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  1. Cooper Works

    Mechs - Camo and more

    Thanks guys! The CAMO is actually very easy to do! Yes a few modded parts. I use a bunch of Brickarms for detailing, so I decided to try making my own parts, but ONLY for detailing. ( Hatches - Bars and lights ) I just can't achieve the look I want in some VERY specific places. If it helps, I only MOD Lego parts.....hehe!
  2. Cooper Works

    Mechs - Camo and more

    Some new and old mechs of mine, or GP ( Ground Pounders )! Alternative WW2. I've been using my custom stickers and colored vinyl to change my MOCs for a while now. They really do add a level of detail to my MOCs. I like to say they change them into true models! My sticker and Lego color matched vinyl is available on my website. the cooper works GP-1 Blackjack - U.S. Oldest mech with updates an add camo. GM - Jauguer - German Older Mech with updates! R - Warwick - Newest British mech! More detail on Flickr
  3. Cooper Works

    GP-5 Bulldog

    GP-5 Bulldog "Ground Pounder" Build for the WW2 European Theater. Nominated Best Mecha Brickworld 2014 1400+ Bricks 20 Brickarms Legs are chain driven and fully articulated right down to the feet! Interior is full functional with Minifigs and sticker control panels. Exterior has all my stickers
  4. Cooper Works

    2x3 Tiles

    These just might come in handy!
  5. Cooper Works


    It's been awhile since I've posted anything! Because well I've been rather busy! Built this guy for my son. The Bisson. Has working winch and side lift. Plus interior fittings an seats. Of course those are my stickers.
  6. Cooper Works

    The Clone Wars!

    Needed something to take care of a few clones! Hmmmm..this will do! Nothing special...just cool! Here's the video!
  7. Cooper Works

    Sketto Gunship

    Thanks so much guys! It does look a bit punky, but I just love the Star Wars theme and seeing how I can fit some of my mocs into the story line!
  8. Cooper Works

    Sketto Gunship

    DB4 “Sketto” Gunship Quadcopter Concept My motivation behind this thing comes from the many inspiring drawings at the Concept-Ships blog, and the theme itself is an integration of actually three themes: First a foremost the evolution of the Bell H1 Huey, second is Road Warrior and then Star Wars! You may also notice a big influence of other aircraft: Bell 47 Chopper, F9C Sparrowhawk / USS Macon, F-4 Phantom, B-25, 1960’s U.S. Navy paint schemes. Its roll is in Patrol, Defensive, Support, Heavy Lift and Re-Supply. Operations are undertaken in Gas Planet Mining Colonies. No land = no landing gear. Instead it hooks off a large Mother Ship (Airship). Fun Facts -107 Brickarms -1600+ Bricks -32 Feet of Tubing -275 DBG Minifig Hands -Full Cockpit panel decals -Took 3 months to build. -“Sketto” A four winged blood sucking Star Wars creature. Story Line Like the Bell H-1 Huey, the Sketto was designed as a support aircraft that later was modified into a bad megablocks gunship! However the Sketto as a civilian aircraft and didn’t have the military money to back its transformation into a gunship, instead what happen was a collaboration between the Aeten Mining Colonies and the Lantillies Shipyard. It was however the mining colonies necessity to retrofit there DB4’s into gunships that started it all. That’s where the Road Warrior look comes into play. The Star Wars theme comes in with the look and feel of the Minifigs and the interplanetary mining operation. The Aeten II Mining Company specializes in many different types of mineral and gas extraction. They’re particular good at extracting the rare HH3 or (Heavy Hydrogen 3). HH3 is found in the lower levels of some gas planets. Very specialize equipment is designed to hover just above these lower gas levels. Here the HH3 is pumped up throw long hoses into storage tanks onboard the large Aeten Tankers. However this isn’t without it challenges do to its value. Local disputes often arise over whom has the rights to these gas planets, as well as the threat of pirates raiding mining colonies for their extracted HH3. To help combat these threats, the miners came up with a gunship design based off the Lantillies Shipyards DB4 Support Ship. It’s quick, light and maneuverable even in the larger heavier gas planets. Its weapons system is both offensive and defensive capable. Four gun turrets can ward off just about any attack from any direction, while the main cannons can strike a heavy blow to eliminate the threat! Its main deck normally used for resupply can be retro fitted with seats for 8 Aerial Raiders. Raiders can be deployed via the lower hatch crane, two side doors or vertical grappling hook cannon. Specifications: Fuselage length: 10 Bricks Length: 10 Bricks Height: 10 Bricks Weight: Empty 33,226. Gross up to 73,000 pounds Speed: 225 mph Ceiling: 45,000ft above 29.9 SBP “Standard Barometric Pressure” Range: 1,240 nautical miles Power plant: 4 J59e Turboprop’s - HH3 injection system 2 J59b Turbojet / Turboshaft Hybrid - HH3 injection system - Electromagnetic high capacity Crew: Six – Pilot, Reo, 4 Turret Gunners and a Mech Droid Builder: Lantillies Shipyards Armament: 4 Turrets - ABY Twin Laser Bo-Cannons 2 - ABY Single Laser Bo-Cannons 4 ABY J7 Heavy Laser Cannon 2 ADC500 500lbs “Blockbuster” (Atmospheric Depth Charges) 28 BR-9X 60lbs “Shrike” Short Range Heat Seeking Missile (4 Pods) 4 BR-56x 150lbs “Rampage” Medium Range Radar guided Missile
  9. Cooper Works

