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  1. Micro scale Neo CS Display

    Thanks. Yes I got some new parts including these 1x2 curved corner slope. It's my contribute to that contest You mentioned.
  2. Micro scale Neo CS Display

    So I finally choose to scale down a bit and go for a challenge in micro scale size. I never done this before, only seeing some pictures and to couple of sets. It's build on a 16x16 plate and it features a base, a spaceship, a platform and a crater/vulcano part. It was quite funny to build this and imagine the minifig mocs squeezed down, but still looking to be recognized.
  3. LL 946 Two man fighter

    Thanks for the comment. I do have the Patroller still, so I will post some pictures of them together.
  4. LL 946 Two man fighter

    In addition to my LL 936 Patroller, I wanted to make a even bigger ship in that style. So the concept is the same in many ways, except the size, cockpit and details. I really like the idea of piping/bar greebles being the basic start for the shape and how the wings can be tilted.
  5. LL 940 Space Tanker

    For my ever expanding fleet of Neo CS spaceships, it does require a fuel and supply tanker. I got inspired by some of the spaceships from the SW episode 2. I choose the newest cockpit window to get the bubble curve effect. In the mid section the fuel tank is placed, Using half cylinders, snotted down and finish of with round plate and round tiles. Finish of in the back with som greebles and tools. The underside is detailed with 3 hower dish engines.
  6. LL 936 Patroller

    Latest addition to my expanding Neo CS fleet is this new spaceship, the LL 936 Patroller. I went back a little comparing to my other designs and focused more on snotted sloped wings to try to relate to the old sets. The wings are tilted down a bit to give a better effect.
  7. My Baker

    A couple of months ago, I choose to take a step back from my Neo CS mocs and build something way different. I have had this idea to build a fully detailed bakery, inspired by a former bakery where I used to work. After 2 months it was completed and I am very excited to show You. More pictures on my flickr.
  8. The Neo CS Fleet

    Before i build my big spaceport, I had to build the most important things, the spaceships - and that is my favourite thing to build. Using different styles and designs I created a nice fleet. Many are inspired by the vic viper design with the 2 prongs As a start I mainly begin witj the cockpit shape. See You in Space.
  9. Ticondaroca Spaceport

    A couple of yaers ago, I had this crazy idea to build a big Neo Classic Spaceport. Before this, I have only been building large spaceships, so it came to quite a challenge. After 9 months the project was done and the journey towards shows was next. Started with a 2 month exhibition in a large shopping mall in Copenhagen. After that, Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek was next and finally Lego World Copenhagen. Today the base is scrapped down and new projects are rising.
  10. Skylar Landing Tower

    This landing tower was made back in May for a upcoming show to the annual show in the Danish Rlug. The 4 platforms are made as a fan, using wedge plates with the wedge sides facing each other. to get the curve.
  11. All Terrain Dual Rocket Launcher

    Well Classic Space has never been meant for war, but peacefull explorations. This truck is indeed a rocket launcher, with the goal to launch rockets for science..However Your imagination choose the purpose..
  12. All Terrain Dual Rocket Launcher

    I have choosen to direct You to my flickr link, where better and bigger pictures can be uploaded.
  13. All Terrain Dual Rocket Launcher More pictures on this link.
  14. All Terrain Dual Rocket Launcher

    I know:-) I only have camera on my phone to use. Thanks for the nice words.
  15. All Terrain Dual Rocket Launcher

    Thank You. I do have a flickr account: