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About Me

Hi, my name is Trenton. I got into LEGO a few years ago, being attracted by the Collectible Minifigures line, and then spreading along to other themes, though CMF's are a huge part of my spending. I have been on Eurobricks for almost a year now, and I love it! I have been becoming an active part of the Reviewer's Academy, as well as gotten obsessed with the site's mafia games. I have 5 reviews up, played in 9 mafia games, as well as a bloodbath. I've also been able to host a mafia game here, and cohosted another. I encourage you to give everything linked a look to see how I have grown on the site. My first topic can also be seen here

Check out my reviews! All are Reviewer's Academy passed!

Bronze Level

Silver Level

Expect More Reviews Eventually!

My Mafia History

Lost on the Conclusion as Isaac the Janitor in Pandora and Rick's Mafia School: Police Infiltration- Vanilla Townie

Killed Night 1 as FabuGirl in Shadows' Trouble in the Streets of Gotham Bloodbath- Superhero 8202022116_de0118a3b9_s.jpg

Lynched Day 1 as Trisha the Veterinarian in Darkdragon's Heartlake Heartbreak- Town Skitzo 8303393998_6c6828d21e_s.jpg

Killed upon the Conclusion as TrumpetKing67 in def's Eurobricks Mafia- Town Vigilante 8369112974_308647c650_s.jpg

Won as Diane the mother in Bob's The Pearl Mafia- Vanilla Townie 8474052847_d4b4aeece6_s.jpg

Lynched Day 1 as the over-eager Li'l TrumpetKing in def's Eurobricks Mafia II: Mafia School- Vanilla Townie 8584737256_e5e9e6a2f5_s.jpg8583638413_4ccd618154_s.jpg

Killed Night 5/ Conclusion as barmaid Twatty Tittlesteen in Hinckley's Harriet Slutter and the Philosopher's Balls Mafia- Vanilla Townie 8730220073_0aac8c3fae_s.jpg9161673046_aa48e11601_s.jpg

Lynched Day 3 as Godfather-Hunting Usurper in Zepher's Mafia Mafia- Scum Universal Backup 9159452135_b01ef5e569_s.jpg9161672822_7cb4fecd84_s.jpg

Survived and Won as orphaned nephew and pickpocket Tristan Kingsley in Tamamono's Silver City Mafia- Coyote Assassin 9312352910_f088234b73_s.jpg

Hosted as Mercutio Robertson in TrumpetKing and Hinckley's Collectible Minifigures Mafia- Sexy Mob Boss 9304744180_9b3dd72b5b_s.jpg9477629772_e7e70209fc_s.jpg

Lynched Night Five as Terrence Knox in Tamamono's Mafia After Dark- Malone (Town) 11002298983_91eae43422_s.jpg11002170866_e326ff0471_s.jpg

Cohosted as Cohost in Hinckley's Minimalist Mafia - [AVATAR TO COME]

Killed Day One by a vengeful Dave as Tumius "Tumi" Aximus in TinyPiesRUs' Ragnarok Now Redux- Einherjar [AVATAR TO COME]

Hosting as the mega-hot mafia boss in training Mercutio Robertson in my own CMF Mafia 2