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  1. Kim Thomsen

    Star Wars Battle Pack Contest

    I knew I'd seen something like this before Great contest - looking awesome so far.
  2. Kim Thomsen

    What is the best LEGO theme?

    Exo Force all the way and perhaps Galaxy Squad
  3. Kim Thomsen

    Legoland California - when will the Miniland be fixed?

    Which is why it is important that you make sure to let us and Merlin know that you are concerned. The more people that gives this feedback - the more likely someone is to act on it.
  4. Kim Thomsen

    The Brick separator Virus

    Maybe seeing the brick separator as a brick is the mistake here? The brick separator is made to separate bricks and in doing so it gets quite worn - hence you get a new one in various sets. Maybe you are too good builders to use them enough?
  5. Kim Thomsen

    Legoland California - when will the Miniland be fixed?

    The only proper and direct way to share your concerns on topics and matters that concern the LEGO Group is to call consumer service. They register and distribute any complaints, praises and concerns within a streamlined and highly effective system. I'd assume the Merlin Group to have similar registration and distribution of consumer feedback. If you feel something reflects on the LEGO brand, do call consumer service and let them know your concerns - that is what they are there for and trust me when I say that we do want our consumers to call us and give us feedback - how are we to improve and fix stuff if we never ever hear about it through the proper channels? Thanks in advance for helping us help you having a better experience.
  6. Yes, but as most pages there is a region button in the top corner. The link is to the Danish site - if you switch it, then you get a different language. For example this is the US site: Very much like the region setting on for example S@H, isn't it?
  7. Kim Thomsen

    Poor bricks quality in set 70402

    Could you please send me the box and any of the elements that you might be able to find? Shoot me an email at KimT[at] for further planning. Thanks
  8. Kim Thomsen

    Poor bricks quality in set 70402

    That's a shame. I would have hoped you could send the entire set to me for further inspection. Would you by any chance still have the box the set came in?
  9. Kim Thomsen

    Poor bricks quality in set 70402

    This is still valid, so if anyone knows Tilko - please ping him and ask him to get back to me - thanks. No worries Lego Otaku - my spamfilter got an upgrade when I posted the open story brief call for submissions last year
  10. Kim Thomsen

    Poor bricks quality in set 70402

    Tilko - please send me an e-mail at I would like to talk to you about this set and the quality issues in it. Thanks!
  11. Wow the sheer amount of entries in this contest is truly amazing. Love it
  12. Kim Thomsen

    LEGO Fan Weekend Skaerbaek - Denmark

    Thanks everyone for an amazing weekend filled with the most amazing MOCs and more than 300 super AFOLs. Let's do this again next year.
  13. Amazing entries from everyone. Congratulations Fianat and Etzel on winning.
  14. Kim Thomsen

    Star Wars Forum Blog - Announcements

    Thanks for the explanation. I'll let you know if I'd need some data on the blog at some point.