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  1. Santhor

    10222 Winter Village Post Office

    I love this set, but I was disappointed to find out that the sax didn't have a yellow PotC bottle. EDIT: I love it so much I had a typo! -Santhor
  2. Santhor

    2011 Alien Conquest

    It seems like a neat theme, I just wish the ADU helmet would "fit" better: i.e. it hides the mouth, and shows too much (IMO) of the usually-unprinted forehead. -Santhor
  3. Great review, and thanks for posting! -Santhor
  4. Santhor

    ToysRUs Finds

    Hello all, I was browsing (USA), and I found the new summer sets online, but many are sold out. This includes: Star Wars (with the Echo Base!) Hero Factory Cars 2 CMF Series 5 (Pre-Order) Red Cargo Train NinjaGo Sorry if I missed any, or if this has been posted before. Has anyone found these in other countries? EDIT: It looks like they disappeared. Maybe they were released too soon? Plus, I think I posted this in the wrong place. Would someone delete this please? Thanks! -Santhor
  5. I like 'em 'cuz they're cute! -Santhor
  6. How about this IDEA: 2 Series's of series's ( ) 1 series of series is still the normal one (random group of 'figs, like we have now) and another is from different themes, but not chinese plastic (i.e. Series 1 of that series would be Star Wars, then Kingdoms, then POTC, then Alien Conquest, etc.) This one might only be 8-12 'figs per series. THAT I would like. -Santhor
  7. Santhor

    Summer Sets

    At my local TRU they were an extra 10% for about ten days. But yes, I noticed that "good ol' Target" is here to help us afford the POTC sets. -Santhor
  8. Santhor

    Summer Sets

    At my local TRU they were an extra 10% for about ten days. But yes, I noticed that "good ol' Target" is here to help us afford the POTC sets. -Santhor
  9. Santhor

    Summer Sets

    Okay, I think I put this in the right place now. On, for the US at least, they now have the larger summer sets listed at their normal prices. Examples are 7066 (Earth Defense HQ), 7189 (Mill Village Raid), and 4645 (Harbor). -Santhor
  10. Santhor

    Modular Building 10218 Pet Shop

    Not to smash the excitement (that I am definitely a part of) for the Pet Shop, but I can't help but wonder what the "clue", if there is one, is for this set. The girl working on her bike? The painter (actually, I think he's the clue recipient, if you will. Window Washer->House-in-Progress)? EDIT: I just realized that LegoFan03 already mentioned this, so here's my two cents. -Santhor
  11. Santhor

    REVIEW: 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge

    Thank you! That's what I thought, from the pictures, but it seemed odd to have fake mounts. Now that you mention it though, I wouldn't put it beyond TLG in a licensed set. -Santhor
  12. Santhor

    REVIEW: 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge

    Great review! Sorry if this has been asked or answered, but how many cannon holders/mounts (the things that the cannons go on) are there per side? I know there's six outer "flaps", but only four, or is it five or six mounts? Thanks! EDIT: I'm asking because I need to know how many cannons to buy off Bricklink. -Santhor
  13. Santhor

    REVIEW: 4183 The Mill

    I'm not sure if someone has already noticed this, but it seems that only "On Stranger Tides" sets come with character cards. Anyway, thanks for the review. I got this set today, and it looks great! -Santhor
  14. Santhor

    SET REVIEW: 4191 Captain's Cabin

    Great review! I too am disappointed in the duplicate zombies, especially since the Gunner Zombie (no hair) comes in this set, the QAR (as you stated), AND Whitecap Bay. If only he was replaced in one of the two other sets by the chubby-looking no-hair zombie in the QAR, or a unique one. -Santhor
  15. Santhor

    Which are you?

    I don't completely understand, but if I do, here goes: I know I'm not at all an active member of the Pirates forum, but Pirates of the Caribbean might change that. But if I had to choose a favorite faction, it would be the (French, right?) Blue Coats. Viva Le France! -Le Santhor