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  1. Really cool gothic chapel! It is a style we see too rarely, and this is executed excellently. I really like the flying buttresses and ornamentation, and the interior looks good too. The Indiana Jones like secret passage is fun, and I like the way you have worked around the quiver story here. OBVIOUSLY, the real quiver is in Kings Port where OL handed it to Terraversan safekeeping (or is it?) but I like how you picked up on mystery and the "replica". Well done!
  2. Excellent democracy you have going on here! (I actually chuckled out loud) Nice story and fine build - Is that something you have posted in full earlier? Looks very interesting!
  3. Really cool interior. The furniture is well done throughout. I am a bit torn on the clipping you seem to have used on the globe. It creates a nice result, but since it can't be recreated in real bricks, I am a bit sceptical. Very creative nonetheless and good build (and story) for increasing shiplevels!
  4. Bregir

    [OL - FB] Lavalette Mint Royale

    Really nice to see a large scale collab! The builds are overall very nice and you bluecoats are really pulling together a lot of effort. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be either the nodding donkey or the inspector, but they are all very nice! Good job.
  5. I agree with Ayrlego on the sluce - Very well done. Nice to see some panning - don't think we've had many prospecting builds in this line. One thing I note is that you have the water level over some of your rocks, which makes it look a little odd to see them unsubmerged. Nice use of colour on the shore, though. Incidentally, they seem to suggest iron well
  6. Excellent work. As for licensing, I would guess artisan or commerce, depending on the nature of each shop, and I'd say it passes for a royal property. The court may want to go through it and see if any parts need a bit of updating, but I doubt that should be an issue.
  7. Bregir

    [GoC] Class 4 Xebec - Dirty Rat

    She is a beauty, Tom! I am really impressed with her curves and overall shape. As Kurigan said, the main is probably a bit short, and to my taste, I would probably have given the mizzen a rake similar to the main, although I am not sure if that would be historically accurate though! To me, she does look a bit chubbier than your typical Xebec, which I think is very well suited for a merchant Xebec. Further sheer could perhaps help make her somewhat more rakish looking, but all in all, this is an excellent build! Your pride in the beakhead is well-placed as in your use of slopes. Would she be buildable in real bricks? A definite from me on the GoC. And on that, is she going to be given to COR? I seem to remember that the challenge stipulates that some of the vessels must be given to the crown, but we never discussed how to handle "foringers" joining. At the very least, we will pay handsomely for the moc, if it is for Corlander use.
  8. What stuff! All will come in its own time! I was thinking about this just the other day, but challenge builds are taking precedence. Perhaps we could work it into our ETTC collab? (for tthe building part) And I might just call the IC meeting in the ETTC topic for IC discussions. On the build, this is a lovely example of what elevation can do to a build. You have the varying materials as the eye moves up, nice irregularities and details, and a wonderful depth to a otherwise small footprint build. And having just struggled with a waterwheel recently, I'd love to see a few more details on how you made yours. As always, Montoya is happy to meet up with Allcock. In reality, I am sure they are discussing some absurd Terraversan petrel or herb rather than something actually useful!
  9. Ok - @KotZ, @Thomas Waagenaar and I are now a team - we do potentially have room for one more, if anyone is up for it. Perhaps a Rat or a Greenie? (I will set up a pm shortly)
  10. I will just post a reminder for my ideas for Cat D, if anyone would like to join? Seems like it may be close to what @Thomas Waagenaar is considering?
  11. Ok, I'll try to pick this thread up a bit more actively going forward - I have been sadly remiss in giving feedback here, for which I apologise. @Spud The Viking: I think she is looking absolutely fabulous. At first glance, she has the look of a warship proper with that neat row of gunports, but on second look, she also has a wide rounded bow and a deep hold. She seems to embody the perfect midpoint between warship and merchant, as indiamen often had. I really like the colourscheme and overall shape. You have achieved a very nice rounded hull and good tumblehome. I have two small suggestions for her hull-shape. First, at the end of the sides towards the bow, you have a very vertical two studs of side. Perhaps finding a sloped block or similar for the top could make that look less pronounced? Second, your aft cabin is sitting very square on the hull, which sort of breaks her sheer (curve from bow to stern). The red plate underneath at the far end even reverses the sheer a little bit, which looks a bit abrupt. Continuing the curve of the sheer to the cabin could perhaps make it look a little more elegant. You also have some nice deck details and railings, and your cabin is overall very nicely ornamented. Capstan and grating are excellent, and details like the ladder, headrails and the use of flowers really add to it. I think you might regret the (lack of) strength for your chainplates, though, when you start rigging her. Once you start setting up shrouds, you will have some considerable stress on them, and I am not quite convinced your construction, while very good looking, will prove strong enough in that regard, depending of course on how tight you set up the rigging. Overall, an excellent ship - she will do the crown proud, I am sure!
  12. Nice clean room with just the right amount of details to make it look real. You could potentially have added some ornamented overhang to the top of the walls to represent stucco and raise the walls a bit to make it looks like a higher ceiling. The hanging drapes and lamps break up the walls nicely, and I enjoy your Lego art. It's slight confusing that the clerics are in the same colour as the statues. Do your statues reference some specific works, or are they original works? Overall well done!
  13. Not what I expected from the title, but I like both concept and execution. Well done!
  14. I too eyed the technique for a while before figuring it out - very cleverly done! (Although I can only imagine how complicated it must be to make structurally sound!) One thing I wonder, though. It seems like there are very specific rank requirements to be fetching mushrooms! Excellent build all around.
  15. Bregir

