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  1. This truck is very well built, with the huge crane it is even better. In the video I saw a really nice trailer with steered axles, is it also yours and will there be instructions for that trailer?
  2. Hi Hanso, I have looked online and found Bricktopia, they have an event 15/16 october in Heythuysen (not far from Eindhoven) and on 10/11 december in Geleen (within an hour from Eindhoven). Or are you looking for events in 2023.
  3. I think TBD is To Be Determined but I am nor sure, and english is not my own language so I could be wrong
  4. The 5510 had a small update, there was an extra loose page in the instruction booklet with a small change in the instructions.
  5. Today I bought the 42124 for €62 including shipping within the Netherlands. With box and instructions and spare parts
  6. I bought the Mack Anthem truck from set 42078 for €50. Only the truck and the green parts and wheels from the trailer. With a 3rd party lighting device. I don't like the original trailer and already built some MOC trailers.
  7. Sorry, didn't see that. Was amazed by the price. I am checking the site right now and it is the only set you can't order.
  8. www.2ttoys.nl selling 42113 with discount, from €129,99 for €116,99. That is a bargain, I have seen it for €500 or much more.
  9. I knew they are interchangeable but I haven't seen any reds, untill now. I do have a lot in yellow;)
  10. I have never seen those springs in red, can 't find them on brickset either. Very nice built also
  11. Yesterday I was in a Dutch Toychamp shop. There was a cardboard Lego display, on the side there were pictures of 2 kids and some legobuilts, one caught my attention. It looked like a body of the 42099 with yellow spider legs. I couldn't make more of it cause the picture was not clear. I have looked on Google but can 't find anything about it, not even the same pictures as on the display. Has anyone seen or (even better) built it.
  12. I will receive it probably tomorrow, 42099 for € 115,- and then rebuilt it in the Ultimate version by Efferman I have bought a pile of parts and there was a 99% complete 8466 in it.
  13. Sorry then, mostly I use brickset for such searches/inventories. I didn't know that rebrickable was more accurate.
  14. My wife bought set 75979 Hedwig, for herself and in that set I found technic parts in a new or unusual colour; 18654 beam 1x1 and 63869 cross block 3x2 in reddish Brown 42786 cross block 3M in white, according to brickset it unique for this set For our son we bought set 42102 and in there also 2 recolours 43857 beam 2 in lime 44864 lever 5m In red
  15. @pluisjeI haven't got new ones yet, but they are sent to me. The lady at customer service told me, that if there are more people with this complaint, the sooner it will change. So please call them if necessary. I saw the same issue in Sariels review of the Lamborghini Sian, but of course in green