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  1. Here is my very first set of customized set: the Samurai Terminator The captain Samurai Terminator - Captain Silver Dragon by Tuminio, on Flickr No.1 Draco Phoenix Samurai Terminator - No.1 Draco Phoenix by Tuminio, on Flickr No.2 Ivy Fox Samurai Terminator - No.2 Ivy Fox by Tuminio, on Flickr No.3 Macro Unicorn Samurai Terminator - No.3 Macro Unicorn by Tuminio, on Flickr No.4 Rocky Tiger Samurai Terminator - No.4 Rocky Tiger by Tuminio, on Flickr No.5 Snowy Geisha Samurai Terminator - Captain's bitch snowy geisha by Tuminio, on Flickr The whole team Samurai Terminator Squad by Tuminio, on Flickr You got Flickr account and you like this set, come, take a look and leave some comment. Hope you guys enjoy!
  2. The ammo chain always is out of stock, need to get it now 3<
  3. Tuminio

    BrickWarriors - Tan Release

    Just ordered already x!
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    Monochrome Minifigures

    So colorful, very nice! love it
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    Decal Wish List

    I would like to have the trench coat template and decal
  6. My name is Minh, Im vietnamese, 22 year-old, currently working for HSBC branch in Birmingham. I do not play Lego, but I create the art from Lego minifigure, in other word, I'm minifigure customizer and I am new also, I have found this hobby since last 2 months and just recently found this forum. Here is the link to my flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/tuminio/ Nice to meet you guys, and hope so I can involve deeply in the society. -Minh Pham-