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  1. Now i done trailer truck of two set 8868 and one 8880 lego models. Already build 8868 model i take of crane part with pneumatic,then real build begin. I add truck example V8 engine,double rearwheels,sleeping space,steering wheel connect chain to front wheels to turn and other litle thing. Now trailer... Trailer i do roughly in my own head. Only drivingbridges i copy from 8872 model. Drivingbridges and stay still foot work on pneumatic,when hoses is connect pump system in truck. I bought this 8851 digger on net. I only add it red seat. I thing it look awsome in this trailer! Last is extra picture with some big on trailer
  2. Looking good! Can't wait finish model.
  3. My first lego building in here and first ever with pneumatick help. I just look pictures from Cat D9T/N and i make it. Most of pieces from 850 and 8868. Track is from 8047 and 9391. More picture and action video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XViusneiC2c&list=UUmoWPsDRj3qKj2lNAl5Rk1A&index=1&feature=plcp