    [GoC] Wullham Shipyard and Drydock

    Excellent shipyard, Wellesley. I like the inclusion of both a slipway and a drydock, and the crane and other implements. Well done. The birds are exceptional. Either I have forgotten writing that letter as Fletcher, or you have taken a bit of a liberty with my character, but no harm done. Is it correct that you used this build as background build for your intro, or similar? Since it hasn't been licensed before, I don't see a problem, but just want to preempt anyone thinking it has been unfairly repurposed. Have you ever shared the template for those coats? I think the rolling waves are very well done too. Evan's comments on photography are spot one - I would suggest finding a good uniform background for your pictures going forward. I use a large rollerblind, as it has little tendency to crease. Overall, obviously a GoC from me. Since a shipyard is producing goods, it would either be factory or artisan. I would suggest a factory, as it seems like large scale standardised production, but it could also be artisan.
  16. Excellent concept and execution - I like the details you have been able to show in your silhouette, it is very well done. One question I have is how these things were then scaled down for a locket or similar?
  17. A few hours ride from Westface up the Drake River, a small delegation of Corlanders iss watering their horses at a Terraversan watermill in the early dusk. Captain Brickleton, Lord Spud, and Consul Montoya are discussing the situation, while young Baker is tending the horses. "Reports indicate that Oldis has retreated to Pamu with his forces after the defeat of Kings Port, where he has linked up with the large force of Eslandian mercenaries landed there to support him. They are still outnumbered by the Oleonese force in Kings Port, but not by a great margin." Captain Brickleton said, reiterating the tactical situation on the island. "Indeed, Captain. A very similar situation to our own in Westface: Potentially outnumbered by the Bluecoats, should they single us out!" Lord Spud exclaimed sternly. "Perhaps the honourable consul can expand on the diplomatic situation?" "Ser?!" Lord Spud repeated at Montoya. "I could swear those are Phasianus Celestiales..." Montoya muttered to himself, before being brought back to reality by Lord Spud's insistent tone. Lord Spud was not a man to ignore, and neither was their mission. "Why, yes, of course..." he said as he recollected himself. "The exact nature of the Eslandian commitment is rather... uncertain. So far, it seems to be privately funded mercenaries, with no official declaration of support for Oldis and Terraversa as of yet, nor official commitment to any war." "However, Eslandola has long held strong ties with the Archduke, and latest intelligence indicates that the Colonial Council is currently meeting to discuss further assistance." With a shrug he added: "One never knows what the outcome of these odd republican machinations will be, though." Spud considered this for a moment. "Nonetheless, while divided we are each outnumbered, united our forces would outmatch the Bluecoats by a large margin." Brickleton nodded and added: "As to our route: By avoiding the coastal roads, we should be clear of patrols and settlements occupied by the enemy. We have been provided with a map for the interior, and L'Olius ensures us that the Atwi will help us on our way. In a few days, we should be able to make it safely to Pamu." "Time is of the essense - Oldis may be tempted to accept a peace deal regaining him Kings Port, leaving us to deal with the Bluecoats alone. L'Olius. however, has made it very clear that he is not likely to abandon us in favour of a deal struck between Oldis and Oleon. There seems to be little trust between him and the Archduke..." Montoya scratched his head and concluded: "Our presence in Pamu with a message of coordination and cooperation could change Oldis' perspectives..." "As soon as the horses are watered, we shall ride on." Lord Spud declared. "And you know the way, Captain Brickleton?.." _____________________________________________ And so the Corlander expedition makes its way towards Pamu. there to meet up with Oldis and the Greencoats. To be continued! (The watermill will probably be licensed for Westface.) EDIT: By the way, I should credit Ayrlego for the base design, and Evan for his guide on that exact design which made me try it out - I like the outcome, although it takes a s%¤t-ton of bricks!
