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    [MOC] M-Tron Mine

    Some photos of the M-Tron mining base I made for the Yorkshire Brick Show 2014 at the National Coal Mining Museum for England (hence the mining theme). There are quite a few, hope you enjoy them! Early in the morning, the M-Tron miners arrive by monorail from their homes in the mountains: First job of the day involves scanning the ground for signs of ore deposits: It can get pretty tiring: But the canteen is always open if they need to refuel: After a snack, they descend into the mines and begin to fill the special containers with the ore they extract from the rocks: The containers are loaded onto trains to be taken to surface. But things don't always go to plan: The ore-filled containers are hauled to the surface by monorail: Then lifted up to the roof and loaded onto the ship which is being refuelled before it flies to the processing plant: M-Tron aren't the only faction at the mine. Maybe you've already spotted some Blacktron spies up to no good? The Space Police are present to thwart their evil schemes: One of the Blacktron spies is prepared to use... unconventional... methods to infiltrate the mine: The Space Police could be doing a better job: A Futuron research team is also in the mine, investigating signs of ancient alien life uncovered by the miners: Meanwhile, deep underground, the miners have uncovered some more recent signs of life: Thanks for looking! There are more pics on Flickr, plus videos of the monorails in action!
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    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Haha, I guess I'll be buying that set!
  3. Big Sal

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Hi to anyone who's still following this topic! I'm not going to be involved in AG2 as staff, but I've been helping out a bit with the setup this morning after what seems like a long time away and it reminded me of how much fun AG1 was, and that I never posted a goodbye when it ended! So just wanted to say thank you to everyone who played or contributed to AG1 - I had a really great time with you all! Your builds and feedback pushed me to improve my skills far more than I would have otherwise, so thank you all very much! I don't have much time for building currently, and I'm not sure I'll be able to participate much in AG2. But Sal and Chief Accountant Long will definitely be back one day
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    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Sorry for the delay in scoring this week - it was my fault!
  5. Big Sal

    AG - Rules and FAQ

    Hi Crabster! 1. No! 2. Yes! 3. That's too many questions, you're banned! There won't be any banning from AG for honest mistakes Feel free to ask about anything you're not sure of EDIT: Kodan is banned for posting before me
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    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Sorry everything was late again - I've posted the week 72 scores and the week 73 scores should be posted soon. Note that the map now shows the week 74 fleet positions, but usually we wait until the previous week's scores are done before updating the map with the scores and fleet movements all at one. Bob almost always posts the current fleet positions in this thread on Monday, so please remember to check here for fleet positions before planning/posting your builds for the week.
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    [M - G05] Fugitives Pt 3

    Location: G05 Jen's Star Tags: Spying, Military building Previously... ...and back in those days you really knew everyone. I mean, you'd never get this situation here where I'm walking two people I've never seen before to the weapons tower. I mean, for all I know, you could be MANTIS spies. Err... Yeah, those were the days. Back when Octan really was the friendly corporation. I'm talking about before we came to this galaxy. What was wrong with the old galaxy, that's what I'd like to know. I don't hold with this GATE travel nonsense. Don't understand how it works. Don't want to know either. What was I talking about? Um... Oh yes, the old days. Yeah, it was much better back then. I'm talking about before we bought Explorien. Why are you wearing that shirt anyway, young lady? It's quite strange behaviour. Yes, it is strange. The sort of thing that attracts attention, as I keep telling her. And I told you that I'm not going to wear anything with an Octan logo on it. I'd rather stick a catcus up my- What's that? Speak up! That's the trouble with young people these days, always muttering and wearing 'retro' clothes. If you ask me, it was much better in the old days. Anyway, here we are. Oh boy, that is a big gun. Yes, that will do nicely. What's that? Of course, we didn't need all this weaponry back in my day. People respected each other back then. I'm talking about before all that business with Blacktron- Wait, how old are- Don't interrupt me, young man. That's the trouble with you young people, you're always in such a hurry. Well, now that you mention it, we are in a bit of a hurry, so if you could just give us the access codes and be on your way... Yes, yes, hold on. You know, those youngsters back at base treat me like some old relic, but whenever the navigation systems go down it's always me who has to go on the long walks to the outposts. Those whippersnappers couldn't find their ways out of a paper bag. It is odd how often the navigation systems go down though... I seem to end up spending a lot of time walking out here on my own. Yeah, I wonder why... I guess technology just isn't as reliable as it was in my day. I'm talking about before we left the solar system. Oh, come on! There's no way you're- Listen old man, are you going to give us those codes or what? Alright, alright. Now there's a droid on the roof you'll have to work with... Oh, don't worry, she's great with robots. Now I just have to find which pocket I put the codes in... I'm not supposed to write them down, but my memory isn't what it used to be. Back in the old days I had the best memory around. I'm talking about before we- Oh, that does it! I'm starting to think I should have taken my chances with S.P.I.D.E.R... Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! Photography was a bit rushed, but oh well. There's a close up of the roof in the spoiler.
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    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Really behind, sorry! Just posted them Fleet positions don't seem to be changing on the map though, so it seems I've probably broken the internet again
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    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Bob forgot to mention that the bonus for building on the homeworlds has been removed also.
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    AG - M.A.N.T.I.S. Training Camp

