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    Interplanetary Explorer-Conquerors

    Those guys are just to cool! The Color, Shapes and atmosphere are real slick!
  2. Cooper Works

    Valor Hoverbike

    That's just perfect!!
  3. Cooper Works

    "The Queens Hammer"

    Pretty slick alright!
  4. Cooper Works

    JEDI Steampunk training

  5. Cooper Works


    Look forward to seeing this one completed!
  6. Cooper Works


    Look at all that stuff! Love it!
  7. Cooper Works

    Jinx Hoverbike

    Slick....real slick!!!
  8. Cooper Works

    Neo-Classic Microspace Sets

    Yep...those are pretty slick!
  9. Cooper Works

    Hello from the U.S of A!

    Hello everyone from Detroit! Getting back into Lego with my 3.5 year son! Having a great time with all this new tools, new to me that is: Bricklink, SR3D, Brickstore. My interests are WWII and Sci-Fi! BIG plans! I look forward to browsing and share here in Eurobricks!!!!
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    Hehe...I like!
  11. Cooper Works

    GP1 Blackjack

    In prototype stage here at Cooper Works. Awaiting many more parts from Bricklink! WWII Blackjack GP-1 "Ground Pounder" Scout - Light Support Length: 16' Width: 20' Height: 16' Weight: 15 Ton Armement: 9 .30 cal machine guns
  12. Cooper Works

    GP1 Blackjack

    Hey thanks people for the warm welcome! Just getting back into Lego and having a blast! My theme will be WWII Sci-fi. My goal is to keep it real or as real as Lego will allow! TO ask myself, "Could it really work"! I have big plans for Cooper Works so pictures will be limited till I get more brick! It's not just the Mech I have to build, it's a whole theme! Anyway a BIG THANKS again. I forgot how fun Lego was!! And with all these new tools, WOW!! Here a few done in SR3D: