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  1. pawcanada

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    I second this. The possessed butcher/chef is a good example of this, as I really like how the possessed head and second pair of arms look, but they don't blend into the lower torso. It reminds me of when I would randomly put parts from two different figures together as a child. That said, I do like how the possessed grave keeper and lighthouse keeper look (based off the photos so far anyway), as I feel enough of their "normal" body has been covered so you can switch for the possessed parts without it clashing.
  2. pawcanada

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Loving the new summer suits, especially with Nya going back to the "grey/azure" combo. I also like how the hoods look with the (new?) shoulder armour and with the symbol on the front. Zane with blue hands seems to be an interesting touch as well.
  3. pawcanada

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    On the one hand, I do like how some of the sets look, especially the graveyard, and I love ghosts, monsters and horror in general when it comes to Lego themes like this and Monster Fighter. On the other, this kinda kills the line for me. I'll admit I'm more interested in mini figures than full on sets and while some of them may make for great horror/Halloween displays (again, like the graveyard), I'm more interested in seeing interesting ghosts and monsters as figures I can mix in with my collection from the CMF line and Monster Fighter. Perhaps some of the possessed ones will scratch that itch (one looks like it might) but I'm afraid this may be a pass for me, or only if I can get some of the sets for a good price.
  4. Ahh yes, I'd forgotten about that one, and I think it's where I got the idea for a pure purple one from as well. I need to dig mine out, as I separated the Scooby Doo "monsters" from my Monster Fighter/CMF Monster display due to them being people in disguise rather than actual monsters.
  5. My thoughts exactly. I liked having a "CMF Version" and a "Monster Fighter" version of the archetypes, as I felt they had their own different spin or were a vast improvement, such a the MF Werewolf. I liked displaying them opposing one and other as a "mirror reflection" of each other, and have been wanting a Swamp creature for said display for a while. The upcoming one will certainly fill that gap, but as you said, is long overdue and I do feel would have been better in either Wave 14 or as a future wave's "Monster Rep" and I'd personally prefer a more unique design like it being purple or sand green. While it wearing shorts may make sense in the context of TLM2, it still looks odd to me as someone who will be displaying it with the CMF Vampires, Werewolves and Mummy.
  6. Excluding the costume figures, I'm mostly interested in the Ancient Warriors and Mythology/Monsters myself. What I love about the CMF line is how we'd often get something that normally wouldn't appear in a normal Lego set like Turkish Warrior, Egyptian Warrior, Roman Soldiers, Gorgon/Medusa and Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde. That's why I'm glad we're FINALLY getting a CMF swap creature, even if he is wearing overalls and otherwise looks identical to his Monster Fighter counterpart. I'd have prefered it in a different colour like purple, but beggars can't be choosers. I'm also quite fond of the space/Sci-Fi and Extreme Sports figures that have also seemed to evaporate from more recent waves. Frankly, a wave dedicated to a movie like Lego Batman, TLM or Ninjago, despite being a fan of Ninjago and enjoying the first TLM, is mostly a pass for me unless it has some kind of figure I'd never see elsewhere, i.e. the Wonder Twins from the second Lego Batman wave (I dislike Batman at the best of times, so seeing an additional 50 variants is unlikely to sway me). The same also goes for the recent Harry Potter wave and the rumoured Disney one. Unless the latter has Gargoyles or characters from Robin Hood and/or Sword in the Stone, neither will have anything that appeals to me personally and will thus be a pass for me. Finally, I've never found generic City figures to be all that interesting, partly as someone with no interest in "grounded" stories and settings, partly because I'm almost certain they could appear in a City set someday and partly as I'm more of a figure collector than one to gets sets. Thus having a slightly different police officer or firefighter from a CMF wave that I can stand in a city diorama has no appeal to me personally
  7. Another "Just Fine with Them". While I agree they are being a little overexposed recently, I often find them to be among the only interesting figures in the last few waves (different strokes for different folks and all that). For example, the three costume figures and Swamp Creature are the only ones from TLM2 CMF wave that interest me. The rest I'll be passing on.
  8. pawcanada

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I was planning to get just the Spinners, but after seeing the weapon training room set, I may forgo the Kai and Nya ones for that instead. Love seeing them use the Summer 2018 weapons again, especially in gold.
  9. pawcanada

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I agree with all of this, especially grey drawing parallels to a stormy sea and how the gunmetal grey and azure blue was a nice combination. I'd have personally used that moving forward rather than reverting back to crimson.
  10. pawcanada

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    This right here will make or break this wave for me. Personally, I'd be okay with "remakes" so long as the suits are different. Heck, I'd like to see "S1" style torsos with perhaps more detailing and perhaps the movie era masks, especially if we get a "S1" version of Nya as the Grey/Silver Ninja. However, if they're just the S1 designs again then I will be passing on this wave.
  11. pawcanada

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Thanks for that. I will look into getting one. I tried with a similar hair piece and that didn't seem to fit the new armour. Foolishly I ordered two without checking first, but one of them will go on an "armour-less Year 1 Macy" that I already have on display, so they won't go to waste.
  12. pawcanada

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    It looks good. Do you know the part number off hand, as I might like to get one. I'm waiting on a "92257" to arrive, but the pony tail may not sit well with the armour, so what you've used may work better.
  13. pawcanada

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Next issue will have a knight with a flag banner and the new gold armour piece. I'll admit I am a little disappointed it's not a helmet-less Macy. I understand her hair piece from the show is unique and perhaps not yet been made, but if Aaron could have Jay's old one, maybe they could give Macy Skylor's or something similar? That said, I do like the way the knight looks and may get a couple to serve as generals in my collection. Likewise, I do like how the brick built flag looks and may make a display using multiple of them as well.
  14. pawcanada

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I think it depends on how it's handled. I'd be interested if we got a "Season 1 2.0" that had the enemies and settings from that season, but maybe updated it to have all six of the ninja wearing updated versions of the S1 robes (or for the first time in Lloyd and Nya's case). I'd also be interested in seeing updated versions of the Golden weapons, with maybe some new ones for Lloyd and Nya. However, if these are basically the same as the original version this may be where I bow out of Ninjago. I've always liked the different designs of the figures and their weapons with each season, so duplicating what I already have isn't interesting for me personally.
  15. pawcanada

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Same here, or store exclusives from a place like Target (UK collector here). I was lucky to get Conner Kent for a reasonable price shortly after he was released. I've always felt exclusives punish collectors rather than reward them. It assumes those who are interested are a) able to get to the desired place or b) know someone who could. The only exception is if it's a variant of a character who's already been released, or soon will. I wanted to get the Beerus Funko Pop from SDCC 2016, only to realise it was metallic, implying a normal one would be released at some point in the future. I was able to get the normal one, allowing me to have Beerus in my collection. Back when I collected Minimates, I remember how all SDCC would be released on various online stores a few weeks later, meaning I could get them for a reasonable price which, again, felt fairer to me as I still had a chance to get what I wanted.