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    LEGO bricks, my dog, lying about my age (did you really think I was senile enough for 99?), video games that make you think, recycling, and preaching about the evil of Splenda. Don't drink diet soda!!!

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  1. I'd really like to see more imperial powers. Bluecoats would be very nice to see in addition to the current redcoats. Natives are always good, as well. Really, I just want more factions than the two currently available.
  2. filefolders

    Hello, I'm... Dead

    Billy Mays, and now this. Is everything that was ever good on television is going to die this summer? Jeez.
  3. filefolders

    [MOC] Taiidan Raptor

    This is great. The shapes and colours are very good.
  4. filefolders

    MOC: Company CP

    I like this. It does a good job of looking like it's in a desert city. It doesn't look too clean either.
  5. filefolders

    Official Lego Military/War sets?

    I agree, and I think LEGO needs to try to make its way back towards its older 'beauty in creativity' style than the current 'super hyper flick missile launcher mega fun pack' stuff. Well, medieval Europe didn't have undead armies or magicians. Military campaigns didn't center around kidnapping princesses. Most war in colonial times did not center around pirate islands or stealing treasure. It's been romanticized in that way. Romanticized modern war would be something like Adventurers.
  6. filefolders

    Do you sort your sets?

    I don't sort, but I keep the pieces from each bag in their own piles. Then, I just get a feel for what's where as I build.
  7. filefolders

    Official Lego Military/War sets?

    LEGO has a no violence policy. While more recent themes (Wild West, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Exo Force) have had modern war elements, an actual World War theme is out of the question. The great wars are not something that has become fantasy. Wild West has been romanticized. Star Wars is science fiction. Indiana Jones is a pulp action movie. But World War One and Two? There is nothing fantastic in thousands of soldiers being mowed down as they go over the top. The closest thing to those sets you'll see any time soon are the fighter plane models and Indiana Jones.
  8. filefolders

    2 Compact starfighters

    I like them. They look very otherworldly.
  9. filefolders

    Avast Eurobricks!

    Enjoy your stay, Dialtone. Keep it bricky.
  10. filefolders

    Which are you?

    Rebellious colonials have my allegiance. The Lobster-Backs do have the best uniforms, though.
  11. filefolders

    KimT has his own news station!

    Apparently, you can buy me right now. File Folders Edit: Whoa! I even have free shipping on large orders. That's sweet.
  12. filefolders

    Vote for a TRU exclusive City set!

    I'm always a sucker for mass transit. I am eager to see if option two can be incorporated into my LEGO city.
  13. filefolders

    Mandalorian Basilisk

    That's great although I always thought of them as being red for some reason. They're in Force Unleashed, huh? I'll look into that. I've only seen one picture from a Knights of the Old Republic comic. Have you seen this LEGO Basilisk? That model is probably why I see them as red.
  14. filefolders

    Pirates or Imperials

    Really, I would like to be a freelance merchant but I do not want to be the standard fictional lawless rogue so it's Imperial Guard for me. For king and country!
  15. filefolders

    Hey there, Eurobricks.

    You did it! All right! Now you just have to join the Eurobricks Ladies. Edit: You know, with my bubbling charisma, I could start a cult!