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  1. Cerator

    MOC: Insect Collection!

    Wow! Really cool insects! And so many NPUs there...
  2. Cerator

    Expand the Winter Village Contest III Voting Topic

    And here's my voting: 1. stebai - 1 21. Kristel - 1 6. sdrnet - 1 22. sonicstarlight - 1 2. herrJJ - 1
  3. Cerator

    MSCF: Space Communications Relay 24

    Well... Maybe I'll build a bit of the asteroid to add to it.
  4. Cerator

    FAPC Voting Thread

    Rather difficult to choose... 17. Attack of the Fish - cmaddison - 2 point 63. Nutcracker Mech - Classicsmiley - 1 point 12. Warpig Mech - genecyst - 1 points 39. Dawn of Man- Praiter Yed - 1 point
  5. Cerator

    MSFC Voting Thread

    Let me just state: 5 points are too few for this amount of amazing entries! Here come five (almost) randomly chosen entries of my personal top 10! 13. Invasion! - 4estFeller - 1 point 21. Containment Breach - phuonom - 1 point 23. Micro USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Bridge - toutouille - 1 point 72.The City of Tomorrow - touthomme - 1 point 83. Dark Shadows Over The Colony - Mr.Brickman - 1 point
  6. Cerator

    Avatar Contest Voting thread

    Here is my voting: 30. Holodoc 51. Brickington 4. Kristel 35. aemil 22. Oky I love the holomatrix disturbances!
  7. Here's my entry for the Microscale SciFi Contest. Built on an asteroid not too far away this Space Communications Relay allows the contact to our more distant colonies.
  8. Cerator

    Sci-Fi your Avatar Contest!

    Finally scified my avatar! There wasn't much left after conserving the head for future generations...
  9. Cerator

    EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    1 by NinjaNin - 2 points 16 by Hammerstein NWC - 1 point Those two entries have the best "cover feeling" for me.
  10. 1 point to those five entries: 2. Cemetery by L-space 6. Botanic Garden by lego_legis_legere 10. Recycling Station by LegoJalex 15. Garden Pavilion by Oky 24. Ice Cream Parlour by Bernd
  11. Cerator

    Modular Madness: Playground

    B-OM-31E I also had the idea for a modular playground, but see for your self: playground_01 This is an overview. To be able to use all the available space the construction company omitted the fence. Might not be safety compliant. Might have been their last works contract for a playground. playground_02 A girl building her sand castle while her mother relaxes on one of the benches. And there's even a pram! playground_03 He is enjoying the slide! And I hope you enjoyed this entry, too.
  12. Cerator

    Fairy Tale Vignettes

    I really like your vignettes. For me Rapunzel is the best one! (I love the tower!) I also planned to do some fairy tale inspired MOCs... Maybe I'll wait a little longer... Hmmm... Where is the autumn foliage from? (Can't find any of those colors on BrickLink!)
  13. Cerator

    Friendsify Your Avatar!

    Pfff... Just found out that you can change photo or avatar and of course I only changed photo and wondered why I didn't see the changed avatar... Now is everything fixed and I should also be eligible for participating in the contest!
  14. Our wedding anniversary inspired me to rebuild our wedding photo in Lego. Partly a forced perspective experiment I'm very happy with the outcome! wedding_anniversary P.S.: I hope this forum is the right one... After all, the bride (apart from the skirt) and the groom (apart from the head) are from the CMF series...
  15. Cerator

    [MOC] Imperial March

    Hmmm... I hope it's ok to post it here... A grand piano