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  1. I want to order some parts off Bricklink, and I'm looking to make an independent suspension, driven, steering axle. Which parts would I use for an axle like that? I'd probably use a servo motor for steering, and I'd prefer as small as possible. Thanks!
  2. I haven't been on here in years but saw the video on Youtube! This is an incredible project, well done Sariel!
  3. I'm on my normal laptop, and I can say the site is pretty slow for me too. Definitely not the laptop's fault.
  4. Is it possible to build this transmission using the older driving rings? It looks like the newer ones are longer.
  5. I think I got it then. A One:1?
  6. Do I see right the front two RC motors actually turn with the wheels? Takes a massive build to accommodate that sort of steering.
  7. pluto7443

    Favorite Bionicle (or any constraction figure) Titan?

    Just go on Bricklink. Here's Toa Mata Nui: Axalara T9: and '08 Takanuva:
  8. pluto7443

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Those are marked confidential...I'm not sure if they can be linked here or not?
  9. pluto7443

    Favorite Bionicle (or any constraction figure) Titan?

    I think mine would have to be Icarax, probably tied with Hydraxon. They both look pretty awesome, and when you consider even Teridax was pretty hesitant to face Icarax in open combat? That's saying something. As for Vehicles, I got both the Axalara T9 and Skopio XV-1. I loved them both
  10. pluto7443

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    If it ends up a reboot, at least we could consider it an alternate universe perhaps
  11. pluto7443

    Favorite Bionicle character

    Favourite of all, probably Lewa, though Kopaka is a close second. Icarax is also up there
  12. I know the Lego outlet near me has a racetrack like this. Problem is, there are/were two pullback motors in the parts bins. anyone with those easily won. Also, for distance, it seems the best design has always been just a single wheel.
  13. pluto7443

    Brick related pick up lines?

    This is an officially awesome thread. Now just to come up with one... Nope. Nada.
  14. pluto7443

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Could I have a quick definition of CCBS?
  15. I have a stand that I used for my old BB Playbook, and now my 2nd gen Nexus 7. I might have to make another to put it on top of my monitor...Hmmm...