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  1. I was surprised to get the email since I wasn't sure I qualified for the black card. I haven't gotten any other information about it until now. Maybe it's linked to my VIP account already and I just haven't received the card. -Kevin
  2. billfark

    LEGO 10240 Cockpit Stickers applied using water?

    Here are a few pics of how I did with my canopy stickers. I cut the clear portion from the inside part of each sticker, then put some soapy water on the canopy. Just be careful with each sticker and you can move it around slightly to get it in just the right position. I used a hair dryer (medium heat) to dry it out more quickly. I admit that it's not the best job I could have done, but I think it looks better than not removing the clear portion. I had a mishap with cutting stickers on the first sheet, so I had to make the second one count. Worst case, if you mess up on both sticker sheets you can contact Lego and say your set was missing them to get replacements. Or, you could be honest and say that you were trying to improve on their mistake of not printing the canopy piece and ask for a replacement. Good luck to anyone who tries to do this! -Kevin
  3. billfark

    A tribute to R2-D2 in 6 acts

    There are so many details here that you can look at it for hours and still find new things. Amazing work!
  4. billfark

    [MOC] Executor-Class Super Star Destroyer

    Hi Dan - Just check post #126 above for the email address. Anio should reply shortly to give you payment instructions. -Kevin
  5. billfark

    [MOC] Executor-Class Super Star Destroyer

    Including shipping, I spent about $775USD on Anio's SSD. I started with a very small inventory of parts, raiding 10179 for some of the light bluish gray levers and a few other greebles, but about 99% of the parts came from Bricklink. If you take your time to look for the best deals, and are not as impatient as I am, you can spend less. -Kevin
  6. billfark

    LEGO 10226 Sopwith Camel

    I have an extra 1x11 technic liftarm, so I wanted to try this out. Which ball end do you put into the 10th hole? Is it the one that connects to the bar, or the one that goes inside the rubber band? Thanks, Kevin
  7. billfark

    MOC: Ghostbusters Containment Grid

    Great little MOC. And you even included Walter ("My name is...") Peck! I'll have to search this board to see if anyone has done the ECTO-1 in Lego. -Kevin
  8. billfark

    MOC: "Kitten 3: Black Kitten"

    Looks great. The grilles on the back and the missiles are my favorite parts on this mech! -Kevin
  9. billfark

    [MOC] Obi-Wan's Eta-2 from set 9494

    I love the style of this ship as well. Most of the PT designs don't appeal to me that much, but the Eta is great, IMHO. I read about the black Eta in "Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader," and I actually had hoped that 9494 was going to be the black version. I like the second version better. The one with more black tiles. I haven't compared it to the photo on Wookieepedia, but it just looks better to me. -Kevin
  10. billfark

    [MOC] Obi-Wan's Eta-2 from set 9494

    This is a great idea, and has been on my "to do" list for a while. I've been busy building Anio's Super Star Destroyer, so I haven't worked on it in a while. My plan is to build them in all of the colors that I know of (yellow, dk red, dk blue, dk green, and black), and then build matching hyperspace rings for all of them. So far, I've bought two of the 9494 sets and modified them to be Anakin's and Obi-Wan's fighters from the opening scene of ROTS. The original dark green fighter looks good, but is only on screen for a few seconds, and just isn't very memorable to me. I can see from your model that using the dk red flags for the "wings" on Obi-Wan's fighter looks really good, although I didn't want to fork out for them on BL since they are pretty expensive. For now, I'm using the gray from the original set. I did use the yellow ones for Anakin's fighter since they're more affordable. I can't wait to see the final version of Vader's black fighter. What you've done so far looks great. -Kevin
  11. billfark

    Pictorial Review: 10225 UCS R2-D2

    Did anyone get a brick separator in their R2 box? On the first page of the instructions where it tells you which numbered bag corresponds to each part of the assembly, the section for bag #1 shows a brick separator. I didn't see one in my box, nor is one listed on the parts list at the end of book #3. It's not a big deal, but I was just curious if it's some sort of typo from an early run of the instruction manual or something like that. -Kevin
  12. billfark

    TC-14 Lego Promo

    I tried ordering R2 on S@H today, and the mini-TIE didn't show in my cart, but the poster and TC-14 did. I decided instead to head over to the Lego store in Santa Clara, CA today, and they didn't know anything about the mini-TIE. I didn't even see any for sale. I did get the TC-14 and poster though, with a nice $35 VIP discount on R2. I'm thinking about going back tomorrow to get another $75+ worth of stuff to get another TC-14, though... -Kevin
  13. billfark

    Microscale Lars Homestead

    Wow, I think this is great. The addition of the sandcrawler makes it instantly recognizable, even for folks who aren't as in to SW as we are on this board. -Kevin
  14. billfark

    [MOC] Dewie

    Wow. Wow. Wow! I never cared much for the TLG version of the Dewback, but this is amazing! -Kevin
  15. billfark

    [MOC] Executor-Class Super Star Destroyer

    Hi Anio - Newbie here. I tried to contact you via the link you provided, but the "Nous contacter" link on your website just takes me back to the top of the page. Is there any other way to get your email address so that I can send you the money for the SSD instructions? Great job on this MOC and on your other amazing models. You and some of the other builders on this forum have inspired me to come out of my dark ages. My first (very small) project is to customize the recent (green) Jedi interceptor to the four other colors (yellow, dk red, blue, and black - Darth Vader's) and to build matching hyperspace rings for them to be displayed in. Thanks! Kevin