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  1. Hmm, I checked the steps, there is still cracking on gears 3 and 4. Even Sariel's YouTube video confirms this.
  2. It was mind bogglingly complex to figure out how the transmission works. I followed the steps mechanically while building. But now after observing the chassis, I think I have figured it out. Engine revolution is transferred via passenger side red shaft to 4-speed gearbox at the back of the chassis. After speed reduction, it transfers [from rear] via passenger side grey shaft to front and then goes to DNR/Hi-Lo clutches. From there it transfers to center differential and then to front and rear differentials and finally to wheels. So the path is: engine -> [red shaft] -> rear gearbox -> [grey shaft] -> middle gearbox -> differentials -> wheels Have I got it correct?
  3. I have built the chassis so far [step 302] and bit disappointed. The gear shifting is not smooth at all. Gear 1-2 works OK-ish but gear 3-4 quite bad, especially at Hi gear mode. Some cogs are cracking. There is one YouTube video which discusses this. The root cause seems to be too many cogs and UV joins transfering motion in non-linear fashion. Even after following the suggestions in above video it is still not smooth and engine pistons are jerking. Feels like TLG did not even properly test the model before releasing to market.
  4. I take back my words in my previous post above. After building the Land Rover chassis, I am disappointed. The mechanisms do not work at expected. There is lot of cracking noise. I have followed steps correctly. I saw videos in YouTube complaining about same issue. The UV joins behave in a non-linear fashion which compounded the problem. The Porsche transmission was simpler but lot more fun. This Land Rover is more of a display model rather than having playability.
  5. I wonder if this set will replace 8880 from all time best Technic car to take that crown.
  6. This is exacly how Lego Technic should be. Small, not too demanding to build, inexpensive and plenty of functions to play with. Larger Technic sets are now a chore to build.
  7. mobi

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I think this Chiron is more complex than it should be. I feel Lego Technic has crossed the U-curve. More parts does not mean better model. The happiness does not become double if transmission is 8-speed compared to 4-speed. Based on the reviews I watched so far, I don't think I have the patience to assemble the Chiron. On top of that, Chiron is not that much different from Porche 911. A 4WD Landrover would have been better.
  8. mobi

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    That's my question too. TLG seems to introduce models with scales all over the places. I think among the trucks, Mercedes Arocs is still the best. I'd skip this Mack truck. Just can't get excited over it. Hopefully 2018 2H would see more interesting Technic sets.
  9. mobi

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    So that makes it smaller scale than 42043 Arocs then? I think 42043 is 17 cab 19 stud chassis IIRC.
  10. Is the Mac truck in a smaller scale compared to Arocs truck?
  11. mobi

    TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    From the same Brickset news link
  12. mobi

    TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    I am not sure if bootlegs are to be blamed here entirely. Lego historically never had market outside developed world, due to high cost (compared to per capita income in most Asian/African countries). Bootlegs are doing good in those markets and it is bit naive to think that without bootlegs people would have bought the real thing (similar to claming big films losing money to pirates, as if all watching pirated films would have gone to theatres instead). Also, for complex themes like Technic, bootlegs are no match. However, for basic/easy themes, bootlegs are often as good as real Lego. Since, we don't know Lego sales numbers by geography and theme, all we can do is speculate. I heard rumors that their USA market has performed poorly. But I agree about the comment on having too many lines/themese. Tesco has decided to reduce 90 types of cereals into 20 because they discovered Lidl is doing much better with only 10 types! Same for Apple, they just sell iPhone, iPads and Macbooks. It is better to have fewer themes and focus on them.
  13. How the Mack truck will be different in terms of functions compared to Merc Arocs truck? Unless a gearbox is added, it is hard to beat 42043.
  14. What happened to next super car? There were rumors that Porsche was one of many such yet to come!
  15. mobi

    TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    It was kind of expected especially when last CEO left after a very short tenure. However, getting rid of so many people just because revenue is slightly less does not look very good on TLG.