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  1. dandexter

    LDD 4.3.8

    Disappointing for myself, looks like all rubbish parts I don't use. Oh well, was hoping to see the new L and Servo motors.
  2. That 1st half line up should be added in the dictionary under disappointment, in my opinion it looks like they scrapped the bottom of the barrel this year.
  3. dandexter

    Larger Pneumatics

    Does anyone know of any 3rd party companies that make larger pneumatics?
  4. In my opinion; there aren't really many actually official sets. However there are some great MOCs, first one that pops into my mind is Sheepo's Peterbilt 379. I haven't really seen anything that can beat that so far.
  5. I most likely buy 2 of them, one to build and one to keep in a box for future investments.
  6. I keen to see what your 40,000+ piece projects are? Sounds interesting. Also, all I can suggest is breaking it into multiply smaller modules or sections store in separate LDD files. Unfortunately you wouldn't see it assembled though.
  7. Thank you so much for posting this, will be extremely helpful for me.
  8. dandexter

    Brisbane Moc meetings

    I'm defiantly in for this, been wanting this to go ahead for 18 months now.
  9. To me it looks like little care was taken assembly the 'real thing'. Would look a lot neater overall if the tiles were lined up better.
  10. Try living in Australia, everything is crazy expensive here. Even stuff we make here is cheaper for the people buying it overseas.
  11. dandexter

    Sets that you keep for display !

    I keep all ~65 of my sets displayed. I have around 90 sets in total, but don't display some, they just are built and stored.
  12. dandexter

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Probably a stupid question, but i'v been looking at the LDD file. What I am I getting wrong, gears appear to be driving the part of the turntable that is connected to the frame of the truck. Therefore it wouldn't turn the wheels, it would be trying to turn the truck around the wheels? Like I said i'm pretty sure i'm missing something.
  13. dandexter

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Thank you for posting the LDD file, much easier to look at/understand when you can view it through LDD vs pictures. On a similar topic, has anyone managed to make a steering system/axle that can drive as well as steer with a tight turn radius for the tires? On my current project the pivot point needs to be right next to the tire rim (using the 'unimog' tires), other was it hits the side of the truck when it turns. Not hard to do without drive, but with drive it doesn't seem possible, limit of Lego maybe?
  14. dandexter

    How long before you take apart a set?

    I never take anything apart unless it needs either cleaning (shouldn't be a problem with my new cabinets) or there is a problem with how I built it (rarely). I never pull any official set apart to make MOCs and I never pull any of my MOCs apart to make new ones.
  15. In this day and age why does it matter what dollars it's being sold in?