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  1. bbailey979

    MOC: Japanese Teahouse!

    I love the texture of he floor and the way you used the dark green mini fig legs on the roof
  2. bbailey979

    [MOC] LOTR Minas Tirith

    Wow that's incredible
  3. bbailey979

    My first MOC (LOTR)

    Great idea. I really like it
  4. bbailey979

    MOC: Hoth Shield Generator

    This is great I love it
  5. what type of paint did you use on tonks hair
  6. bbailey979

    Decal Wish List

    could someone please make me a decal of harry potter during the battle of hogwarts.
  7. bbailey979

    Lego Knight Bus

    Very cool. well done
  8. bbailey979

    Harry Potter Hogwarts Project Teaset

    For some reason i cant do that
  9. Here is a little Teaser of my Harry Potter Hogwarts Project. Can you geuss what it is? LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Project Teaser by bbailey979, on Flickr
  10. Do you live in Tifton, GA?

  11. bbailey979

    Hogwarts Watchtower

    that is exactly what im using it for . i am creating a stop motion brickfilm on my youtube channel bbailey979 and the courtyard is the most important part. and thank you for your comment
  12. bbailey979

    Hogwarts Watchtower

    thanks. it was never meant for micro scale so i decided to make it bigger and a little more accurate. chack it out
  13. bbailey979

    Hogwarts Watchtower

    This is my attemp at creating the watchtower from the battle of hogwarts. The two watchtowers are located in the entrance/ viaduct courtyard.