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  1. konze

    [MOC] Ambush (The Clone Wars)

    Thank you for your comments! Whats wrong with those helmets?
  2. konze

    Community Build: SW The Clone Wars

    You can find my MOC over here: [MOC] Ambush (The Clone Wars)
  3. Hello there, I would like to show you my latest MOC. I've built this MOC for the Community Build: SW The Clone Wars. It shows a scene from the first episode of the first season of The Clone Wars. See Wikipedia In this scene you can see Master Yoda fighting desperately with a group of droids. It seems as if the Jedi Master will lose this fight, but the three clone troopers are going to help Master Yoda by shooting at the mountain with a rocket launcher. This will bury the droids under a tons of rubble. You can find all pictures on flickr I hope you enjoy this MOC Best regards konze
  4. Hi, I'm sorry to tell you: no it isn't possible. Windows RT is made for ARM processors (mobile phones, tablets usw.) this means you can install software for ARM processors only. LDD is made for x86 processors (desktop computers and laptops) and it can only run on x86 platforms like Windows XP / 7 / 8. It isn't very hard to change a piece of software to run it under a different processor (as long as the operating system stays the same). Write a message to LEGO's software department and ask if they are developing a version for Windows RT / Android / iOS. Best regards, konze PS: Tell us LEGO's answer.
  5. Oh this is like a punch in the face. Sorry for leading you in the wrong direction. Thank you very much Rick and Pandora. I'm looking forward to the next Mafia game.
  6. Thank you Rick and Pandora for hosting such an awesome Mafia game. Thank you for putting so much love (and effort) into the story and the pictures.
  7. Phyllis, you only voted yesterday. Why didn't you vote on the other days?
  8. Sorry I've had a little nap. It's very tiring to be locked in here. I've heard your statements from my sleeping place and I think your are quiet right. I also Vote: Adam (badboytje88)
  9. No not really, this was just an example to show how ridiculous this is.
  10. I have to admit. But the new forum software was a little bit different. Due to this I've had some problems.
  11. Come on, everybody wants this. This is one reason why we are locked in here.