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  1. That's why I said "at the end."
  2. *sigh* Good game, scum team. Totally called it at the end, but good game. Disappointed that a loss had to come from my being "scummy", which all in all I still don't particylarly understand, especially when it came from Scuba, who I didn't recall making any note of it beforehand. I thought the entire situation was handled really badly near the end and having our loss come down to "doing the opposite of what Lynn does" was both disappointing and honestly made me feel a little bit bad. It felt like I was being treated differently for the situation, which confused me, because I was nowhere near confirmed, and I don't know where Scuba even got that idea from. The entire situation just felt (while I do understand the motive), a little rude without any real acknowledgement of what I had been saying, and honestly a little sloppy. There shouldn't have been a reason for Scuba especially to vote opposite of me just because it was where I was voting. Blegh. Oh, and before I forget, thank you for hosting DD! I'm very happy I got to play this game, even if I don't know that I enjoyed what actually happened.
  3. TrumpetKing

    Scooby Doo Mafia: All Fired Up - Day 4

    Of course Theodore could be the godfather. I would say, however, that your "clearing" from both cops is a more poignant detail than his staying in at night, at least to me. Hush, you! I've been working on being more vocal. Worth note is both Theodore and Matthew's insistence that I'm scum. I understand having suspicions of me, but I am far from confirmed to be scum, nor am I "the scum you know" following the same logic. We have one confirmed scum in Patti and Derrick and it baffles me that you're going to risk that to try to lynch me, when there is nothing that has confirmed me as scum other than your own opinions on me, most of which seem to be centered around my lack of speech. Also interesting to me is that you didn't seem to be quite on board with a lynch on me, or even mentioning that I'm "the scum we know" until after I brought you up as who I thought to be the godfather. Up until that point it seemed to be between Patti and Derrick for you. Your willingness to risk lynching a town member over two counterclaims (when one of them is confirmed to be scum) leaves me uncertain of your motives, especially when you suggest putting the focus off until tomorrow. By lynching me, there will not be a tomorrow. Assuming there are two scum, my lynch would bring the total down to 2-2. This obviously would mean game over for the town. Now, you obviously won't know I'm being honest until my lynch. That still shows, however, that you're willing to end the game now instead of try finding the scum between the two cop claims and going from there. Risking the end of the game would be much more understandable if you were voting between the counterclaims, but there is no true evidence that indicates my affiliation other than weak points brought up by Desiree yesterday. As of now, I feel like Patti's calmed down from the initial claim and her theatrics, and I feel unsatisfied with Derrick's thoughts. As wary as I am of Matthew, I agree, he didn't really twist Derrick's words, and because of that, his central argument doesn't entirely work. Vote: Derrick (Dragonfire)
  4. TrumpetKing

    Scooby Doo Mafia: All Fired Up - Day 4

    Well, if Theodore is "cleared" by not being seen killing, and Matthew is cleared by his investigation, then that would only leave me AND Derrick. Explain to me why it's an or situation. Especially since it's the wrong solution. I know that I'm town, which means, should we lynch the correct cop, Matthew or Theodore is the remaining scum. I think what's going to be most telling of this is the treatment of Matthew, assuming we are able to continue after today. It's very plausible that he could be the godfather, which could account for the town result from the actual cop, whoever he may be, and the scum, knowing his role, "cleared" him to do so. What I find especially interesting about this is Matthew's assumption that he was investigated for being the most suspicious, which is weird knowing Matthew's past experience. Sure, Derrick says he was suspicious of Matthew, but Patti doesn't. With the amount of games under Matthew's belt, I would see a cop investigating him to gain a clear and earn a number. Granted, we're not allowed to contact others outside of public communication, so in this scenario all that gives us is, well, a number. So, Matthew, are you assuming Patti was also suspicious of you? Or was your response to that point directed solely towards Derrick? Derrick, forgive me if I missed it, but why were you suspicious of Matthew? I don't recall him saying anything in particular that would have tipped off as scum. Other than the "clear", and perhaps his post I just addressed, I can't think of a reason in particular to investigate him. Would you mind pointing some specific phrases out?
  5. TrumpetKing

