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  1. 4WD

    Which set should I buy?

    I own neither of these, but opinions seem to vary on both. I've read on Brickset and elsewhere that there is no steering system for The Tumbler and that it is also delicate. That makes both of these basically stationary models, as expected. That said, I find The Tumbler to be a unique and beautiful model. Its looks have people divided but I find it more interesting than the Town Hall. Even with the higher piece count it still looks plain IMO. There are some who don't bother with piece count anyway. So I'd say Tumbler over Town Hall. How about Tumbler or Orthanc?
  2. Thanks guys. I will try and pick one up soon. I haven't been to a LEGO store in a while, hopefully they still have them in stock (I noticed some exclusives get pushed to online only to save shelf space).
  3. I'm just curious, does anyone knew when the Tower of Orthanc will be retired? I fear it will be phased out when the BOFA sets are released, and I'd really like to get my hands on one.
  4. I really love picture reviews because you get some really beautiful, detailed images of the set you want. The only disadvantage is getting the angle you want of each set, but even in videos that is troublesome. Plus you can always ask and (hopefully) get the picture you've been craving!
  5. 4WD

    What are you listening to?

    Nicola Lerra - The New Era, from the end of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 final trailer.
  6. 4WD

    What did you buy today?

    The Spider-Trike vs. Electro set. I actually think Electro's lighting base is pretty neat, it's like he's ascending in all his glory (and believe me, the figure is pretty glorious). The rest can go.
  7. 4WD

    Your '2buy' list of 2014

    I'd like to grab an Ultimate Collectors Series B-Wing and a Parisian Restaurant.
  8. I recently bought the UCS Red-Five X-Wing Starfighter and I was looking for a decently priced companion piece. I've been very drawn to the B-Wing, but I'd like to see them together on display in a clear picture before I buy them. Can anyone help me out?
  9. If reading supportive hobby advice and C.S. Lewis quotes could stop all world insecurity, Eurobricks would be dishing out the cure. I'm glad things worked out for you LukeWarmTea.
  10. I started at the exact same place with Town and Arctic. Funnily enough, I was obsessed with trains more than anything at that age. I found The Clone Wars was hit and miss (especially involving the 'force family' on Mortis that you mentioned). One story choice that I REALLY didn't get was the romantic relationship between Satele Shan and Jace Malcolm in The Old Republic. It surprised me, but I wasn't in total shock - I'm sure there have been worse oddities in the Expanded Universe. Still, the LEGO subtheme spawned four sets, two of which were well-detailed spacecraft, so I'm not complaining on that front. I generally build LEGO Star Wars for the cool ships and locales instead of the story, but there'd be nostalgia for me too if it stopped. I've followed the theme for 14 years, and whether we have official sets or not I don't think I would ever stop making starships, at the very least.
  11. I was five when LEGO Star Wars started, and that's actually what got me into the movies (and a few of the games). If LEGO Star Wars came to a grinding halt I would be incredibly shocked, but I would find it easier to move on than others; mainly because much as I love it, there are so many other ways to get a 'Star Wars fix' these days. Episode VII. The Old Republic. Soon, we'll have the new Star Wars: Battlefront game and the Rebels TV Show. It's almost tiring. I would miss LEGO Star Wars mainly because I love building space ships, not because I would miss Star Wars. I know that those who grew up with Star Wars in the eighties would feel differently, which I can respect. I think that whichever of the two (LEGO or Star Wars) grabs you first is what will never let go. Great topic, by the way.
  12. 4WD

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    kinggregus, While I can't say for sure, I'd think the Pet Shop would be a good height and look for the Parisian Restaurant. If you check out MetroiD's recent (and fantastic) review, he has some pictures up of the two modulars connected. You mentioned that you were disappointed with the last two modulars, but I particularly like the look of the Palace Cinema and I was wondering how it'd look next to the Parisian Restaurant. I know it's a heavy request, but I'd be forever grateful if you posted a picture of the two attached.
  13. 4WD

    What are you listening to?

    That sounds awesome. I mean, I'll probably stick with John Williams, but a pretty cool find nonetheless. I'm still on the soundtrack bug, with no signs of stopping. I've been listening to Rayman Legends' soundtrack, which is fantastic in every way.
  14. Hush. He's in both of the LEGO Batman games, and he'd be a relatively easy figure to make. It would be cool to see him with the Lone Ranger pistols.
  15. 4WD

    Christmas 2013 Wish List

    I'd like the Lake-town Chase from the Hobbit line for the 25th, but post-Christmas I'll be aiming for Orthanc.