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  1. pawcanada

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I'm mixed on the full gi suits. If it wasn't for the protruding white detailing at the top of the hood, I'd say they were fine.
  2. pawcanada

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    After seeing the KC Superman costume for the upcoming CW crossover, that is easily the Superman figure I'd want most in this wave, bar perhaps Mon-El.
  3. pawcanada

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I'm hoping they will, partly so I can get an extra set for my existing Sinestro figure. And it would make sense; why go through all the trouble of making the mould and decal that can easily be used for another figure in the wave but then not use it, especially when Sinestro had both a ring and lantern back when he primarily wore that suit?
  4. pawcanada

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but this. SO much this, especially Gomek's point. As someone who's sick of Batman for various reasons, my biggest worry had been this wave would be 50 - 75% Batman related which would make this a big turn off for me and potentially wasted potential. The fact we're getting OG Sinestro, another GL (even if it's not Kyle Rayner) with some excellent parts I can extras of to give to the ones I do have and Metamorpho are all massive pluses in my books. Heck, I know next to nothing about Star Girl but will definitely get her. I'm very keen to see how the rest of this wave pans out.
  5. pawcanada

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    I'd be disappointed if the Avatar form is once again limited to some of the team rather than everyone. Bar the one for Lloyd (which I treat more as a "Gold Ninja" figure), I passed on the Spinjutzu Slam as I couldn't get everyone in their "super form" and it looks like the same could apply for the Avatars next year. I'm very much a "I want to display everyone in this look or have no one" type of collector and the leaked Jay head does look good, so not having everyone is disappointing. I get Nya is the least likely to sell to the target audience (which is annoying as she represents my favourite classical/Greek element) and I'm arguably in the minority for wanting to have everyone but it does mean they'd be a pass for me. As for "Legacy Wave 2", I'd be interested but it does depend on how the suits look. I did like the revamped/remixed suits from wave 1 (though I'll admit I'd have preferred it if Nya's was retconned to be grey rather that crimson, but that's nit picking) and I'd love to see revamped versions of the one from the stone army, nindroid or the tournament waves. However, if they're the exact same suits as wave 1 then they'll be a pass for me.
  6. I do think the general line up is way better and more interesting than all of the recent license waves, and would much rather have three like this next year than one and two licenses. However, about 80% of City figures have never interested me personally. I much prefer seeing costume, historic warrior, monster/horror and mythic figures and while this wave ticks quite a few of those boxes for me, it does lack the historic warrior that I arguably always enjoy seeing the most. I also prefer it when the CMF range is used as a way to make figures we'd never get without a matching theme. Without CMF, I'd have never got a Lego Spartan, Gladiator, Egyptian or Turkish warrior, and they're some of my all time favourites. By contrast, I COULD see each of the City figures in a standard set so even without my general apathy towards them, they don't have the same magic to me personally. However, as I said, I'd take a dozen waves like this than another Disney, Harry Potter or Batman one.
  7. A few too many city figures for my tastes personally, but I love the Knight, Monkey King, Mummy, Bounty Hunter and three costumed figures. The gamer and totally-not-Johnny-Thunder are also maybes for me personally. Depending on how Monkey King and Knight look in the flesh, I may get two so I can make a non-undead version of the Knight and Shaolin Warrior.
  8. Basil was one of my favourite figures as a kid, so I'm all for a semi revival in the CMF range. And sweet Ra this looks amazing! This is why I love the non-license/movie tie in CMF range so much! I'd say this is easily one of the best-looking figures I have seen in a VERY long time, and can't wait to get at least one for my collection. The bear also looks good and is one I'll get, but as "Warrior" and "Horror" figures (which this is a wonderful mixture of) have always been my favourite from the CMF range, it plays second fiddle for me. I can't wait to see the rest of the range.
  9. pawcanada

    Ideas for CMFs

    I really need to follow your ideas more because they're amazing. Both N and O have had a good number of figures I'd love to have on my shelf, as opposed to the six or so (overall) from the last few license waves. I wish lego would switch back to the kind of creativity you've shown in these. Keep up the amazing work!
  10. pawcanada

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    I second this. The possessed butcher/chef is a good example of this, as I really like how the possessed head and second pair of arms look, but they don't blend into the lower torso. It reminds me of when I would randomly put parts from two different figures together as a child. That said, I do like how the possessed grave keeper and lighthouse keeper look (based off the photos so far anyway), as I feel enough of their "normal" body has been covered so you can switch for the possessed parts without it clashing.
  11. pawcanada

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Loving the new summer suits, especially with Nya going back to the "grey/azure" combo. I also like how the hoods look with the (new?) shoulder armour and with the symbol on the front. Zane with blue hands seems to be an interesting touch as well.
  12. pawcanada

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    On the one hand, I do like how some of the sets look, especially the graveyard, and I love ghosts, monsters and horror in general when it comes to Lego themes like this and Monster Fighter. On the other, this kinda kills the line for me. I'll admit I'm more interested in mini figures than full on sets and while some of them may make for great horror/Halloween displays (again, like the graveyard), I'm more interested in seeing interesting ghosts and monsters as figures I can mix in with my collection from the CMF line and Monster Fighter. Perhaps some of the possessed ones will scratch that itch (one looks like it might) but I'm afraid this may be a pass for me, or only if I can get some of the sets for a good price.
  13. Ahh yes, I'd forgotten about that one, and I think it's where I got the idea for a pure purple one from as well. I need to dig mine out, as I separated the Scooby Doo "monsters" from my Monster Fighter/CMF Monster display due to them being people in disguise rather than actual monsters.
  14. My thoughts exactly. I liked having a "CMF Version" and a "Monster Fighter" version of the archetypes, as I felt they had their own different spin or were a vast improvement, such a the MF Werewolf. I liked displaying them opposing one and other as a "mirror reflection" of each other, and have been wanting a Swamp creature for said display for a while. The upcoming one will certainly fill that gap, but as you said, is long overdue and I do feel would have been better in either Wave 14 or as a future wave's "Monster Rep" and I'd personally prefer a more unique design like it being purple or sand green. While it wearing shorts may make sense in the context of TLM2, it still looks odd to me as someone who will be displaying it with the CMF Vampires, Werewolves and Mummy.