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  1. SuvieD

    The Lunacy of Lego Investors

    Buy a ton, sell a bunch, enjoy almost none. That was my LEGO motto for years without even realizing it. This is why I rarely do much with LEGO and certainly have not done much for three or four years. It is not investors or scalpers or anything like that, it is taking what was once a joyful hobby and monetizing every aspect of it to the point that I can't build a MOC without having little $ in my mind float over the pieces like some crazy google glass Twilight Zone episode. I just want my LEGO to be LEGO again! This whole topic drives me a little nuts. When I was little I would practically drool over the LEGO booklets advertising all the newest sets. I would make wish lists of the sets I would want and every once in a while fantasized about winning the Toys R Us shopping spree in which I would sprint to the LEGO aisle and load that cart down to overflowing. But . . . somewhere in all that I still spent hours playing with my blocks rather than just wishing for them. After years of finding ways to fill up those wish lists as they grew and changed with me, I found that LEGO as a hobby died and hocking plastic blocks had become my part time job. If that is okay for you guys then have at it. It was insanity for me. I kept thinking if I could sell a little more or get some extra sets on clearance to sell the joy of the hobby would return. It was killing it. Like a fire nearly snuffed out, I have had to tend it gently for a while now. I don't want it to die, I an not ready for that part of me to end. I can honestly say that my entire collection of LEGO is either "paid" for or "free" depending on how you look at it after selling stuff off for years. I am a #3 type of seller. Or at least I was. I have more than enough LEGO to be content (a large basement roomful to be exact) and anything I buy going forward will be fairly sparse. I think I would rather trade than deal with the crazy that LEGO resells for. The bit that always bothered me was in talking with someone that has the $ in their eyes. I want to find a few people who will trade or sell parts they don't want for what it cost them not what they can make off of them. More of a community of builders built on friendship rather than the business that it is lately. People like that seem hard to find. I am not saying I wouldn't or won't buy up some sets to scavenge parts I want and sell off the extras hoping to break even or with a pinch of profit. I did just buy 7 LotR sets with that purpose. I would just rather buy them and trade parts with someone who wanted what I didn't and might have something they could trade in return. As a recovering investor, I hope to enjoy this hobby for years to come and I look forward to sharing it with my still too young children. I just want them to enjoy building and imagination like I did when I was little rather than training up little investors with their own little $ floating in front of their eyes. Buy a little, sell a little, enjoy a lot! is my new motto.
  2. SuvieD

    Sci-Fi Armory

    The bigger setup reminds me of the military bases in Fallout (the original). The lack of color gives it a depressive sterile feel. If you want additional color though, I always liked having some trans parts. The trans red and medium blue grill tiles would probably work nicely. I think you should add some sort of automated defense for the room also. That many weapons unguarded seems . . . perfect
  3. SuvieD

    Glow in Dark Mech

    Try using a blacklight on this. The trans-neon green and orange both "glow" under a black light like the glow in the dark does. I think it will look brighter that way.
  4. I didn't see anything about colors being listed but I would not want any of the animals in colors we currently have except maybe the crab. Jaguar x1 -5pts (spotted or panther in black, I am thinking Caribbean Sea area) Monkey x1 -3pts (preferably in black ) Turtle x1 -3pts (dark green ) is this a sea turtle or land based? Lobster x1 -1pt Crab x1 -1pt Seagull x1 -1pt
  5. SuvieD

    First MOC: Troll Raptor Mount

    Well, now here is an improvement. The 5 bladed spear is a weapon you seem to like so use it. Having a weapon like that is fine. I mentioned before why I wouldn't use one and it basically comes down to the fact that it can be just as much a liability as a tool. Samurai ran on foot with platform shoes. Raptors have bird like legs and would run faster than horses. I am not even sure a raptor could be ridden any better than an ostrich, but a floppy cloth at foot speeds is nothing compared to a drag chute of that size on this guy outrunning horses. The new armor is stylish and useful in dismount. Even has one for a friend, how thoughtful. The saddle and bone motif fits well and does have that "I'm a troll, and we eat fleshy meatsacks like you crownies" feel. All in all, this feels like a better version. Your first showing was, like warhammer, quite showy and pushing the fantasy believability. This one looks and feels appropriate sized, has a setup I find more believable, and leaves the shock and awe for a later vignette or battle scene. I still want to see how the troll gets on, that chain makes me assume the raptor is only tolerating being ridden. If you need a banner, I would use a standard spear as it doubles as an extra weapon.
  6. SuvieD