    All my credits to StarHawk3 please
  11. Note: the TV studio is from a previous build, and shouldn't be judged. Hello everyone, and welcome back to OSPN, your completely impartial source of news from the Olympics. I'm Joan Hapley, and you're joining us for the exciting final of the mixed doubles lawn tennis between Octan and MANTIS. With me are former galactic lawn tennis champion John McMurray... Hi Joan! ...and the head of Alpha Centauri University's History of Sport Department, Professor Alfred Perry. Afternoon Joan. Now, looking at the live feed from the court it seems the players are still warming up, so John, for those tuning in who aren't familiar with the game, perhaps you could give us a quick introduction? Sure thing Joan. May I say first how lovely you're looking today? Aw, thanks John! Now, lawn tennis is an ancient sport from Earth which we still play by the original rules. In Old Earthish, 'lawn' was a word which roughly translates as 'lethal wall of fire'. Generally speaking, the aim of the game is to hit the ball through the wall of fire in the middle of the court and set the opposing team on fire. How exciting! Now, Professor Perry, apparently there's some controversy about whether the rules we play by today really are the original rules? That's right Joan. For example, we know for sure that tennis was first invented by King Henry VIII of America way back in the 18th century. However, my research indicates that the game might have been played on grass courts and- That is completely ludicrous! This is a game in which the ball is usually on fire! A grass court would immediately go up in flames! Well, the thing is- Joan, I don't know how clear it is to those watching at home, but here in the studio it's very obvious that the Professor is an enormous nerd. I can confirm that's correct. Hey- And we all know nerds don't know anything about sports. Especially "Professors" of "History" of "Sport". That doesn't make any- That seems to be a compelling point John, but I'm hearing that the match is about to start, so let's go live to courtside. But- It looks like Octan have won the toss and have chosen to serve first. A good choice: Ms Walliams has a powerful serve that regularly A.C.E.s her opponents. A.C.E. is a term from the original rules, standing for 'Absolutely Combust Entirely'. Actually- Oh! It seems there's an altercation on the court. No doubt the MANTIS team is causing trouble. Octan's players, of course, are known for their strict sense of fair play. We'll take this opportunity to go to a commercial break, while the umpire hopefully disqualifies the MANTIS team. Stay tuned in to OSPN, your completely impartial source of news from the Olympics. Thanks for reading! Not a very involved build, but it looks like I'll be super busy next week so I wanted to at least get something up now. I may expand it if I have time. C&C welcome!
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    [M - G07] Fugitives Pt 2

    Location: G07 Hennigan II Tags: Land vehicle, spying Previously... Just admit it, you're lost. I'm not lost! I'm just not exactly sure where we are, or where the Octan outpost is. But the woods seem to end over there, so let's head that way. Ah hah! Told you! That's a guy in a mech, not an outpost. Yeah, but I'm the master of natural charm and quick wits. I bet I can smooth talk him into telling us where the outpost is. And then we can download those maps we need. Follow my lead... Greetings fellow employee! Ssssshhhhhhhhhhhh! Can't you see I'm catching butterflies?! Oh... yeah... obviously. Errr.... why? I'm after the rare black-bodied orange-wing! It only emerges from deep in the woods for a few days each autumn! That doesn't really answer my question... But anyway, we're just a couple of Octan workers who have lost our way - could you point us in the direction of the top-secret outpost? What am I, stupid? You're quite obviously M.A.N.T.I.S. spies! Every Octan employee on Hennigan II knows how important catching the rare black-bodied orange-wing is! Listen you- Uh, Long? There's something on your head... Oh wow! It's the rare body orange... black... thing! That you were talking about! Don't be an idiot. If a real rare black-bodied orange-wing was on your head, you'd know about it. Trust me. No, I think this really is one! Maybe it's like a baby or whatever! Ugh, fine, I'll have a look, just to shut you up. Now Long! Get him! What the- So much for smooth talk. Hey, it worked didn't it? And now we have an Octan disguise AND a mech. And sorry guy, but unless you want a real beating from Long here, you'd better tell us where the outpost is. sniff... fine, it's due north, about ten minutes in the mech. You M.A.N.T.I.S. folk really are mean and nasty. Yeah, yeah. Say, what's that noise? Butterflies! We need to run! Ooh no, I'm sooo scared of some butterflies! Er, Sal? I think he might be right... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! A rare black-bodied orange-wing! I'm starting to think I should have taken my chances with S.P.I.D.E.R... Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! Those with long memories may recognise this as an homage to shmails' awesome build from week 2, where he came up with the great design for the giant butterflies. More pics in the spoiler.
  13. Big Sal

