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    Review: Set 6212 X-wing Fighter

    I noticed no one had reviewed this set yet, so I thought I would. Set name: X-wing Fighter Set Number: 6212 Theme: Star Wars Released: 2006 Pieces: 437 Minifigures: 6 Price: 39.99 EUR, 49.99 USD, 79.99 CDN Brickset Peeron Bricklink Description: Fly with the heroes of the Rebel Alliance! Build one of the most famous ships of the Star Wars saga! In the hands of the Rebel Alliance's brave pilots, the X-wing starfighter helped to destroy two massive Death Stars. With S-foil wings that open to attack position, folding landing gear, a cargo hold and lots of authentic details, this Star Wars set includes the first-ever LEGO minifigure of Rebel hero Wedge Antilles, as well as several hard-to-find characters. Features parts to customize your starfighter as either Luke Skywalker's Red Five or Wedge's Red Three X-wing! Includes Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and R2-D2 minifigures. Now, Onto the review! The Box Front The box is very detailed, showing Wedge flying the X-wing with TIE fighters pursuing him. It also identifies this set as a limited edition and prominently displays the six minifigures included. Personally, I like these old style boxes better than the new clone wars ones. Back This basically shows all the sets functions, such as the moving cockpit canopy and landing gear, as well as the mechanism that moves the wings. Like most lego boxes, it also advertises the 2006 line of star wars lego. The Instructions Front This is basically the same picture thats on the front of the box. The instructions are of the usual lego quality and there are no errors. Back This shows an advertisement for the "new" Lego star wars game. You can tell the age of the set by this. Random Page The Minifigures These are what really sold me on this set. It comes with Hoth Han Solo, Hoth Leia Organa, Chewbacca, R2-D2, as well as Wedge Antilles and Luke Skywalker. The last 2 are very similar except for the patterns on their helmets. Han and Leia both come with awesome parka torsos, which are very useful, aand Chebacca is very accurate to the movies. R2-D2 is always good, but I think most people have too many astromech droids (I personally have 4). Extra Pieces This is what you're left with at the end: 3 round 1x1 plates of different colours, 2 technic connecters,and a yellow and black joystick piece. Sorry for the yellowed picture. The X-wing And there you have it, the main part of the set. It is very well made, and some interesting design techniques have clearly been used(especially with the long, tapering front of the starfighter). The four identical engines exude a look of power, and the tried and true X-wing/Y-wing/Snowspeeder cockpit canopy has, of course, been used. The ships every detail really is spot-on accurate to the movies. I found the ship to be quite light and fairly sturdy, except that the wings are a tad flimsy. Cockpit Canopy A picture showing the aforementioned cockpit canopy. It is semi-transparent and has a simple but accurate print on it. The blaster Cannons These are simple and accurate, however I thought they should have been longer. The Engines One of the four engines. They look alright and they are very sturdy. Back view In this picture you can see the backs of the engines as well as the gear and rubberbands that power the S-foil opening mechanism. It works well but opens fairly slowly. The rubber bands make it impossible to close the wings without turning the gear. Bottom view I had to show you it from this angle. It shows the uniquely desined nose of the fighter. Through the clever use of hinge pieces, the designers managed to make the long front of the starfighter a triangle. I thought this was the most interesting part of the design of the set. Printed Piece This is probably the best printed piece I own. It is a few pipes and connectors as well as 2 rebellion logos. Its very useful for rebel MOCs and this set comes with 2! The Cockpit This is simple and rudimentary. Its basically just a flight stick and a targeting computer. I would have preffered if they had been able to fit a moulded seat into it. Attack Mode Sorry for the bad lighting on this one. I was so preoccupied trying to keep the ship from falling off my improvised display stand, I forgot to fix it. Its also worth noting that you can change the markings on the wings of the fighter to create different ships from red squadron. Lukes Red 5 Wedges Red 3 Entire set with minifigures Overall Design: 9/10- Its perfect(except the wings are slightly flimsy. Build: 8/10- The build is mostly straightforward, but confusing at times. Minifigures:10/10-It doesn't get much better than this. Playability: 8/10-Fun to swoosh around, but the wings may break. Price: 6/10-I thought it could have been a lot cheaper. 45/50 Conclusion I don't think this set could have been much better. Its accurate, well constructed, and has plenty of cool minifigures. I doubt this will be around much longer, so unless you want to pay big bucks for it on ebay or bricklink in a couple of years, I reccomend picking one up.Thanks for reading my review of this awesome set. Comments,questions,and constructive criticism are not only welcomed, but encouraged.
  2. Self-explanatory. Post how many minifigs you currently own. According to Brickset, I own 148.
  3. Millacol88