    Scooby Doo Mafia: All Fired Up - Day 4

    Something about this claim seems off to me. How convenient is it that your first result died and your second result was also cleared by the person counterclaiming you? Especially coming as a second claim. Patti's claim isn't much better, though. Her defense of Desiree is weak at best, but I suppose it makes more sense than Derrick's. What? After you and Derrick claimed, there's no reason for me to be the other suspect. We have two counter-claiming cops, one of those is guaranteed lying. You could easily be lying, and by saying it should be me and Derrick, that would mean the town would be risking lynching a townie either way. That's a rather convenient way to push attention off of the scum. That didn't finish posting. I meant "off the scum and onto the town". And I don't recall anybody else being certain that your claim is the truthful one, Patti, so I'm not altogether too sure as to why you seem to think we do, given you seem to think it's between myself and Derrick, and not you for even being a conflicting claim. This is just starting to look more and more off to me with every post. You don't even seem to be making a case other than the fact that he counterclaims you as scum. This all reads to me as filler. You even say you read him as town. There's absolutely no substance to your accusations, and you're so tunneled in on him that once again, I can't help but ask you, why I'm the other suspect, when you're acting this way? You're a conflicting cop claim, and this is how you're trying to prove you're the true cop? That doesn't sit well with me.
  6. TrumpetKing

    Scooby Doo Mafia: All Fired Up - Day 3

    You are the only one who has accused me of being the "scummiest living player". Other people have noted my silence but nothing more, and your accusation and "analysis" that you've used to label me as "the scummiest living player", as I've said before, is a very forced version of Alec's slight note yesterday. It isn't your defense that's scummy, either. It's the fact that not only are your defenses incredibly hostile and agitated that makes you scummy. Vote: Desiree Walters (mediumsnowman)
  7. TrumpetKing

    Scooby Doo Mafia: All Fired Up - Day 3

    I'm a little shocked that Carla came up as town, based off of yesterday. That doesn't mean we can't recover, however. I understand that there's thoughts about me hiding and flying under the radar, but what I've been saying is truthful. Time has just unexpectedly not been on my side in recent days, and things are freeing up quite a bit that will hopefully prevent my little naps from occurring again. Now, it seems like Desiree is tunnel-visioned on lynching me and defending herself. I've already clarified my low-post count, there should be no reason you should take that as me lying, unless you're incredibly paranoid. There's zero use in lying over such a thing. Sure, my statements about the strongman can be seen as flip-flopping. Rather, I was just weighing out the possibilities. There were reasons for and against there being a strongman. I don't need to take a side on something we don't know exists, which I do believe I also made clear. As for the comment on the vigilante, I'm sorry that you find that ridiculous. Unfortunately, that speculation and question-asking was something I found reasonable to wonder of, as I've seen games smaller than this with a vigilante. Vigilantes aren't typically compulsory actions, meaning a vigilante can wait until they're convinced someone is scum to kill, and I was bringing up the possibility. The fact that you think bringing something up because of such a small town number is ridiculous is absurd in itself, because I even brought up that the lack of mention of one could just be because there isn't due to our low population. Then why bring it up in a post addressing your suspicions of me? This is the second time you've mistaken my discussion points as being wishy-washy. I was trying to gather another viewpoint for the town to help us proceed with making a decision, and how else was I supposed to do that? There's pros and cons to each role, and I clearly settled on a role, so what exactly is the point you're trying to make? Alec's affiliation is pretty irrelevant to mine, especially going off of a day one comment. Additionally, your implication by saying I was trying to "silence" him is clearly that I killed hi, but that's a rather odd conclusion to jump to. Why would I so easily place the suspicion on myself? Alec was the only one to mention my name yesterday, and with a very minor point, which I gladly clarified. Doesn't it seem a little odd for me to kill someone for making such a small accusation towards me? If I were scum, that would bring so much unnecessary attention onto myself. Given how interested you are in incriminating me, using what feels like a forced extended version of Alec's point, I can't help but wonder if it was you who killed Alec, knowing you could extend the case against me by saying I responded to the accusation with such hostility during the nighttime phase. I wouldn't even really call it a full paragraph. It was more "Lynn hasn't talked and sort of just repeated what others have said". Your own reaction to being brought up is equally worth note, considering you're so quick to declare that he's twisting your words and that you've been "pinged". So, who are you suspicious of then?
  8. TrumpetKing

    Scooby Doo Mafia: All Fired Up - Day 2

    The timing being off is of reasonable note. I had mentioned that I had been gone, though, so truthfully, I was going through the day and replying to what I saw was worth replying to. There's nothing more to it.
  9. TrumpetKing