    First MOC: Troll Raptor Mount

    Well, you welcomed this. I love the idea you have going here. I don't love the execution of it. Raptors should be fast raiders or deadly scout type forces. More like LotR's wargriders or fantasy crotch rockets. Your design features a large clunky saddle, an armored orc with a heavy ended long weapon, and a standard that would wobble all over the place and catch the wind. All of which would destroy any speed or surprise you would want out of this type of predator. These could also get problematic in a fight against ranged opponents as you have created a larger target. If this was the sturdy Triceratops having those extras sure I would say fine. Think of weapons or tools that support this type of role in an army. What if this was an advanced archery group. Ride in fast and hard, take a quick stop, unleash hate from your crossbow, and then make a hasty zigzagging retreat to reload. What is these were disruptive forces that carried only nets and knives. They would pin down enemy soldiers, especially armored foes that even your current design might have trouble with, and then move in for a strike or let another fighter finish the job. Lastly, what if these were elite knights of a sort and carried only a shield and lance (which could double as a standard) and were meant to ride down leaders or ranged units. A hammer could work well too but fine metal work or anything that could catch (like the current weapon) is a wasted value as it will more likely lead to the orc's death as likely as it would anyone else's. Bottom line: the current design does feel very showy or "hollywood" if you will. If you took some of the flash away and focused more on what role it would play these could be better. Avoid parts or weapons that would imbalance the beast or rider, make it a smaller target, and give it a more specialized role. Concept and colors all look great. Would love to see this be your test idea and see it expand into something better.
  7. I'm in. Put me where you need an extra member. Still working on a map and making good progress. Without even trying it seems to fit these guild names pretty well. Expect something preliminary by Saturday.
  8. SuvieD

    Historical stimulus package

    Guild name idea brainstorming: Fire - Earth - Wind - Water . . . and heart, by your powers - oh nevermind Courage - Wisdom - Power - Balance North - South - East - West Empire - Monarchy - Republic - Tribe - Technocracy War - Peace - Freedom - Power Red - Blue - Yellow - White (LEGO's origin colors) Hare - Fox - Crow - Toad (using existing factions might be too close to picking an affinity) Craftsmen - Artisan - Trader - Sheriff or Goods - Skills - Money - Law Shogun - Baron - Chief - Sheriff Ruby - Emerald - Topaz - Amethyst - and so on, any four will do except maybe diamond as they generally as viewed as superior Pawn - Peasant - Peon - Proletarius and I am finished. I tried to come up with terms that could be viewed as equals within each set but each as unique concepts.
  9. bringing bricky back . . . yeah!

  10. SuvieD

    Historical stimulus package

    I have already started a map. Regardless of the poll outcome, I will try me hand at it. Perhaps it could be the base product for an eventual micromap. As of right now, I am planning on a more colorful version with loosely based factional areas from the newer series. This will allow everyone to participate with either new sets or finding places for an older series to find a home. I can easily see the old dragon knights being the ancestral home or ruins of the current dragons and so forth. I even have ideas for new unpeopled /hidden realms that would allow for idea expansions or possible contests. I have tried my hand at maps before and I think I could get something nice together in the end. Used or not, it will be good practice for a pet project I have going. I drop a note or prelim. on my progress next week.
  11. PM me an approximate amount you have to spend on parts. I am looking to get rid of all my tan parts, and a good amount of the other colors you are looking for. Obviously you will not want it all but I do enjoy unloading this stuff in bulk for a fair price to a fellow EBer rather than sell it off piece by piece on Bricklink.
  12. The decals turned out marvelously. Other than the fixable vest prints I would have to say these look superior to the originals even with the larger sized emblems. You didn't say how much it cost you to get these printed up though. Would you mind telling us? Also, do you plan on sharing the corrected file? I know that right now EB is trying to ensure the history forum remains exciting and I can see that having some of your templates in a photoshop or illustrator file could be put to good use by other members trying to design decals. I am excited to see this finished up.
  13. SuvieD

    Historical stimulus package

    If you are not in a rush I can certainly help with a map. I would love to take part in a battle scene contest, I have in the past at other sites but they are rarely held it seems and I would like something annual and predictable for dates. I am only now finding time to dive into my collection after several very busy years and will certainly add what I can in terms of MOCs and general forum support. A fellow in need is a fellow in deed. Count me in for keeping history booming here at EB.
  14. SuvieD

    MOC: Hold the line!

    I feel this need too. The color would suit your setup nicely. I can't help but think that you need more space bazooka action in here somewhere too.
  15. Color is a fickle and interesting mistress to deal with. You never know what she will want to dress in and often times she looks better in her raw forms. With space I like to mix it up by faction, then use, next rank, and finally by personal touches. For example, a more modern Blacktronesque group could use a blended palette from previous sets mixed with modern colors or tweaked to fit best within a collection. Not everybody has piles of trans yellow or red floating around of course. Black underbody, greebled portions, and wings/wheels will go nicely with white armored and propulsion bits. Toss in some dark red or lime green for weapons and you will have a decent color setup. I personally like to have weapons trans separate from windscreen trans and sometimes thrust too. It is not so much the colors you use or want to use. It is much more in that the color you choose has purpose. The Imperial ships in Star Wars look sleek and color coordinated while the rebel ships had a more patched together feel. Is one better than the other though? I have seen MOC's in nearly every color look both amazing and horrible. It the mocists intent, design, and often their willingness to redesign that lets them use some trial and error to create that sweeter than honey combo. I like it more old school when it comes to both building and color. So if it doesn't have studs showing or couldn't stand in for a neon sign at least in some ways it just doesn't sit right as a space MOC for me.