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  1. Missing Brick

    New Hogwarts Express

    My thoughts: $500??? They’ve used a huge number of bricks for the plinth to elevate the track. I would have preferred no plinth and a lower price or more track & carriages. Also the track plinth requires the platform to be elevated to match - which looks weird to anyone familiar with the normal height of a train platform. Also - I’m not sure those printed quotes from the movies are particularly iconic or memorable. An easy pass from me - although the engine is nice.
  2. Missing Brick

    [MOD] 21322 - Alternate Model

    Great alternate build Dorino. Much more attractive and interesting than ‘left over bay’ - and looks great with the ship docked next to it.
  3. Missing Brick

    [MOC] Captain Sabertooth's Cabin

    Very nice details and texturing. Particularly like the wall panelling made from stacked 2x2 box pieces - and the gold trim.
  4. Missing Brick

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Nice crane mod Dorino. I too am thinking of adding something similar - although I was considering a ball-jointed boom similar to the rear mast so the crane can swing out over the dock for loading. Toroto - I agree yellow highlights on the window top decoration would be an improvement. My only criticism of the ship’s design is the large black sides of the sterncastle. One idea I had was to change the colour of the two ‘go-faster-stripes’ on the sides. That might help breakup the wall-of-black. I’ve got some yellow quarter rounds on order to see how it looks. One other tweak I made was to convert the top rung of the boarding ladder into a retractable sliding plank which can be slid out of either side of the ship but is invisible when stowed in the central position. Seemed like a no-brainer. No self-respecting pirate ship should be without a plank!
  5. Missing Brick

    [REVIEW] 10268 - Vestas Wind Turbine

    Nice set and review but disagree with the rather naive comments about industrial wind energy. Which is more environmentally friendly? : A) A gas well about the size of a tennis court feeding a 300MW gas power station the size of a medium industrial unit. or B) an industrial windfarm capable of intermittently generating the same power - requiring about 300 x 3MW industrial wind turbines, each 100m tall, spaced 700m apart, occupying an area of 140km2, plus the associated pylons necessary to transmit the electricity from the remote windy hills to the city where it's needed. Consider the impact on birds and bats of 300 blades spinning at 180mph over an area of 140km2. Consider the impact on the natural landscape. And don't forget you still need the gas power station for backup when the wind's not blowing - although it now requires extra subsidy payments to sit in standby mode. > I also think it is a very educational set and could inspire young builders about sustainability and renewable energy. Yes - I hope they read widely and don't just unquestioning accept the demonisation of fossil fuels which are used to make wonderful plastic products like Lego and which provide billions of people with abundant low-cost heat, light, transport, fertiliser, clothes, medical & household products and electronics. People questioned the Lego Shell sets. I hope they apply the same critical thinking to Vestas sets.
  6. Missing Brick

    Lego Aliens APC

    Hi Dwayne, Sorry I don't have an LXF (I just build the old-fashioned way, by eye). However I intend to post up some plan views of my latest tweaked APC design soon. I now have a much better design for the turret - much closer to the source material with better shaping.
  7. Missing Brick

    Neo Classic Space Landing Pad

    Thanks everyone! The 45° connection from the girders to the underside of the landing platform is similar to the connection you can see at the bottom. At first I thought setting the girder angles would be a problem - but it turns out that since all 4 struts are identical they automatically adopt the correct angle - so the structure is self-levelling and quite sturdy - even without the elevator tower attached.
  8. Missing Brick

    Neo Classic Space Landing Pad

    I decided to rebuild and mod my LL918 for the 40th anniversary. Then I thought 'this thing needs a landing pad' so I threw this together. Tropical Landing Pad by Missing Brick, on Flickr
  9. Missing Brick

    REVIEW: 71021 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 18

    Thanks for the great review as always. I find this series a bit too zany for my liking. I prefer the traditional mix of figs: mostly everyday professions plus a couple of historical figs, sci-fi and maybe one or two comedic fancy-dress figs. That way you can build up a good library of fig parts for use in your own mocs. A whole series of very specialised fancy dress figs is a bit too much of one thing.
  10. Missing Brick

    [MOC] Alien in corridor

    Nice job
  11. Missing Brick

    LEGO Creator Expert London Bus 10258

    I must agree that the above ideas project does a much better job of capturing the all-important curves around the 'eyes' which give the bus its friendly face. The official set just has that area totally square so the 'face' of the bus is all wrong. Probably fixable if you can somehow fit the ideas grill and headlights to the official set.
  12. Missing Brick

    [MOC] Alien: Covenant – The Neomorph Attack

    Nice job. I think you've covered the one half-memorable scene from the film. Not that we knew or cared about any of the characters involved beyond thinking they were dumb for blundering about on an unknown alien planet without space helmets sniffing and tasting alien flora and fauna.
  13. Missing Brick

    Need Help Constructing the Right Wheels

    Hi SilentSoul. Just wanted to mention that Havoc's excellent APC is in a giant scale so if it's your first AFOL MOC you might want to start with a smaller minifig-scale version based on Larry Lars classic design. Happy building.
  14. Missing Brick

    Classic Space Research Complex

    Really great design and packed with great details and play features. I like the realistic layout with airlocks and ladders between all the floors. Very cool.