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  1. I got a new password. why would i get in trouble?

  2. MOC: Mauler

    Awesome! i love the use of the ice shield and the sword design!
  3. MOC: Hatchet

    How did you get that head piece? And what is the head piece?
  4. Savage Revamped

    I would like them better separate. I can only see Furno, really
  5. flame drone

    Awesome! Love the flamethrower! I also love the color scheme! Once again...AWESOME!
  6. stormer 4.0

    I'm confused about this. there's already a stormer 4.0. he's just an XL. it's still 4.0
  7. That's where that Evo supposed-to-be-funny-thing came from! That's probably not cannon anyway.
  8. also if they banned you you shouldn't make a

    new username. I am saying this cause I don't

    want you to get in trouble.

  9. MOC: Slasher

    He reminds me of a grave yard for some reason... That sword is Kopaka's, and the head is witch doctor's!. Yay im smart! pretty awesome MOC. the name is kinda wierd though.
  10. why did they ban you

  11. I don't like voltix. he's just a mass of rando colors and pieces. I could do a better lightning character. also i don't like how throughout the breakout theme(summer and winter) they use the same head not once...not twice...BUT THREE TIMES!
  12. MOC: Afterburn

    I think he looks pretty good. i'm not so sure about the Evo head, though. I do however like the color scheme, it is pretty cool. overall, a nice MOC, Nightcruise!
  13. whew! I'm sorry for my sudden AWOL. I accidentely changed my pass word then forgot it. i am the same person as the previous 19acomst. seriously. if you don't believe me, as soon as I get full registration, I will have the same info, but a diff email address(this is because the other one is still in use). I'm not quite sure why i'm now an outlaw though. but i don't honestly care about my old acount.