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  1. Brickscape

    My UCS B Wing is bending :(

    I do try to rotate my B-wing from one side to the other every now and again exactly because I feared warping. I'm not pleased to hear I wasn't just being paranoid. Not a fan of the idea that I'm going to own some expensive warped bricks.
  2. I was surprised to find S16 in a Toys R Us today (Milwaukee, WI area). They only had about a dozen left on the pegs.
  3. Brickscape

    Megablocks (sorry) Star Trek The Original Series!

    That Next Gen set is not new, it's at least a decade old. The new TOS sets look impressive though.
  4. Brickscape

    REVIEW: 70009 Worriz' Combat Lair

    This is definitely my favorite Chima set. I love that it has plenty of places for minifigs to sit (enough for the whole pack) and I love the detaching vehicles. It reminds me of many of the larger G.I. Joe vehicles from back in the day and it's just fun to fidget with. I think the Chima line was under appreciated. It was goofy but fun which is what toys are supposed to be about.
  5. Brickscape

    Chopper Dome Printing

    @greg3 The printing on yours is definitely sharper. Thanks for the comparison shot.
  6. Brickscape

    Chopper Dome Printing

    I just opened my Phantom set and was dismayed to see that the printing on Chopper's dome is really wonky. The orange line is really uneven (see pic). I tried looking at photos elsewhere on the web and many of those seemed to have off-kilter printing as well. Now I know that Chopper is a bit of a patchwork astromech but is this printing intentional? Is it on every Chopper? I know I could probably get LEGO to send me a replacement part (they've been great about that in the past when printing issues occurred) but I won't bother if the issue is intentional or widespread. I've never had issues with other astromechs although this is my first with this type of dome. Can anyone shed any light on this regarding their own specimens of Chopper? Thanks!
  7. Brickscape

    LEGO Shark Variations

    Yes, both the sharks in the photo are old dark gray with pointed noses and no gill slits.
  8. Brickscape

    LEGO Shark Variations

    I was just looking through my old LEGO sharks and noticed that there's a variation on the bottom side. I couldn't find anything about this variation on the usual reference sites. Was this a running change to the mold? Did all sharks get changed in a certain year? Can anyone shed any light on this difference?
  9. Brickscape

    Legends of Chima 2014

    I found the spider poly at a Meijer in Illinois back in May.
  10. Brickscape

    Legends of Chima 2014

    I finally broke down and bought the set last month. Spinlyn is an awesome figure and I do like the rhino bike but the rest of the set is nothing special IMO (and I already had the other two minifigs). Nice parts in nice colors though. I guess it depends on how much you're willing to pay for Spinlyn and if you can find the set on sale (or just buy Spinlyn on BrickLink).
  11. Brickscape

    Legends of Chima 2014

    Totally agree with you. I was so excited when the prehistoric tribes were announced and then SO disappointed when the first images appeared. The bone in the trunk is just plain stupid and I also dislike the zombie approach. The only member of the Hunter Tribes I've picked up is Vardy because he has no decay on his head, what's on his torso is covered by his armor and there's just one small spot on his leg. I've swapped his trans blue arm for a regular gray one and also swapped the trans blue armor. I like him much better this way. He doesn't look like a zombie and fits in with the other earlier figures. On a different note, I picked up the LOC Character Encyclopedia and I'm loving the Firox minifig (the book is nice, too).
  12. Brickscape

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    I went with a sea turtle for my entry: Additional photos here.
  13. Brickscape

    CSF Contest: The Constructonauts

    Salvagers are a great idea, look forward to seeing them.
  14. Brickscape

    CSF Contest: The Constructonauts

    Here's my entry for the Tiles or Studs Custom Space Faction Contest: I tried to think of a space theme that hadn't really been done and I came up with construction and thus the Constructonauts were born... The vignette: The MNT-1 Transport delivering beams to the construction site... The minifigs: Two Constructonauts and a construction droid... The MNT-1: Another view of the MNT-1 showing the speeder separating from the carriage... Additional photos here:
  15. Brickscape

    Legends of Chima 2014

    Why are there bones coming out of the mammoths' trunks. Trunks don't contain any bones and it's kind of weirding me out. I'm also not so sure about the random trans parts on the figs. I like the idea of these new tribes but I'm not wowed by what I've just seen.