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  1. skylinedan

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    I,m looking at is as good source for parts if nothing else, but the set over all looks good to me other than the out riggers. See how it's priced, might have to pick up a couple of them. Other thing I think was TLG came out with the new longer actuator and said, we have to put out a new crane that uses it.
  2. skylinedan

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    The return of the 3 by 11 panels in yellow they used in the 42009 too, be nice to get some more of them with out paying a fortune for them.
  3. skylinedan

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    This is too bad, but I can relate at the same time. I can only imagine the amount of sets you,ve collected over the years, I have days were I look at what I have sitting here and wonder why ? My photography hobby takes up a lot of my time these days, and I find it hard too really put much into building. There comes a point when you just have to say enough is enough no mater how much time and money you have in something. With that said, its good to hear you'll still be around though. Your a legend in the LEGO world.
  4. skylinedan

    Where to buy Parts

    LOL, addictive. I,ve spent just under 1300 since the first of the year,with the 4 orders I put in today I may have gone over that.
  5. skylinedan

    42030 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

    I didn't even build it with the stock tires, I got a set of Gmade 1901's before I got the set knowing the stock ones wouldn't look as good. I,m happy with it, the price is a bit high. Here in the states with tax it was pushing 270 dollars, I,ve spent more on Ebay for retired sets though so I wasn't too dissapointed with the price. I think as time goes by, we will see more mods to it, and it will end up being in the same class as the 8043, 42009 sets. Even the 8110 for that mater. Dan
  6. I would have to say this was a great build, it's fun to play with, but the steering definately needs some reworking. All in all, i,m happy with the set for what I spent and got in return.
  7. skylinedan

    42030 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

    I got mine on Tuesday from TRU for $249.99, and just finished it. Had fun chasing my dog with it lol, but i can see some Mini LA's are gonna replace that awful steering set up LEGO designed. Nice part is, there's plenty of room to do it,and have it look nice n neat. BAd part is, I can see I,m gonna have to tear it all apart to do it, LOL. Oh well it was a fun build, I,m also gonna work on some other tweaks here n there on it.
  8. I bought a couple dozen of these from LEGO, then went back a few weeks later for more and the part number doesn't come up. Talked to another guy and he said he ordered some with no problems so i,m not sure, maybe he got it in just before the change back to the old part
  9. For me it was the 8258, then came the 8053, 8043. Now I have way too much, LOL. I went from maybe 2000 pieces in 09 too about 50,000 today, and i owe it all to the 8258,LOL.
  10. Not sure if it's cool to do or not, but for all you people out there that use Face Book, you can see my collection at skylines LEGO creations. I cant post any of my pictures due to them being way too big, LOL.
  11. I,ve got a large collection that encompasses everything back to the early Expert Builder sets of the late 70's early 80's. I use it all, just depends on what I,m building. I,ve got a large crawler crane built now that uses both studded and studdless elements. Dan
  12. skylinedan

    42030 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

    There are pics, video, all you need to do is look, and yes. It is full remote, cant wait for it come out. It better too, LOL. Really dissapointed with LEGO right now, Wonder what lame excuse they have for not releasing the 1H 2014 sets. :)
  13. skylinedan

    42009 XL-motor?

    I haven't had any problems with it being under powered, seems to do just fine for me. Keep in mind the motor is in the upper structure, so if you build the lower and later find the motor is not up to your liking your only talking rebuilding the upper part like Mr B said. Oh good to see you back, hope everything is going good.
  14. skylinedan

    Landfill Compactor

    It might be small, but it sure is cool. I like the use of the large track gears for the wheels, good idea.
  15. Well I,m certain it was not here in the US, LOL. I would say the Middle East, and the guy riding on it, well that's normal for them :)