    [M - G07] Fugitives Pt 2

    Thanks for the kind words everyone You're right that stealing the mech would count as piracy, but since MANTIS/I don't get any bonuses for piracy, I didn't bother to tag it with that. It's a spying build because they're gathering information, in this case the location of the top-secret Octan outpost.
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    [M-B06] Sky Sabre

    I have to add even more praise for the cockpit! The shaping and greebled underside is also great
  15. Big Sal

    [O-H04] The Pantsuit

    Nice choice swapping out the traditional Octan red for pink! I think I'd like to see an official Friends Octan set that did the same thing, just for the outrage it would probably cause Great use of the doors on the back and feet too!
  16. Big Sal

    [M - G02] Fugitives Pt 1

    Location: G02 Freegate Tags: Land vehicle, spying Note to judges: The spaceship is from a previous build and shouldn't be judged Previously... Somewhere in M.A.N.T.I.S. deep space: ... a bounty on the both of them. 20 credits alive and 50 credits dead. The spy will insist that he is the real Big Sal. Don't believe him no matter how convincing he is. Remember shoot first and don't ask questions! Goodnight..... Only 50 credits?! That's just insulting. Nevertheless, we can't stay in M.A.N.T.I.S. space. Someone will catch us eventually. Yeah... I have some... contacts... in Octan. Maybe we should hide out in their territory until we figure something out. Ok, but I need to be able to contact my people in M.A.N.T.I.S., assuming they're still loyal. I know of a remote Octan radar station on Freegate. If we can hack it, we should be able to bounce our comms through it and stay in contact with MANTIS space wherever we are in Octan space. That would be a good idea... if the M.A.N.T.I.S. fleet weren't currently in orbit around Freegate. Relax Long! I told you, this ship is theoretically completely undetectable! We'll fly right past them! I can't believe that worked. I told you! Completely undetectable! If that's true, why didn't we land next to the radar instead of at the bottom of the mountain? Err... never hurts to be careful... So you decided it was safer for us to freeze to death riding the world's slowest lift to the top instead? Much safer! There's far less chance of anyone detecting us this way. I mean, it's not as if this dumb robot is going to tell anyone about us, right? ... ... ... I feel like that was unnecessary... Finally! That took forever. It's getting dark already. Well, how was I supposed to know it had legs?! I thought it would just be at the top of the lift! There, I've attached our comms device and hacked it into their systems. At last. I hope you know how to make the lift work without that robot... Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! More pics in the spoiler.
  17. Big Sal

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Welcome Henjin! I love that display base!
  18. Big Sal

    [O - H04] Nevermind

    I guess this is an exploring robot, but I prefer to believe it's designed to headbutt its way out of danger
  19. Big Sal

    [K-C10] Godos 1

    Great to have you back robuko! I've missed your awesomely unique builds!
  20. Big Sal

    [K - E11] The Puffin

    Haha, I love the Egg-Bot! The ship is great too - I like how the cockpit and nose design almost gives it a face!
  21. Big Sal

    [O - H03] There's Oil in These Hills!

    Very nice - I like the plants, and really NPU on the probe - it looks great! I might even steal the design in future, if that's OK? The landscaping is really nice on the right side, but I'm not sure about the abrupt change in height from the tan bricks to the dark tan plates. It works around the water, but some cheese slopes or extra plates in the rest of it might have made it look a bit more natural?
  22. Big Sal

    [K-A06] Turbulence pt. 2

    I agree with all of this, especially about looking the story and characters I don't know if you forgot to put a tile at the top of the build above the window or if it was intentional, but I think it would definitely look better if the whole row of studs was tiled. Flickr says you used your phone for the photos and I don't know what capabilities it has, but if it has a timer function, you might want to consider making yourself a stand out of Lego and using the timer to reduce the blur in some of the photos. Alternatively, keep retaking them until you get one that isn't blurred, if you have the time
  23. Big Sal

    [M - E01] The Engineer

    Another amazing build! I like the wall of the bay in particular I always find it tricky to get the right amount of red and green in Octan builds - I think there's maybe a little too much here, but that may just be my personal taste and/or how well your photography makes the colours pop. I'm also very jealous of the green booster piece! Didn't even realise you could get it in that colour!
  24. That new guy 'Bob'... he seems like a very handsome and talented character I really like all the exterior and interior detail of that building, and the lighting is great! If I had to make a suggestion, perhaps you could add a bit more texture to the ground next time - a few 1x1 plates at various angles maybe, just to make it a bit more interesting?
  25. Big Sal

    [K-E11] Back from the field

    I like that you used a 2x2 round plate rather than a tile at the back - the studs give it a bit of extra texture