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  1. HA(ppy) (mo)UNT(ain) Abandoned Theme Park

    Someone, other than me, has the group photo for the year
  2. Thank you all for an awesome event! See you all for Skaebaek or Billund. I will miss you all till next year and loved seeing everyone again.
  3. I am flying out today (Tuesday), to get there by Wednesday. Super excited!
  4. I'll see if I can print off some pictures of my characters pictures before I get on the plane. Otherwise hopefully they are recognizable enough that everyone can guess who it is.
  5. Eurobricks Event 2017 trading post

    tempted by 8094 and 8479 cause I like gimicky technic stuff. Still trying to save unless you want some more recent lego sets from my giant stash
  6. My favorite brickhead MOC is a character from Japan. Close enough for elleana.
  7. Event countdown 2017

    Everyone is up way before me :( it is fun to see though
  8. I made one fictional and one non-fiction character... now to decide on which one.
  9. Eurobricks Event 2017 trading post

    unless it happens to go on 30% off discount in US is the only way it gets any cheaper (happens right before retirement normally).
  10. Eurobricks Event 2017 trading post

    i wouldn't mind a set of coins
  11. Harry Potter? you have alot of the actors I wanted to do.... instead I am trying to dodge every popculture already built brickheadz character mocs. Think I need to do a new one..... we'll see, apparently someone already built the same person I picked....most of the DC and Marvel and disney universe is done already.....
  12. Not sure what the tour would give that would be worth the 5 euro. I'll default to whatever the rest of the group thinks
  13. Large White leaves!! I need those! Hourglass is from Elves, you get a few a set.
  14. I managed to do it without decals...but I have a lot of options... @elleana Ng Chin Han is super famous actor...
  15. Eurobricks Event 2017 trading post

    I'll take the other london bus.