  18. Overall great build. I really like the style of your buildings. They look connected while still each having their own architecture. Good presentation too, which really helps any build, but in particular digital ones.
  19. Apart from naturally enjoying anything with the potential to destabilise Oleon, I really like these revolutionary builds! It's an excellent subject matter, and I think you back up great builds with excellent writing. Keep 'em coming!
  20. This is a fun project to follow! Keep it up! Looks great so far!
  21. I also have some ideas for CAT D and would like to join up for a collab. Specifically, my idea is to build a bridge and show how each side defends/controls traffic on their end (binding it together by a common bridge design). Perhaps some bluecoat(s) would be interested? (And others as well - we can show markets near the bridge, defences, toll posts, boarding houses, etc. I figure the bridge will be a hub of activity and communication between the two sides of the settlement) If that doesn't strike anyone else's fancy, I am also happy to join a different collab. I also certainly expect the ETTC to join in on CAT E!
  22. Pacing around a temporary office set up in Westface, Montoya pondered the letter. He had been otherwise occupied for a long time, and to be honest, his business acumen was very limited. In addition, his man of business, Ibn al'Sayeed, had been gone on personal business for months on end, and he had normally been handling all Montoya's finances. With a determined look, he turned to his writing desk. To the Shareholders of the venerable East Terran Trading Company, As chairman of this fine company, I am honoured to call the general assembly to discuss and debate the future of the company, the excellent propositions posed by Colonel Allcock, and to welcome the new shareholders. All shareholders have equal vote in this assembly. Further, I wish to offer my resignation and suggest that the Assembly uses this opportunity to reconsider the governance structures of the company, and appoint a new body of governance. The general assembly is to be held in Westface, Terraversa in two weeks. All shareholders are invited to join us here to determine the future of the ETTC. Proposals may be presented on the day, although prior notification may be advised, should you wish other shareholders to have considered them in advance. Well met Don Isaac Montoya Chairman ETTC Attachment 1: Current shareholders: The Crown of Corrington Sir Thomas Smaugton ( @Tomsche) Micah of Wolfhaven ( @SilentWolf) Major Dirk Allcock ( @Ayrlego) Governor Aiden Coyle ( @Mike S) Viscount Chauncy Pennington ( @Scarst) Admiral Woodbrose ( @SkaForHire) Lenny Merryweather ( @CelesAurivern) Puvel ( @Puvel) John Hawksbrough ( @Fuzzy MacFuzz) Sir James Chase ( @BrickOn) Leftenant Bertram Rickard Wolf ( @Brickwolf) Don Isaac Montoya ( @Bregir) Attachment 2: New shareholders: Lord Frederic Spud @Spud The Viking Major Sir Nathanial Brickford @LM71Blackbird Captain Jonathan Brickleton @evancelt
  23. Excellent build, sir. The base combined with the variation between trodden dirt and green lushness work really well. The difference in colour and texture near the house is next level. And while I wouldn't paint my own house lime green, I like the look of it here. Definitely a From me!
  24. A little update: Now there is some live prey for the whalers (still need the spout of water from the blowhole)