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  1. Vimes

    Batman General Discussion Thread

    @The Penguin I just finished the last two issues of the Penguin-PaP Mini-Series and hate to agree with the shrinking quality. I really liked the beginning of the series, the characterization of Penguin, his dark family roots and, yes, even his psychotic persona, the alternate view on "the Dark Knight" and Gothams society. Then the story took a more and more irrational turn, incorporating (IMO) unfitting "Silver Age" elements (aforementioned technological, penguin-styled wonder weapons etc.) culminating in a rather forseeable and therefore disappointing climax. I would give the whole series 3 out of 5 points.
  2. Vimes

    Batman Films Discussion

    That's exactly how Bane started within the Batman Universe and therefore perfectly fitting (look at his origin story pre-Knightfall)). @Batbrick
  3. Vimes

    Batman General Discussion Thread

    Well, it took some time to complete my collection of the "Cataclysm, No Man's Land and New Gotham" series. It isn't necessary to read the books of the "Catacylsm" series (or "New Gotham") to enjoy "No Man's Land". The whole series is a mix of writers and artists and therefore of fluctuating quality. I've used this list as orientation when I tried to get back into the "Batman Universe", but it's nearly impossible to collect and read every comic on that list (and also not necessary, some of the books are really bad). I can't say anything about the new edition of "No Man's Land", I think it is just a complete collection of all comics of that series and nothing new. With DC's "New 52" it's questionable if "No Man's Land" is still canon (for those who care about that). I'm pleased with the new start of the Bat and can recommend the new "Batman", "Detective Comics" and "Batman and Robin" series.
  4. Vimes

    Batman General Discussion Thread

    The Penguin gets a lot of attention recently. Did anyone follow the current mini-series "Penguin - Pain and Predjudice"? I'm really blown away by that series. Oswald Cobblepot is distinguished as a loving son and heartbreakingly mistreated child who grows up to become one of the most feared and unbelievable cruel crime lords of Gotham - the Penguin. I felt reminded of "The Killing Joke" where Joker's tragic past creates some sort of sympathy for the monstrous villain. In PPaP the reader can't help but feel a little bit sorry for Penguin, allthough he is depicted as a truly terrifying character, more terrifying indeed, than the Joker ever was (in my opinion, anyway). Quite an accomplishment. Now to the recent issue if the new "Detective Comics" series: In the new "Detective Comics" series Batman still is quite at the beginning of his crime fighting career (and hunted by the authorities) and The Penguin enters the stage of Gotham for the first time, opening the "Iceberg Casino" - take a look at the new "Lounge": Sydney, anyone? Quite a bastion, built within Gotham harbor. I don't know yet if I like the new look of Penguins headquarter, it's way bigger than all previous versions seen in different comics, but it's beyond dispute imposing. So far, I'm thrilled to see how other traditional Bat villains will be presented. At the moment the Penguin is the most interesting in the whole Batman universe...
  5. Vimes

    Batman Films Discussion

    At least someone at DC Comics thought so...
  6. Vimes

    Batman Films Discussion

    Pirate Batman! Sorry, couldn't resist...
  7. Vimes

    Batman Films Discussion

    Well said! And outrages! In comparison to those necessary story elements that "nipples" seem way out of place! I thoroughly enjoyed Burtons movies, but I'm also ok with Nolans take on the Bat franchise. It's just another interpretation of the character (multiple interpretations of Batman seem to be a tradition), and, hands down, there have been worse ones:
  8. Vimes

    Category 1 and 2 winners

    My son and I play with it. He has build some buildings of his own to create Gotham City. The tower is an evil headquarter. I think it'll stay at last till christmas (when pirates wait under the christmas tree)...
  9. Vimes

    Category 1 and 2 winners

    Gongratulations to the well deserved winners!
  10. Vimes

    Vote for your favourite Category 1 entries

    4) Joker makes a withdrawal... (Build by TooMuchCaffeine) : 1 point 6) Batman Returns (1992 Burton) (Build by lego-maniac) : 1 point 11) The Dark knight! (Build by Skrytsson) : 1 point I really enjoyed this contest. Amazing entries!
  11. Vimes

    Vote for your favourite Category 2 entries

    3) The Horrible Henchman's Hopeless Home (Build by BeKindRewind) : 1 point 5) Cat Burglar (Build by Darkblane) : 1 point 11) Croc’s sewer (Build by Skrytsson) : 1 point Great entries, great contest!
  12. Vimes

    CAT 1: Meeting at the Docks

    I always liked harbor scenes and there is a lot to see in your MOC (Ra's al Ghul is one of my favourite Batman villains). I would've liked to see more of the interior of the building (or a better shot a the Red Hood), but your MOC is fun to look at nonetheless. It's like the climax of an epic story...
  13. Vimes

    CAT2: Nightwing Hoverbike

    I'm not a big fan of an alternate Batman setting (like BOTF), but your MOC is totally cool and within your chosen context very well done.
  14. Vimes

    CAT 1: Burning down Wayne Manor.

    An important scene of Nolan's "Batman Trilogy", and you did very well. The hall looks elegant and the fire rages in chaotic anger. Maybe some pieces of burning furniture would have been great to fill the seemingly empty inferno, but the atmosphere of the MOC is spot on nonetheless. Good job!
  15. Vimes

    CAT 1: Busy Day in Gotham City

    I love your entry! Funny, absurd and heroic - that's how Lego Batman should be (and with stylish vehicles for the heroes and the villains - Penguin's balloon is great and pure fun). You've created several different stories for us to discover and to follow. Well done!