    Review: 7250 Clone Scout Walker

    Set Name: Clone Scout Walker Set Number: 7250 Theme: Star Wars Released: 2005 Pieces: 108 Price: 10 USD, All others unknown Minifigures: 1 Brickset Peeron Bricklink Brickshelf The Review The Box Front This detailed illustration shows the walker moving into a lush, green forest, with plenty of flashy laser blasts and an explosion. This seems to have become the standard for most star wars sets. Back This shows the functions of the set, the awesome line of kashyyyk lego that was released in 2005, and a couple of alternate models that can be built with the elements of the set. Sadly, these seem to be missing from most sets nowadays. Instructions Front This is the same as the front of the box. The instructions are idiot-proof (its such a simple set). Back I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you can tell the age of this set by looking at the advertisement for this "new" game. The Minifigure The solitary minifigure in this set is a good one. With special dark red markings on his helmet and torso, this is the only set this great fig has ever appeared in. it was never really specified as to what sort of clone it is, however I think it may have been based on Commander Neyo. At any rate, this is a great fig with great details. I would have liked to see one more clone to fight alongside the walker, but I guess it is a small set and that would have driven up the price. Accessories/Weapons The only weapon included was a blaster for the clone. Of course, it being an older set, it is an old style "megaphone" blaster. I'll probably just buy a whole bunch of new blasters off of bricklink to replace all of my old ones. The Walker Ths is definitely one of the best vehicles in SW. It is mostly gray, but with green, dark red, and tan highlights here and there. It is fairly sturdy however it isn't quite as steady on its feet as I would have liked. Still, the designers managed to make it movie-accurate with a minimal amount of pieces. The Seat This is the simple area where the pilot sits. Its basically just a plate for him to sit on, and some handlebars. I think, however, that in the movie it was more of a saddle that the pilot sat on. This may seem like a minor mistake but it is my biggest quibble about the set from a design point of view. Shield This is a very nice printed piece that is the only thing protecting the pilot. Without it, he would probably be pretty vulnerable to sniper fire. The entire sheild/blaster mechanism rotates. The legs These are simple but effective. They are basically just "clicky hinges" with a few parts attached at the sides. The only complaint I have about them is that, because of them, the walker seems to fall over more than I would have liked. Armament These give the walker a slightly intimidating appearance. They can rotate but can basically only point at the ground. Front View This basically just shows the nice armor plating at the front and one of the blasters. If you were a droid, its possible this could be the last image you ever see. Back View Here you see the hinges of the legs, a communications antenna, and the blaster in its holder. This is probably the angle from which the walker looks worst at. Entire Set Overall Design: 8/10 The only thing wrong with it is the seat and the sturdiness of the legs. Playability: 9/10 This set is small enough to be played with and some cool battle scenes can be made with it. Minifigure: 8/10 the one included is good, but I think there should have been one more. Ease of Build 10/10 This little beauty goes together in minutes. Price: 9/10 The ebay and bricklink prices of this are actually not that bad. Conclusion I got this set for 15 dollars canadian about two years after it came out on ebay. It was new in box and totally undamaged. I thought this was a steal because it was clearly a great set. Had I not been in my "dark ages" when this originally came out, I probably would have bought at least five. This is one of the most-owned sets on Brickset, and there is a reason for it: its cheap, well-designed, and comes with a great figure. If you can get as good a deal as I got, I highly recommend you pick this up. Thank you for reading my 6th review! Comments, questions, and constructive critisism is welcome. Could someone please add a poll?
  4. Set Name:Knight's Catapult Defense Set Number:7091 Theme: Castle Released: 2007 Price: EUR 9.95, GBP 6.99, USD 9.99, CDN 12.99 Pieces: 123 Minifigures: 4 Review The Box Front The front of the box shows a nice little battle scene that can be made with the components of this set, as well as a detailed backdrop and some cool visual effects. Back The back shows another battle, how the catapult mechanism works, a close up of the two skellies, and all of the wonderful accessories included in the set. Instructions Front This is basically the same as the front of the box. The instructions are flawless and clear. Back This shows the other three stellar sets that released alongside this one. The Minifigures These are, of course, the main selling point of this set. It comes with a white skeleton who wears a uniquely molded helmet, a black skeleton thats pretty standard , and two of the usual knights. The knights have the standard torso and helmet, but have unique facial expressions. One appears confident and calm, whilst the other one appears downright angry. This was the first castle set I ever bought, and so I spent a good deal of time just looking at them. In all seriousness, I probably would have paid the price of admission for this set just for the figs. Minifigure accessories/weapons Lego definitely did not skimp on weapons here. The treasure trove of pain-inflicting devices consists of a crossbow, a mace, one small and one large skeleton shield, three spears, two knight shields, and a short sword. Once again, I declare, This set is worth the money for the figs and weapons. Extra Pieces The extra pieces are: a technic pin, a black skeleton leg and arm, as well as a white tusk and skeleton arm. The only one here thats very useful is the tusk. Skeleton Barricade This small but well-made barricade makes a nice addition to this set. It consists of three sections of plates, joined together by some hinge pieces. Also, there are two spears, a large shield, and two tusks on the front to make it look more menacing. There is also an elevated spot for the skeleton crossbowman to discreetly pick off unsuspecting knights. The whole thing really fits in with the skeleton theme and uses few parts to great effect. Catapult The namesake of the set, this catapult is well-designed, sturdy, and