    Moc Maverick

    One thing inspired this guy....I only had so much track to work with!! ARMY OF ONE! “The Maverick” One Engine – One Track – One Blaster – One Pilot - One Eye – One Mission - One Bad Attitude. Brickarms: Total 100 48 - U-Clips 12 - Ammo Clips 6- M1919 Ammo Cans 2 - PPSH Ammo Cans 1 - Panzerfaust 8 - M6 Rockets 6 - M1911 Pistols 2 - M1 Garand 8 - SMLE Rifles 1 – XRG 1 – XM7s 1 – M84 Stun Grenade 2 - Ushanka 1 – BA Stahlelm 1 – Monopod NOTE ALL BRICKARMS COUNTED ARE ON THE VEHICLE. ANY BRICKARMS IN DIORAMA DO NOT APPLY! This is Sid..…the Cyclops. He’s a bit of a nomad with one little problem. Living near the Jundland Wastes on the planet Tatooine, the Sand People often raid his little piece of solitude. Fed up and angry, he needed to deal with this problem! He needed a vehicle that he could patrol and defend his land with. Knowing he’d be out numbered at every turn, he knew he needed something fast and had a big gun, and so the “Maverick” was born. At speed up to 120mph he has no problem patrolling vast areas around his camp. Once a gaggle of Tusken Raiders were spotted, he can sneak up on them fast. And if they turn hostel he open fire with he’s Vortex Plasma Blaster. With its wide path of energy could take out a number of raiders. Then speed away before any remaining raiders can return fire. Armament: One - XRG One - Vortex Plasma Blaster One - Rocket Launcher (8 M6 rockets) Engine: One one cylinder electromadnetic generator 1300kilawatts More at my flickr.
  10. Cooper Works

    Black Ops

    What to do with the four Chrome M1919's I won! Oh fun shooting black bricks!
  11. Here's a clever decal tool to get you decals on perfectly. It can be adapted for just about any brick. This ones for tiles. I have another one for bricks and torso's. I'll post these soon! More information here:
  12. Cooper Works

    Ore processing ship "Rekavaki"

    So much to look at and mess with! Well done!
  13. Cooper Works

    [MOC] Imp-Class Imperial Walker

    I like! The legs and feet are slick!
  14. Cooper Works

    GP-2 Hellfire

    Hey thanks everyone! Good times working on these guys!
  15. Cooper Works

    GP-2 Hellfire

    Cooper Works, the second in a series of Mech’s, or as I call them, GP’s “Ground Pounders”. Again the theme is based in WW2 and rooted out of Detroit Michigan! GP-2 or “Hellfire” was developed for the Pacific Theater, where the hidden enemy is playing havoc on our troops. Its design is to root out the enemy from there bunkers and underground networks. Its main weapon however, is not its Flame Thrower or 20mm Cannon, not even the four .30 cal machine guns, but rather pure intimidation! Taking the will to fight out of the enemy! Seeing this guy come over a ridge will send a clear message. “You’re next and there is nothing you can do about it” Designed in SR3D / Bricks = 485 / Brickarms = 4 9/.03 MACHINE GUNS Light Walker GP-2 “HELLFIRE” Built by Jeff Churill “AKA Cooper Works” Prepared under the direction of The chief of ordinance (With the cooperation of the Cooper Works Company Detroit, MI) Description The light GP-2 “Ground Powder” is an armored walker vehicle, designed for bunker busting and light support. It’s powered by twin 163hp Jeep 4 cylinder supercharged engines, liquid cooled, straight head side valve type engines. The engines are located in two separate nacelles below the main chase, which power two separate LHS (Leg Hydraulic System), one for each leg. The pilot operates the vehicle with two levers, much like a typical tank would operate. The main chase has 2.5 inch front and 1.0 inch side armor. Its mission is to penetrate and destroy fortified bunkers by using its 20mm cannon at long range to soften the bunker. Then move in and use its flame thrower to penetrate and eliminate the threat. However its main weapon is intimidation, to take the will to fight out of the enemy. Crew One crew member is position high atop the main chase. Armament The main chases primary weapon is a 200 gallon Flame Thrower, with a range of 100 yards. Secondary weapon is a 20mm Cannon. Backup weapons are four .30 cal machine Guns. Tabulated Data General Weight……………………………………31,250 Width……………………………………..12-ft Length……………………………….…..15-ft Height…………………………….……..24-ft Engines¬ 2 Jeep 2.2L Engines (Supercharged) Rated horsepower………………….163 hp at 2800 rpm Number of cylinders……………….. 4 cyl, side valves Weight of engine…………………….510 lb (1020 lb total) Armament 1 flame thrower (pivot mount), 200 gallon napalm tank 1 cannon, machine, 20mm, M1919A4 (pivot mount) 4 gun, machine, cal. .30, M1919A4 ( chase hard mount) Brickarms Armor 2.5 inch front, 1.0 inch side armor on the main chase. Napalm Tank equipped with self sealing rubber blather and filled with nitrogen to reduce the risk of fire if hit. Cockpit is also filled with nitrogen during combat to reduce the risk of fire if hit. Cockpit ballet proof windows are 2 inches thick. Performance Maximum sustained speed on hard road…..…….40 mph Cross-country speeds for various terrains…..…..5 to 40 mph Maximum leap over ditch…………………….………..…15-ft Maximum step over vertical objects…….………….10-ft Maximum grade……………………………………………….25-deg Maximum water depth…………………………………….15-ft [A. G. 062.11 (5-14-51) BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR: G. C. MARSHALL Chief of Staff. Official: J.A. Ulio, Major General, The Adjutant General. Yep the JAWS are a CUSTOM DECAL GETTING READY FOR COMBAT! ON THE HUNT! WINDOWS ARE CUSTOM DECALS AS WELL CUSTOM DECALS TO BE AVIALABLE SOON!