    Scooby Doo Mafia: All Fired Up - Day 2

    Sorry for the absence this morning, I've had some business to attend to. Given the lack of a kill, and the note pointed out earlier about night actions not being sent in, I'm sure that's a given. Why wouldn't the scum take advantage of a night when we don't have kills? Carla's experience certainly contribute to this suspicion, and the OMGUS vote definitely doesn't help her case at all. I think just about everybody picked up on Carla's behavior, though. Carla's explanation to me doesn't really make sense. I don't know if it's just me not understanding what she's saying, or the mechanics behind the roles, but something about it doesn't sit right with me. To me, she gave a weak explanation for her words and immediately shifted to how Patti must be scum for jumping onto an "easy lynch". How, though, is a Carla lynch "easy", especially guven her experience? The only thing at this point that would make her an easy lynch would be her own comments, and from then, she is now inquiring as to why we need to lynch. Well, it's a pretty important way to gather information early, Carla. Given yor ambivalence towards a lynch, yet lack of unvote, combined with your earlier behavior, I have enough reason to feel more comfortable voting for you today. Vote: Carla (Dragonator)
  10. TrumpetKing

    Scooby Doo Mafia: All Fired Up - Day 1

    I can see what he's saying. There's definite benefits to both. If I'm understanding it correctly, though, in both scenarios the watcher/tracker would remain quiet while the cop would come clean. Having a watcher here could definitely have its rewards, but the tracker isn't necessarily unmerited in itself. On one hand, with the watcher, we're more likely to get clues towards the scum in multiple scenarios - both as watch results on the cop and from cop results. With the tracker, we're going to get these results in a similar matter, but I think a lot of the main concern is in the clarity of these results - they are more likely to be less concrete or solidified results than they would sith a watcher, but then again, with a watcher that we seem to have planned to visit the cop every night, that gives the scum some wiggle room to move around with. That's where the element of surprise that the tracker brings comes into play. Both are valid roles with valid approaches. For now, I think I'll keep my vote on the tracker, but if we need a majority as we approach the deadline I would be eager to support a watcher.
  11. TrumpetKing

    Scooby Doo Mafia: All Fired Up - Day 1

    I see what you're saying. I don't necessarily see a blocker is any more beneficial in that scenario, though. Both have similar purposes, just with different targets. I guess one could argue that the blocker is more likely to meet success, but that's only if they get a scum. Both roles are left with low chances at the start. I'm not certain there's a strongarm killer yet, in which I would suggest choosing the doctor for our second role. That being said, the possibility of a strongarm is still very much accountable for, and could be a good counter to the same theories brought up earlier about ways to take advantage of having a doctor and a cop. I'm willing to play this out safe. Vote: Cop Vote: Tracker
  12. TrumpetKing

    Scooby Doo Mafia: All Fired Up - Day 1

    Ah, this is interesting for a first day. Let's not let this get in the way of thinking we should relax, though. The roles we choose are going to be very important given what's to come. The strongman is certainly a concern. I'm not sure how big of a concern it should be, though. It could just be mentioned to cause some paranoia (with so little of us this is a very plausible scenario), but at the same time, why would the Gods give a warning of such a thing if it weren't in existence? Regardless, I would say it's a given that we choose the cop for one of our roles. As for a second role, I'm left unsure. The tracker, as I see it, is more advantageous than the watcher, but then we are left with two information-based roles, which could be very risky given the fact that we'd be without a potential resistance role in a doctor or blocker. I lean towards the doctor right now, because the possibility of a strongman, as we've discussed, is only a possibility. For all we know, there might not even be one. Also, has anyone else noticed the lack of a vigilante? It seems odd that there wouldn't be one. Is that just because of the low number of us, or could there be a vigilante roaming the camp already?
  13. Lynn Benton here! If you need help come give me a call! I got Ol' Faithful by my side here to take any calls! But no texts please. I don't think she can handle that much data.
  14. TrumpetKing

    Scooby Doo Mafia: Signups

    A Scooby-Doo game! This is all I could have asked for! 1. 2. Of course not! I'm fluent in Soobese! 3. Velma, I'm a pretty intelligent person and can usually piece things together on my own for the most part. 4. I do. There's no messing around when it comes to Scooby-Doo. 5. Sure.
  15. TrumpetKing

    Blacktron Mafia: Sign-ups!

    I'd love to play another game, but with my activity in Ragnarok, it's clear that I should probably take some time off before getting back into the swing of things. Good luck hosting DLL.