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  1. Thanks, I agree it was need to have them all setup together really made the sets stand out a little more. Thanks for the Welcome, this was a blast to do as a family thing I would eventually like to start collecting some classics, one of those being the Imperial Flagship. First have to sell the wife on dropping 300+ on a single Pirate Ship. It looks really cool though and would be a Great addition!
  2. Definitely below retail. All Sealed New. Ebay- Queen Annes Revenge- $95 Here are the prices I paid on Amazon, Black Pearl 4184- Order Total: $89.89 Whitecap Bay 4194 - Order Total: $63.47 The Mill 4183, Fountain of Youth 4192, Cannibal Escape 4182, Isla De Muerta 4181- Order Total: $98.27 London Escape 4193- Order Total: $37.99 Captain's Cabin 4191- Order Total: $13.66 Thanks for the welcome, Sorry to hear about the Financial difficulties. They do come around at times and definitely put a squeeze on Fun. Best of luck to you.
  3. eBay was high, I bought Queen Anne on eBay for $95 and everything else on Amazon. All brand new sealed. Very much worth it in my opinion and the Family and Kids had a blast doing it together.
  4. Thanks Hiawatha for the welcome. We had alot of fun and there is definitely more Legos in our Familys Future. Not sure which sets we will start getting next but for sure more will be coming.
  5. caughron01

    Port Royal LEGO-Styled instructions

    After building this I must say, The building front looked Great but..... Too many pieces left over, it called for pieces I didn't have, some parts were different than my actual parts, some of the layout pictures were very hard to tell where to put the parts. I ended up putting the sets back the way they were supposed to be, and definitely wouldn't do this again. Thanks for the hard work and the manual, don't mean to complain just the things I noticed while building it.
  6. I would love to, but I don't think I will... That one is a toss up. Gotta justify to the Miss spending more on 2 sets I have already to make something else out of it lol. Any idea how many peices are left over if I do this?
  7. caughron01

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Very Well Put. I agree that there were too many Jack's in the bunch, and that they are a little pricey. But I buy Legos for the fun of putting them together, after that they goto my Kid to play with or they sit on a shelf for looks. I don't get enjoyment of "playing" with them, therefore the playibility factor to me is out the window. I care about looks, detail, and quality. I think on the POTC sets for the Most part brought that to the table. There is no need to bash or about the POTC Lego sets, its too easy.... If you don't like them then don't buy them. As far as when I was younger I loved the classic pirate sets, as for today not so much. I think they lack in the realistic department. But hey that's my opinion as well as you all have yours so just enjoy what we get out of our Lego Sets and Have Fun! That's what it is all about!
  8. caughron01

    Black Peark & Queen Anne Combined/Merged

    Oh yes super quick, lol. It is very hard to move being so big. Thanks for the compliment.
  9. Here is what we did, I wanted to see if anyone else has done this. If I would like to see your pictures to see how it turned out. Eventually we are going to strip it down totally and build from scratch.
  10. caughron01

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Good Idea, going to do it now lol.
  11. caughron01

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    We were bored and combined the Black Pearl and Queen Anne, has anyone else done this?
  12. I am going to keep them set up, gotta get a shelf built for them probably my next weekend project. I may end up combining and making Port Royal. Still not sure if I am going to or not though.
  13. Black Pearl Stop Animation Build (some of the pictures were a little crappy but you get the idea, it was still fun to make)- My baby playing with his legos, My Older son, brother, and wifey,
  14. caughron01

    Port Royal LEGO-Styled instructions

    How many peices are left over from doing this? Thanks, JC