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  1. bombcar

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    If it's set 4 years later, it would make sense that everything's a wasteland (Finn's stopped playing with LEGO), and the ship scene could be his sister coming to play with his old toys. In which case the trailer has only shown us things from the first few minutes of the movie.
  2. bombcar

    Lets talk color vomit

    You all do realize we’re on a forum dedicated to snap-together plastic models, right?
  3. bombcar

    Vociferous AFOLs and World War III

    Team "It's not powerful enough unless you're stripping gears and snapping pieces" for me, I guess.
  4. bombcar

    Lets talk color vomit

    Interesting quote from the Technic interview in the latest Hispabrick magazine (#030), page 59++: In the past LEGO (and other toys, even old video games) didn't have much "competition" so children were more dedicated to figuring it out; I suspect that's not the case anymore (at least before they become fans of the toy itself), so "first time experiences" have to be good.
  5. If it were near the engine it'd be the nitrous boost; perhaps it's a tank for air-assisted braking or something?
  6. bombcar

    Lets talk color vomit

    If I were a suspicious man I'd suspect LEGO of intentionally avoiding their tractor-like equipment from looking too Deer Johnny. I know in the old days, gray pins rotated and black were friction; but with new colors of pins I don't know how to sort them anymore, and I agree it would be nice if they at least made the pins match the general color scheme (or went back to neutral colors). Of course, I long for the days of 8880, back before we had panels covering everything (and even it has the blue arms).
  7. bombcar

    Lets talk color vomit

    I must not be seeing it then - the only color that really looks out of place on 42080 is the white on the crane arm.
  8. bombcar

    Lets talk color vomit

    Some real harvesters seem to be pretty vomity:
  9. bombcar

    Lets talk color vomit

    What's color vomit? If it's referring to the multiple colors found inside models (not visible from the outside) it doesn't bother me - HOWEVER I would really like it if LEGO used those parts to make parts available in colors not used before. (I don't know how much it "costs" LEGO to switch colors, but I know there are a number of pieces I'd like to see in alternate colors.)
  10. bombcar

    Lego GBC Minecart Module

    True, I realized you’d probably have to have reverse minecarts to allow the balls to still roll out.
  11. bombcar

    Lego GBC Minecart Module

    I like it - nice mechanism - but it would make more sense to me if the minecarts took the balls uphill instead of downhill. Would that be possible?
  12. bombcar

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    Given the cost of molds and how many pieces they can produce, non production parts amaze me. (Production parts in other colors are reasonably boring, changing color isn’t expensive.) I’d expect either non-production parts are made from less tolerant molds, or perhaps LEGO stores the molds for future use - I can’t see spending the amount a mold costs just to melt it down (unless some major structural problem were discovered). Heck, for some of these parts they could recover the cost of the mold by just selling the pieces directly. Then again, maybe I’m off. Maybe a single piece in a single set requires many tens of molds, and so the cost of a one-off is not that high. Or maybe the non-production parts are from a bygone era. Anyone able to measure the tolerances on the non-production parts?
  13. bombcar

    [Moc] '' Helms Deep Gate ''

    Really liking the ground detailing outside - tremendous, as is the rest! Your plate-built doors: how are they done?
  14. bombcar

    LEGO in Miami

    Watch for clearance sales at Target, Walmart, and other places that sell LEGO- the best clearance sales seem to be at stores that don’t dedicate tons of effort to the toy section.