looks like it would be fired by noble knights. It uses a simple mechanism to fire a rock. It works fairly well, however you have to hold down the catapult so it won't move while you are firing. The colour scheme of brown, dark blue, and pearl gold looks great and fits in with other castle sets. Two shields, one on each side, add more to the look of the machine. Probably the most interesting piece in the set is the barrel that holds the rock. Front view Not much to comment on here. Back View This shows the rock that the catapult fires, as well as the barrel that holds it. Side View This shows a shield, the pearl gold slopes, and a brown cross piece that I am not sure has a purpose in this set. Entire Set Heres an overview of the whole thing. The skeletons are attempting to ward off the knights and there large siege engine. Aerial View The brave knight engages the mace-wielding skeleton! What will the knights use for ammunition when they run out of rocks? Overall Design: 10/10 There are really no problems here. Playability: 8/10 The only problem is that you have to hold down the catapult to fire it. Minifigures: 10/10 There simply as good as they get. Price: 9/10 This set was totally worth the price. Ease of Build: 10/10 There were no problems Total: 47/50 Conclusion This is a near perfect set that I think should be in everyones collection. The minifigures are good, the catapult is fun, and the price is not only manageable, its a bargain. In other words, if you can still find it in a store, then run (dont walk) to one and buy this set.
  5. Set Name: Imperial Dropship Set Number: 7667 Theme: Star Wars Released: 2008 Price: EUR 8.99, USD 9.99, CDN 13.99 Pieces: 81 Minifigures:1 Lego S@H description:Build your Imperial forces! Send in the Imperial Dropship with its stormtrooper squad! Equipped with laser cannons and a detachable troop platform, this speedy space transport is ready to battle the Rebellion on any planet in the Empire. Includes 3 stormtroopers and shadow stormtrooper pilot! Lift back up to drop the clone troop platform into battle! Imperial Dropship is 4" (10 cm) long! Brickset Peeron Bricklink Brickshelf Review The Box Front The box has a very well-done picture, showing the Imperial Dropship setting down some stormtroopers while being pelted by laserfire. Back The back of the box shows the four minifigures included with the set, the dropping function as well as the opening cockpit canopy. It also shows the dropship engaged in battle with its counterpart, the Rebel Scout Speeder. The Instructions Front Using the same picture as the box, the instructions are of great quality but are almost unnecessary as this is a very simple set that you can make with just the picture on the box. Back The back of the instruction booklet is an advertisement for a contest put on by lego. I would have preferred had they filled up the space with some alternate models instead. The Minifigures These are really the sets bread and butter, and the reason most people bought it. It includes three ordinary stormtroopers and one imperial pilot. The pilot is the same as the stormtroopers, except that whatever is white on the trooper, is black on the pilot, and whatever is black on the trooper, is gray on the pilot. The minifigures are great, and the only reason I bought the set. These are the first stormtroopers I have ever owned, however I am told that they are slightly different from previous incarnations. I would have prefered if TLC had simply included four stormtroopers, and left out the pilot, but I suppose it is more realistic if there is someone to fly it. On the plus side, the imperial pilot is a fairly rare minifigure, since we haven't seen a TIE in a while. The Back Here you see that TLC did not skimp on the detailing of the figs, and did some nice printing on the backs of the figures. Accessories/Weapons Four blasters (two long and two short) have been included. I would once again like to take this oppurtunity to thank the bright spark at TLC who thought of making detailed, molded blasters. Stickers/Decals Sadly, the DSS rears its ugly head in this set. Three stickers, all of a gray imperial symbol on a clear backdrop, have been included. I would have much prefered if TLC had just printed them. It boggles my mind as to why there are ever stickers in any set. I would be willing to pay a few dollars more for every set if they simply used prints instead of decals. The Imperial Dropship Wow.....Its.....Something...... Basically, I think this dropship looks like a pile of random bricks. It includes a nice mix of ordinary and unusual parts, but the end result leaves a lot to be desired. I just think TLC could have done something way better than this. There is a nice function that lets you drop the troops off by flipping up the rear fins, but it doesn't make up for the jumbled and ugly look of the actual vehicle. The cockpit was designed poorly too, it has no controls and there is a large open space on either side of the pilot. I'm glad this set came with some great figs.... Blaster Cannon This cannon, which can be found on either side of the dropship, looks okay but I think it would have been better if it could rotate side to side. Dropping Mechanism This is designed well and is very unobtrusive to the design of the ship. It really is one of the vehicles few redeeming qualities. Heres the dropship just after unloading the troop platform. And here it is having closed the rear-fin mechanism. Cockpit Canopy This is semi-transparent, and is a nice and useful mold for MOCs. Gun Holder The two long blasters can be placed in these holes, providing the ship with some extra armament. Entire Set Heres the dropship with the troops loaded! Design: 6/10 The dropship is really not that great. Playability: 7/10 The ship is sturdy and fun to swoosh. Minifigures: 10/10 They are perfect in every way. Price: 7/10 When you think about all your getting, this is definitey worth the price Ease of Build: 10/10 The instructions are unnecessary. Total: 40/50 Conclusion This set is sort of a mixed bag. On one hand, you have the poorly designed dropship. But on the other, you have great figs at an okay price and some interesting pieces and great playability. Basically, If your buying this for the minifigures, definitely pick it up. But if you are thinking about buying it for the vehicle, I think you will be disappointed. Thank you for reading my review of the Imperial Dropship. Questions, comments, and constructive critisisms are welcome. Could Someone please add a poll?
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    Medieval Church Diorama

    A while back I posted a church WIP. It's finished and I built a small diorama around it.
  7. Millacol88

    Medieval Church Diorama

    Yeah, I've been debating whether or not to modify it. if anything I'll just take out the bridge and move the river's path further away from the church. building up the ground to make the river look better isn't an option, as I haven't got the parts.
  8. Millacol88

    Medieval Church Diorama

    Sorry for the late reply, guys. I was really happy with the tree, the graveyard and the moved bell tower, but I could never quite get the river perfect. I think the shore would look better if made with mostly cheese slopes, but I'm done sinking money into this thing.
  9. Millacol88

    Baritones 3

    I'll play. 1. Your past Mafia experience (You must be a graduate of Mafia School or have played before) I played in Galactic Paranoia, Noir Mafia, Prohibition Mafia, Hogwarts Mafia and Eurodina. 2. Your availability to post frequently for the next 6-8 weeks I'll be available to play for this entire time period. 3. Applied knowledge of the board software's use of the term "portal" The frontpage by which the magic of EB is accessed. 4. Your most embarrassing moment (yes, there's a reason. If you don't want to share, make one up ) Falling up a flight of stairs.
  10. Belonging to the little-known bounty hunter son of Anakin Skywalker, this airspeeder terrorizes people all across the galaxy! Overall Side Back Foldout Side Cannons Cockpit The Man Himself
  11. Millacol88

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I think I'll take a pass on that advent calendar. Mini models are completely uninteresting to me, and I don't think the astromech and the Imperial Pilot will justify a purchase. Every other fig I have, except for that cheesy Santa-Yoda.
  12. Millacol88

    2011 Kingdoms + US prices

    I'm not sure, but I would expect around the same time as POTC or potentially in the summer like the last of the castle sets last year.
  13. Millacol88

    Gluing models

    From my (limited) experience making "glue & paint" models I learned that when it comes to gluing plastic, less is more. Just use a thin layer of cement on key areas and it should hold. Only using a little will also prevent glue seeping out and drying on the sides of your model.
  14. Millacol88

    Would you or have you ever painted bricks?

    I custom-painted a clone trooper once. Other than that, I've never done it. I would be wary of painting a part that might get used a lot, the paint would probably wear of pretty quickly.
  15. Millacol88

    [MOC] Da Vinci secret workshop

    Nice! The tank doesn't fit a minifigure does it? That would be awesome. And perhaps a mini model of his giant crossbow concept would make it perfect.
  16. Millacol88

    Eurodina - Day 11

    Fine, I'll vote: Horace Leg/Legonater.
  17. Millacol88

    Eurodina - Day 11

    Is that it, then? Should we try to go for a third? Are there even any other suspects?
  18. Millacol88

    Eurodina - Day 11

    I'm all for voting for the doctor if nothing else comes up.
  19. Millacol88

    Eurodina - Day 10

    I could go along with that. Vote: Sean/Sok117
  20. Millacol88

    Eurodina - Day 10

    Well then. Looks like this isn't going anywhere so... vote: Mike Collins/Millacol88. I think these new rules will do more harm than good (as we are already witnessing today).
  21. Millacol88

    Eurodina - Day 9

    Stash's list has been right so far, and Mrs. Nutter has done pretty much everything she could've done to piss of the crowd today. So I will Vote: Alice Nutter/Alice.
  22. Millacol88

    Eurodina - Day 8

    But its possible that when the godfathers get replaced after their death, the new one gets the converting abilities. That would give the scum a fair chance against such a large town.
  23. Millacol88

    Eurodina - Day 7

    And your name starts with an "R." Wait...R for Ronzini, it all makes sense now! You can't expect anyone to take you seriously.