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  1. stevkir

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    The idea to try and place this set side by side with the modular buildings will not work, you will need to give the fair structures their own space. Yes, this does require something like a supper table for 6-8 people to set it up with the modulars but it is very much doable if you have the space for one.
  2. stevkir

    Review: 31036 Creator Toy and Grocery Shop 3-in-1

    Thanks for your reply. I was just wondering how it would have looked as a street vendor for the modulars, if the scale would look good or not.
  3. stevkir

    Review: 31036 Creator Toy and Grocery Shop 3-in-1

    Any chance you have a picture of the News Stand next to the Detectives Office building as I would love to see the scaling for that?
  4. stevkir

    MOC - Carripana - Old Truck

    Really cool. I like it!!
  5. stevkir

    MOC: Asian Fusion Bistro (Modular Building)

    Not particularly impressed with the color choice of the outside but once you put it with the other 2 you have it pops in a whole new way and I love it. I am a HUGE architecture buff and there are buildings out there that do need others around it to be appreciated and to see the contrast between the different buildings around it. Seeing the dark gray against the lime green is very nice and I love it. I think for what you did to the outside of this building, my favorite part is that you split the building visually down the middle with different textures instead of a beautiful cornice, which again adds a different contrast to the other 2 buildings you have it nestled in between. Great job!! Look forward to seeing more of your work.
  6. stevkir

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    I was able to find that information myself with a little bit more searching on Google after I remembered about the monthly calendars. Thanks for responding to my question though, as I am certain it will benefit others that come here to read about this new ferris wheel.
  7. stevkir

    MOC: Polar Bear Encounter

    I think for the size of this set there is no need for more animals, fish or other mini figures as I feel it has a great balance of everything. People will request more of those no matter what because they always want more. Really, if you want to add more huskies, then just create a sled with 4 sled dogs that goes with this set and I am sure people will go wild over it. I fully support #217 you and hope you get this to 10,000 for a chance at it being produced, as it is different with above and below views and love that aspect of this build.
  8. stevkir

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    I must be missing something then, because I look on and even look at the June calendar and all I see is the June 1 date. Where is the May 13 date coming from?
  9. stevkir

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    I would like to add to this, that it is listed as available to be purchased June 1st for VIP members. Also, June 3rd is my birthday. /wink /wink
  10. stevkir

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    I fully plan on getting this set. I think it's a beautiful set and looks to be a fun build. Yes, a LEGO set needs to be something I am willing to display but also be something I find enjoyable to build and I will be able to see different construction techniques as I build it.
  11. stevkir

    Is Pet Shop gone for good?

    I am super excited you are all getting your orders shipped. I had a similar situation 3 years ago when I first purchased my Fire Brigade and Grand Emporium, as I am sure it was right around a double point month as I had to wait for stock to come back in for those sets. The FB took the longest and was excited to get the email notification that it had been shipped. Cool thing was the FB came super quick in less than a week and it came straight from Europe to the US. I had an order of PaB items that I had put in at the same time as the FB and waited an extra week or two before I received those.
  12. stevkir

    Elevated Modulars and Subway

    Thinking about the issue you have with the stairs to nowhere, I was thinking if you ever feel you have space for a road out front of the modulars you could just bump the subway out under the road and then allow the stairs to come down onto the platform. I know with the current setup I see the stairs would come down onto the front set of tracks but with the road it looks like it would land nicely in between.
  13. stevkir

    [ MOC ] Modern Fire Brigade

    I will have to disagree on that statement as I like that he used very limited amount of masonry bricks. Yes, masonry bricks can be very beautiful and a welcomed addition to the LEGO building blocks, but I don't feel like they are needed in this design. Post Modernism architecture can have some beautiful lines and curves but can also be brutalist as well and I think if this was really built it would be colored concrete and would be a stunning addition to a small town.
  14. stevkir

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    It is always nice having a wife that enjoys LEOG's and when she sees this she gives me the nod of approval and says we need to get that. Then in the next sentence says not sure where we will put it but we need to get that.
  15. stevkir

    [ MOC ] Modern Fire Brigade

    Love this modern fire station. I like how you set the second floor windows back and then you added the large beams and columns, then used the dark red with the contrast of the black framed windows. Adds some great architectural detail and I love post modernism architecture.