any longer so I ripped out the motor and battery box with all functions converted to manual control. Not only does the car look better but with the extra weight gone the entire stance has been improved! The rear sits higher and the space between the tires and wheel arches matches that of the front. Also changed from the previous photos are black rims, a V10 engine and a reworked front end. The folding hardtop roof has been tweaked slightly as well to allow for a better fit.
  5. therealjustin

    [C-MODEL] 8110 Jeep

    8070 gets my vote too. It has all the right pieces to make a killer alternate model.
  6. therealjustin


    I thought about keeping mine sealed but that wouldn't be any fun. Sets like this one are meant to be displayed!
  7. therealjustin

    Displaying Models Harmful to Bricks?

    The problem is that some parts are discolored from the factory. Some of the thin red lift arms on my 8420 and 8272 sets were quite a bit off to begin with, not to mention the various shades of "Bright Yellow" that Lego surprises us with. I have tires from 1998-2001 and they look grayish compared to the newer ones but they may have been this way all along due to the compound used during those years. Three of the four shocks on my 8110 Unimog are losing their ability to hold up the vehicle and it now tilts to one side. This is a known issue and Lego sent me four brand new replacements in the mail after emailing them my invoice. Excellent customer service for sure! -Don't display in direct sunlight or close to light bulbs -Don't leave batteries in them -Regularly dust or cover sets with protective bags -Rotate tires every month or so
  8. therealjustin

    42009 Owners ... Speak Up!

    It was a must have for me because I missed out on grabbing 8421. I added extra parts to enhance the look of the set and built the extended boom by Chrismoi59 and will add r/c in the future. It doesn't have the playability of a loader, an excavator or a set like 9398 for obvious reasons. Cranes are slow moving and this set is no exception but it looks really nice on display.
  9. therealjustin

    Technic 2014 Discussion and Speculation

    I feel like Technic is dying or dead. Most of 2013's releases were average and the 2014 sets are not much better. The cost of these sets versus how many actual parts you get(not pins) is too high and the mechanical nature of past Technic sets is getting watered down to widen the age bracket. Rant over, back to discussing the bulldozer!
  10. therealjustin

    Linear Actuators VS Pneumatics

    I like the idea of pneumatics, but I prefer linear actuators. They are less jerky and stay put whereas pneumatics leak air which isn't good for displaying models. What Lego really need is a sealed hydraulic system. Similar to the maintenance-free CPU coolers from Corsair the pump, lines and cylinders would all be sealed as one unit.
  11. therealjustin

    42030 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

    Yes, around 1/24th scale
  12. therealjustin

    Technic 2014 Discussion and Speculation

    I don't think the delay is because of the movie. LEGO has the ability to make a lot of parts in a short time so something else is going on. My guess is that there is quite a bit of leftover stock from the 1H and 2H 2013 sets. The average consumer that buys Technic has no idea about the new sets unless they see them on stores shelves so they just end up buying what they find, whether they are from 2013 or 2014. LEGO needs to clear the inventory and they do this by leaving existing sets out for a longer period of time.
  13. therealjustin

    42030 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

    The L350F has a green engine:
  14. therealjustin

    42030 - Replica by Dokludi

    I am still amazed at how you do this and in such short time. Looks great so far! Just like with 8265, Lego will use studded beams on the lift booms. This allows bricks to be added to make them appear larger like a real loader.
  15. therealjustin

    Technic 2014 Discussion and Speculation

    I admit that I'm a little disappointed with the loader. The tires look too small(something I did not expect with them coming from the Unimog) and there seems to be a lack of fit and finish with this set. Too much open space and too many compromises to fit the R/C functions. It nearly ruins the looks. My Technic sets spend most of their time looking good on the shelf so for me, 8265 is still number one in terms of design. I don't get the quarry loader feel from 42030 just yet. We need more photos!
  16. therealjustin

    Technic 2014 Discussion and Speculation

    Sad but true. If something cannot be assembled in less than twenty minutes, the majority of Americans don't want it. We just don't seem to appreciate the same things as the rest of the world's population. My collection is nothing but Technic so maybe I was meant to be European We should see photos of the new sets by the end of next week!
  17. therealjustin

    8110 - Unimog - MODs and Improvements

    I have been trying to figure out a way to make the doors open but don't have a clue how to do it. Are they attached with a pin at the bottom?
  18. therealjustin


    I don't think it is. Demand is high right now and Lego probably wanted to fill online orders first. The original design is on the left and 21104 is on the right. The white slope highlighted in pink prevents the arm from folding inward. The arm attachment point on 21104 does not stick out as far(1/3 of a brick) and this also prevents the arm from folding flat. Not a big deal if the set is displayed with the arm extended but why change this to begin with?
  19. therealjustin


    I built this set last night and I must say it is quite awesome! Lots of little details and you can tell 99% of the model was designed by a fellow AFOL. Fantastic set and worth the price. There is however one big problem that Lego seems to have forgotten when redesigning the new "MAHLI" arm. Lego used two connector plates instead of one like Stephen had on the original and now the arm can no longer be folded away. The arm is not attached far enough away from the chassis and the white slope prevents it from sitting flush. I would consider this a major flaw since it is one of Curiosity's main features!
  20. therealjustin

    Technic 2014 Discussion and Speculation

    The loader looks great, from what can be seen. Finally a gigantic loader with a proper quarry-type bucket. There seems to be brighter areas near the top of the cab and down near the front wheels so I wonder if PF lights will be included? It appears that there will be a new Lego app for the iPad that will allow you flip through the instructions. At least that is what I gather from "Try Building Digital". I hope this doesn't mean the end of printed books because one I don't own an iPad and two I would not want to leave it on for hours while I build.
  21. The L motor lifts it fine and with a bit more speed than I thought it would. I always make sure to lift the boom upwards before extending it.
  22. -Extended boom with return cable -Crane superstructure and engine bay enclosed -Redesigned front end -New hook block
  23. therealjustin

    Yellow Technic Parts

    As far as I know, the only parts made in China are the ones that involve any sort of electronics. Actual Lego Technic parts like beams and axles, wheels and tires, etc are made in Europe.
  24. therealjustin

    Technic 2014 Discussion and Speculation

    This is great news! In 2013 we got a large mobile crane and now an R/C wheel loader? Take my money, just take it! It hurts a little seeing as I just bought 8265 for $150US a few months ago but who cares. I still love that set and Markus Kossman did an amazing job with it and now it will have a big brother. The L350F uses 35/65R33 or 875/65R33 tires and they stand around 82 inches tall. The tires used on the 8110 Unimog are 3.7 inches tall which means this set will be pretty close to 1/24 scale which fits nicely with previous construction themed releases like 8043 and 42009. Attachments from the L350F brochure:
  25. therealjustin

    Technic 2014 Discussion and Speculation

    The small bits of information are both exciting and frustrating at the same time Unexpected licensed set with Unimog-style tires... It will surely be a European brand of truck or machine knowing the Lego market, unless it is a 1/6 scale Curiosity rover.