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  1. juzo

    REVIEW: 10245 Santa's Workshop

    Great job reviewing this. looks pretty good to me. I missed the toy store and post office in this series but will pick them up at some stage used. This should be a great addition.
  2. juzo

    What to do when an Era ends?

    I have a good back up of stock for both my 9 volt and PF trains. Regardless of whether it's going to be replaced by something new or not, you can never have too many spares!
  3. I do the same. Will be doing away with the switch soon and opening up one of the motors to alter the polarity so it runs in the same direction without the switch.
  4. Already been said. I have several long freight trains. My Maersk with 2 motors can pull 2 engines and 6 flatbeds ok. Same with my 7939 cargo, it can pull up to 8 cars but i have 5 octans on that which are pretty light. I haven't ran my 9 volt stuff yet to test so will be interesting to see how it goes. BNSF with 5 double stacks and santa fe with 6 passenger cars, someone here may know on those.
  5. juzo

    Modulars - how many of each do you have?

    3 fire brigades, 5 grand emporiums, 3 pet shops, 2 palace cinemas, 1 town hall, 1 green grocer, 1 cafe corner, 1 parisian
  6. Guy in hong kong has these on bricklink, i bought 3 recently off him, great to deal with. Worked out roughly about $240 each at my door
  7. juzo

    Review: 4999 Vestas Power Plant promo set

    I ended up finding a new and sealed one of these within an hours drive of my house! A Vestas employee who doesn't collect lego decided to sell it to clear a bit of room in his shed. (Yes you heard me, his shed!) I was suprised when i made the trek to discover it was in pristine condition so i snapped it up. His mate who worked on the same local project and lives in the same area also has one which he opened is also looking to sell so i'm in the process of grabbing his as well. Given i'm halfway through bricklinking one looks like i'll go from having none to 3 in a short space of time! :)
  8. juzo

    Your LEGO regrets

    Pretty much missing out on the following 10182, 10196, 10185. I've since built a carousel and i'm working on the other two as we speak. I think everyone regrets selling their childhood collection. Having kids now it would be awesome to see them getting the same enjoyment out of them that i did.
  9. juzo

    Boxes - do you keep them?

    I keep them, simply because the collector in me doesn't want to throw them out. Storage is starting to become an issue so i'll have to start the flattening process soon, have been putting it off.
  10. juzo

    Where to find cheaper LEGO City roadplates?

    $15 for a standard 2 pack here in oz. Even the 626 green baseplate is $10! Target had them at 20% off recently and at their already cheaper price it bought them down to $6.75 each. I bought the lot, around 15 from memory.
  11. Ordered the sandcrawler, can't wait for it to show up!
  12. juzo

    10244 Fairground Mixer

    Love it! This will go well with my carousel and ferris wheel. Liking the truck, lots of room for mods on that one. Will be getting this along with the sandcrawler, my wallet hates me!
  13. juzo

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    They're both great, so there's no wrong decision. I'd probably go the TH first but that's just me.
  14. juzo

    MOC: Roller coaster

    That's really cool, nice job!
  15. juzo

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    The last of us. Just started playing the hardest setting and dying heaps once i leave the boston QZ!