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    <p> I am a 42 year old Lego Fan from Denmark. I like classic space and has build in that theme for many years. </p>

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  1. spaceman76

    The Kings Great Hall

    In addition to building castles, I wanted to build a room from a castle and scale up the size for better details and size. The choice came with The Kings Great Hall. The frame is 3 bricks tall, giving the depth to fit in cheese slopes and shield tiles for the tiled mosaic floor. Also the frosted windows is cheese slopes fitted tight in a frame ang get a beautyfull pattern. The columns are the idea from @ranghaal i have used. The King sits on his throne, guarded by his life guards.
  2. spaceman76

    "future metropolis"

    As I have seen many of your other mocs, this one is among the best. Great details and color choice. Also there are many fun stories to see and how an imaginary dystopia world could look like.
  3. spaceman76

    Krimh Castle

    Tha villain Prince Oleg of Krimh lives here in this old small castle. His ancestors raised the castle and after overthrowing the legal heir to the throne, he is now hiding here protected by his best guards. In this build I have focused on capturing a dark feeling. Especially color combinations. In addition to more used colors for walls I used sand blue parts. It works very well with black and dark blue. The challenge with sand blue parts, is the limits of parts, especially snot bricks. Many of the techniques is build up behind the walls and then build forward again. The corner tower was really difficult to build because of the limited space inside. Here a stroll to you all.
  4. spaceman76

    [MOC] Medieval Countryside Layout

    Great work guys. I really love the feeling and atmosphere.
  5. spaceman76

    Braunschweiger Schloss

    In addition to my minifig size castle mocs, I have over some time build on a micro scale castle. Being inspired, I wanted to take up the challenge and see how good I could do it. Also being creative using less parts, but still get the detail and shape right. The rock piece is build up using chains of mixel hinges and shape them up to create the curves.
  6. spaceman76

    Donnuttar Castle

    Thanks. Be carefull on buying them. Most bl shops have them mixed up in both the old and new sprue design. I asked the bl shop if he had the old one, even send him a picture, but I still got both types. Many dont bother, because the sprues are just left over.
  7. spaceman76

    Donnuttar Castle

    He he thanks. Well as a member af a castle club, I had to find a proper name for this build. Many of my other castle mocs, has either a title because of certain history and others are because of some kind of action taken place. I thought this name was kinda cool and not so known.
  8. spaceman76

    Donnuttar Castle

    Thanks. The diagonal stripes on the gatehouse, is plates in angled position to get the tilt effect. At each end of those plates I put a cheese slope, where the angle on the slope should fit the wall next to it and minimize the gaps. It other words its nested to to fit tightly. On the backside of the plate structure I build a support wall to make sure it couldnt fall out. About the landscape colors, I will might chose some more variation. The dark tan tooth pieces are just some wild flowers.Thanks for your comment
  9. spaceman76

    Donnuttar Castle

    In the year 1139, the Scottish King Cuthred lived in this castle and became his prior residence. His Kingdom was wast and streched along the northern coastline. Before he came to live in here, the castle was a part of a big defence plan, to ensure safety along the coast. During times of war, the walls were pretty worn and shows signs of decay. When the King moved in, he restored the walls and the house. The project has taken about 4 months to build. First the landscape plate, building in many directions to create the natural formation. The hexagonal towers was quite a challenge to make it fit and be strong. Especillay closing the gaps between each corner side. The towers are build in separate modules and can be removed. Next came the outer walls, the house and the wood floor. Finally the castle is done and I am proud to share it with you.
  10. spaceman76

    The Muddy Wiskah Bog

    Deep inside a forrest, by the edge of a muddy bog, stands The Kings outpost tower. This is The Kings way of making sure that no one passes without permission. Now the build itself features many techniques and styles, to make it look as natural as possible. I like autumn colors, because it make the feeling more rough and wast. The start was pretty basic, building the landscape base, making sure of the size. Next was the rock and how the elevate it to make the bog fit underneath. It worked pretty good, because i build the bog in an hidden box with wedge edges, so the bog is in an angled position. The tower pillars and arches was very important, because I wanted to tower to be above the bog. Moving on to the tower on the gate door. First i didnt plan on how they would enter the tower, so I rebuild the entrance part, adding the curved staircase. The staircase is build up with a 2 layred beam of swivel hinges, mounted on brackets by the top and end. The door frame is also snot build with brackets to make the archway around the door fit as tight as possible. The wooden door frame detail is chain links, and is only resting on top of the door. Finally moving on with tudor houses and the final walls leading towards the top. Please enjoy and comment if you like.
  11. spaceman76

    “ Let him pass “

    Thank you. The dark orange and dark red ground along the stone path is just to capture the autumn feel.
  12. spaceman76

    “ Let him pass “

    Thanks, however there is no white colors in this build. Only dbg and lbg😊
  13. This is The city Gates to Morwen, my new moc that I completed today. It has taken me about 1,5 months to build. Starting af with the base landscape, then moving on to the build. The 2 towers are build at the same time and after a certain hight, I started with the curved gate arch. The arch is build up with swivel hinges, stretching over 16 studs. After that, the tudor house was build, using some fun techniques, especially flex tubes for the walls and the roof. After the tudor house, the towers were completed reaching a good hight. Next was the nature foilage and the old tree.
  14. spaceman76

    Medieval street

    This is a really great build. Many good details and color schemes too. The croocked roofs and tilted walls is really an important detail.
  15. spaceman76

    King Edwards Villa

    Thanks for your kind words. Yeah Ranghaal has a been a big inspiration to me. About the exposed studs from the baseplates, they will all be covered with a layer of blue plates and then trans dark blue tiles. Its the final touch for my lake project, so a lot of water. Its all build up in modules, about 20 of them.