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    Uhh... LEGO!
  1. Johan the Yellowhead

    CCC 14 - The Grand Bazaar

    This must be one of the most stunning and most beautiful creations I have ever seen. I am in awe!
  2. Johan the Yellowhead

    Corner Modulars, inverted (270°)

    Maybe I'm missing something, but how is the Assembly Square an inverted corner?
  3. Johan the Yellowhead

    Lego Modular City Square with all modulars!!!

    Wonderful! Truly marvelous. I'm wondering, Sjaak, what dimensions does your table have?
  4. Johan the Yellowhead

    The Ceasar Cinema

    Great set-up! And what a wonderful idea to make the screen detachable!
  5. Johan the Yellowhead

    [MOC] Victorian House Modular

    Really love the colour-scheme. Inspiring build and marvellous porch!
  6. Johan the Yellowhead

    Cafe Corner Interior

    As I have received a few requests concerning the LDD-files of my Cafe Corner interior, I will proceed by uploading them to this post. Have fun building and thanks for the requests! MOD INTERIOR - Cafe Corner First Floor.lxf MOD INTERIOR - Cafe Corner Second Floor.lxf MOD INTERIOR - Cafe Corner Third Floor.lxf
  7. Johan the Yellowhead

    MOC: Piazza Maria

    One word: incredible! Love the detail, the used colours, all of it!
  8. Johan the Yellowhead

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Is the free Spiderman Super Jumper set only available in stores or also through online shopping? I wanted to wait ordering the Ferris Wheel until now so I would also receive that set, but it does not show up in my shopping bag...
  9. Johan the Yellowhead

    Modular Buildings Together

    Hello Farfadette. Seeing as you are a first time poster, I would gladly remind you, you can PM me through Or otherwise you can ask your question through these forums!
  10. Johan the Yellowhead

    New 2015 sets not showing up on lego site

    Nothing here also (Holland), except for a gigantic sale on several (160) items, even on baseplates. Have I missed out on these before? They are all sold out now...
  11. Johan the Yellowhead

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Seeing as the hiatus in between the official modulars could take a while, I started collecting the pieces for a Blue Grocer, inspired by the one I saw on Eurobricks. With 1 PaB and 4 BrickLink orders underway, I expect to start building next week. I was able to scratch a lot of pieces from one older modular of mine (especially grey pieces), which left me paying less money than a modular would normally cost. Of course, I did some adjustments to the scarcer pieces, but these will hardly be noticed. Can’t wait to start!
  12. Johan the Yellowhead

    Lego World 2014 (NL)

    Visited LegoWorld today. Had a blast, but really missed the market. I went out with my wife and 16-month old son, so there was only little time to dig into the part buckets, and now reading of the SW minifigures in there I wish I really paid some closer attention... My wife scored the bulk of stuff, going all out on Friends. Being relatively new in the AFOL community, are there any worth mentioning real-time "markets" in Holland where you can buy parts?
  13. Johan the Yellowhead

    Brickgrrl's town-on-two-shelves (perpetual WIP)

    Can you take a close-up shot of your medieval market village modular? It looks awesome!
  14. Johan the Yellowhead

    MOD - Grand Emporium billboard

    I see you managed Benny. Awesome! That swipe of the spaceship: magnificent! Now, what shall I ask for this time... ;)
  15. Johan the Yellowhead

    MOC Grocery Store

    Love the way you incorporated some Fabuland pieces in there, if I'm not mistaken...