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  1. Uthered

    LEGO Monster Fighters on Clearance

    I was able to pick up 9463 Werwolf for $13.. not a super savings but it $6 off is pretty good :) Love some clearance LEGO!
  2. Uthered

    Bury that junk!

    Haha I love it!
  3. I like it! good scene. also batman is a nice touch.. :)
  4. Uthered

    (LCC)[Moc] The Mission of a Lifetime

    Great job Mark! Fun read, great pictures, nice MOC all around. Looking forward to what happens next! ;)
  5. Uthered

    2013 Lone Ranger Sets

    Well I picked up the Calvary builder and the stagecoach a couple days ago. I am delighted with the pieces in both sets. However, one of my Calvary soldiers face decal was missing. just curious if anyone else had run into this?
  6. Uthered

    [LotR] Smaug attacking Laketown

    I really like the rough boards of the dock area! Good work!
  7. Uthered

    Saloon Preview

    looks awesome dude!! cant wait to see it all!
  8. Uthered

    Watch tower of the northern woods

    Well they are on the first floor but there is not a finished interior there.
  9. Uthered

    Watch tower of the northern woods

    Hey thanks for the kind feedback everyone. I have to agree with you LegoDr that the trees are a bit close for functionality. haha and Mark of Falworth the shutters were definitely inspired be Derfel Cardan, they were one of the most fun parts of the build.
  10. In the North woods of Uthered's lands there has often been trouble with orcs and other creatures of a nasty disposition.So the lord Uthered set out to build a watch tower to strengthen the area and gain a better foothold in the area. Enjoy! DSCN0592 by Uthered, on Flickr http://www.flickr.co...s/lord_uthered/
  11. Uthered

    Robbers' Cave

    Dude- looks great man. good work.
  12. Uthered

    (MOC) Isengard underground

    I like the orcs pulling down the tree.. good work.
  13. Uthered

    Uthered"s Troop

    Hello All- I am pretty new on here, but I have browsed and been inspired by others here on this page for quite some time. So to introduce myself I would like to share my Napoleonic Age army. I really enjoy history, and lego gives me that opportunity to relive it in my own way. The army is loosely based on the armies of the napoleon's time but, it is of course, my own version. I hope to build an MOC using them before long. So without further rambling I present Uthered's troop: The Regulars by Uthered, on Flickr Please enjoy more photos on my flickr: http://www.flickr.co...s/lord_uthered/ I hope you enjoy!
  14. Uthered

    PROJECT: Marlinspike Hall

    Man, I am digging your Minifigs... they are right on. keep it up!
  15. Uthered

    Big medieval landscape: BIG UPDATE on page 26

    So Impressive! I have to say mayday that your building is very inspirational!..... must go build...