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    <p> I am a 42 year old Lego Fan from Denmark. I like classic space and has build in that theme for many years. </p>

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  1. spaceman76

    King Edwards Villa

    Thanks for your kind words. Yeah Ranghaal has a been a big inspiration to me. About the exposed studs from the baseplates, they will all be covered with a layer of blue plates and then trans dark blue tiles. Its the final touch for my lake project, so a lot of water. Its all build up in modules, about 20 of them.
  2. spaceman76

    King Edwards Villa

    Thanks its an technique, using 3 different parts. 1 headlight brick, 1 1x2 plate with round corners and 2 1x1 round plates. This tower has 24 small sides to create a cylinder.
  3. spaceman76

    King Edwards Villa

    For the past 3 months I have been working on the last step of my expanding medieval project. The Kings villa. A word I became familiar with, during the HBO series Vikings. Its an old Roman castle that later on was taken over by a King. During the protection of the castle an outer wall was build, but later became a ruin during many attempts to seige it. The build itself has been an fantastic journey for me. Being inspired by other great castle builders, it was a big help for me. Many funny techniques has been used, such as the small links as wood tudors. Its build up in modulars to make it more easy to handle and transport. I would like to give a shout it to Ranghall and Luke Alexander Watkins as inspiration. Lets see some pictures.
  4. spaceman76

    The Chapel of Lindisfarne

    As I have completed my latest layout last year, I choose to add some extra buildings, so the layout can be more flexible in size and content. Because the lake is modular, its easy to make it fit depending on the show and transport. After the watchtower was done, a friend of mine suggested that I should build a medieval inspired chapel. He found a some pictures online and send them to me. One particular stod out and I choose to go with that in mind. First I build the landscape island, where others were build with wedge plates, this one is 1x2 dark green slopes snotted in many levels. Now the chapel is build as an octogonal shape with 9 studs between each joint. Most important in the lower part is the frosted mosaic windows. Next section was build seperately, so its modular in 2 sections. As I reached the roof, I started to doubt how I could make it work and fit. It took many tests to finally nail it. The first part of the roof is tiltes with hinges in the back and attatched to a center beam in the middle of the structure. Next up was the mid part of the roof, and it really made troubles for me. I came down to a solution to use magnets, so the small panels can come off. Above the center beam I added magnets to where the panels should fit and on the back of each panel another magnet. It works really good and holds a strong position. In between the panels, there are some gabs that I filled up with some beams of 1x2 round brick. The greenery is not much, but a twisted gnarly tree makes it all look great. I also added some wild growing stems crawling of the walls. Overall I think this one is one of my best mocs ever. Please enjoy and comment if you like.
  5. spaceman76

    Barnsdale Watchtower

    Since the lake was finished, I have had time to get my inventory updated and added many new parts. But also a new build, a watchtower. That was again something I have never done before and spend much time to come up with ideas and design. A few months ago, I started to follow a german builder on Flickr, Ralf Langer. He build some fantastic things, including medieval builds. Once in a while he reveals his techniques and that was my inspiration to the tall cylinder wall. In the way of styles to make a wall look old and weathered, this wall is made with rings of mixels hinges. These hinges can twist and bend in many ways and makes it a perfect use for a stone wall. Each ring is completed in size and then placed on to up the one below. In 4 different spots, the rings are attatched to eachother with plates inside the cylinder. Once a ring is in position, tiles are put on the studs. Keep in mind that each ring have to be adjusted before you can add the tiles.
  6. spaceman76

    Barnsdale Lake

    So since my last activity here, I have been working with getting all my medieval builds into a layout. Last year after the latest build, I thought of ideas to what landscape it could work with. Since all houses are build on small islands with many colors, i transfered it into a big lake as being the world. The lake souroundings and all the water was not that hard to pull of. Placing the houses and connecting them with woodbridges was a way to do it. Also i made some smaller boats and a few riverrafts. It finally was completed during december 2019 and ik february 2020 it had its debut in Legoworld Copenhagen. All the water is a big puzzle with a number line up to make it easy to set up.
  7. spaceman76

    Townsends Blacksmith

    Here is my newest build to a forthcoming layout. Townsends Blacksmith is open and is happy to have work to do. Him and his partner Svenn, can make almost anything. Horseshoes, brackets, swords, chains.
  8. spaceman76

    Glenns Tavern

    I have some more mocs in this theme on page 2. Totally 7 mocs so far. Thanks for you comment.
  9. spaceman76

    Glenns Tavern

    Here is Glenns Tavern and are open today with eel pie and meat on the menu. I spend a lot of time to make the roof look like its falling apart, using net with tiles.
  10. spaceman76

    Lochloyals Stable

    The highly respected Lochloyal has finally got his horse stable build.
  11. spaceman76

    The Windmill

    Now the windmill is really something i am proud of. Inspired by lego designer Markus Rollbuhler, i modified his cone roof technic. Its mecanic clip arms, that can hold 2 cheese slopes. Each ring is a brown wheel, where i extend the diameter to make it fit the base cylinder of the mill in diameter. Each ring has different combination of parts to create the cone shape.
  12. spaceman76

    Sullivans House

    And finally the 5 th house.
  13. spaceman76

    O’Keefes House

    Next up is another house. Again I worked with color combinations to make it rough amd weathered.
  14. spaceman76

    Zaful the Witch house

    In every small village, a Witch is living. Zaful is doing her witchcraft.
  15. spaceman76

    Flannagans house

    Here the second house.